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  1. Okay, I did not know that. Yeah, I guess my form probably isn't great, I really don't know my way around running and it never felt fun enough to get to know it I suppose... Maybe I'll try it out again though. But a rowing machine also sounds interesting, I'll definitely look into that, thanks No, it does not. In fact, I walk whenever I can and it is the hiking part I want to train for. I don't want to be out of breath as soon as I so much as glance at the steeper parts of the way, and since my boyfriend wants to get me into the mountains as often as possible there's quite
  2. I was thinking about getting a cardio-machine. My parents have a stationary bike which I could use while watching TV, that was perfect for me. But now, in a place of my own, space is very limited. I could get a cross-trainer from my grandparents, but there's simply no room for it. Question is, is there something actually useful in smaller sizes that I could fit under a table or in a cupboard when I'm not using it? Like those little stepper-thingies, are they actually any good? Or another alternative for doing sports while watching TV? I have considered alternatives. Unfortunat
  3. I'm currently a student and I travel between my parents' home and my boyfriend's home multiple times per week. Their eating-habits aren't exactly bad, but they're not that great either. At my bf's it's usually me who cooks. I'm also reliant on homemade lunch because we don't have a cafeteria or restaurant near the school and even the supermarket is ridiculously small for the number of people frequenting it. We're lucky we have one microwave for a student-body of probably more than 500. Problem #1: Breakfast It takes me a long time to get going in the mornings, so I don't have
  4. My mom used to do the whole "hide veg in the spaghetti-sauce" deal when we were kids and it's still my favourite thing ever. I still mostly like the vegetables unrecognizable in my meals. I have no idea why. In a sort-of-bolognese style of sauce you can easily put carrots, zucchini, squash (and maybe other pumpkins, don't have too much experience with it yet...), I guess parsnip as well, and definitely celery. You could also try some eggplant, it was surprisingly good in a chili we had recently. And as has also been mentiones before, some kinds of mushrooms also sound delicious for spaghetti
  5. I recently started bouldering with my boyfriend. I climbed and/or bouldered before with school, but that's years ago and nothing serious. I want to try and go more often if possible and try to actually improve. Problem is I probably won't be able to go to bouldering or climbing gyms often because I'm broke, which is also why I don't have my own equipment (like the much wanted shoes) yet, and borrowing these increases the entrance-fee of course. I was wondering what exercises and stretches I can do at home or at the small gym I have access to to at least get the strength I need for climbing.
  6. I have yet to define clear goals, I guess it's a bit of a mix of everything? But the eating-thing for the moment is mostly to make me feel better. I often feel flabby or something like that, and since I started trying to reduce my dairy-intake it got a little better, so I wanted to try out a soft version of the paleo to see whether it would make me feel better as well. My main concern would be to find a good breakfast option for me that doesn't contain too much milk. All those milk-alternatives are about twice as expensive as normal milk, so I'm not sure how good that would work out for me a
  7. Hey there I've always been a little intimidated by large message boards and apparently I'm not too good at using the search function, so please excuse me if anything like this has been asked before, and if you're feeling kind direct me towards the thread, okay? So I've read the starting-out-kit, and while I don't want to go full paleo (yet) I'd like to try limiting the paleo-no's. I've already tried leaving out dairy for a week and it seems I felt better, so I try to limit it as much as possible now. (Is soy-milk okay? I guess almond would be better.) My problem is, I eat a lot of the paleo
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