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  1. Update 30/6 I am a forgetful person and due to my summer holiday I am not behind my laptop as often (which is a good thing right?) My squats are going well! Im already at 3x10x40kg So give me a week and ill be on 45. The rest is going well aswell Today I weighed myself again and these are the outcomes: My last stats (Measured 20-06): 1.67cm - 5 feet 6 inches 86.7 kg - 191.14lbs Fat%: 30.8 which = 26.7kg - 58.86 lbs Muscle%: 35.6 which = 30,86kg - 68.03lbs Today (30/6) 85.4 kg - 188.27 lbs Fat%: 28,5 which = 24.339 kg - 53.658 lbs Muscle%: 37.3, which = 31.85 kg - 70.217 lbs So in 10 days: - 1.3kg/3lbs of weight - 2,4kg/5lbs of fat + 1kg/2lbs of muscle Food is going well, I "cheat" every sunday and wednesday, thus saturday, on my first bbq of the year, I drank strictly water, had 5 pieces of meat and the rest? Nothing (except 1 icecream ) Feeling better by the day and today? Upperbody day!
  2. Eventhough im 2 weeks late I thought, lets jump in! Before I was a ranger but anyhow Who is Taoru? Im a 23 year old female fitness fanatic from the Netherlands, with some extra weight to lose and some extra muscle to gain. My current stats (Measured 20-06): 1.67cm - 5 feet 6 inches 86.7 kg - 191.14lbs Fat%: 30.8 which = 26.7kg - 58.86 lbs Muscle%: 35.6 which = 30,86kg - 68.03lbs What are my goals for the next 4 weeks? Lifestyle: - Get my intermitted fasting right; First meal 12:30 - last meal 20:30 - Eat max 1700kcal a day - Work out 5x a week - Lose 0,5 - 1kg a week Workout: - Get my benchpress to atleast 15x40kg (currently 30kg) - Get my deadlifts to 15x50kg (currently 20kg, purely due to form-issues) - Get my squad to 15x40kg (currently 30kg) - Get my lat pull down to 15x50kg (currently 40kg) Other life goals: - Finish 1,5 plushies a week, more preffered - Clean out my closet Longterm goals: - Get to <80kg before August 18th / Get to <25% fat before August 18th - Get down to a pantssize 38 - Find a way to continue working out during the winter Workout regiment 5 day split - 3 LB days / 2 UB days (Legs lack strength the most atm) Cardio every workout day (45minutes, low intensity) LB = + Lower back UB = + Abs I dont work with points as I am not really a gamer like that. I just want to use this as a talk-spot; So follow me if u want to, or not And hope to talk to more warriors!
  3. Today Ive gotto do my legday of yesterday and my upperbody day x_x Well... This is going to be die-hard xD

    1. Kamaitachi


      Change of plans! Just regular legday today (but just extra excercises) and will do an upperbody day Sunday :)

  4. As I feel the need to write more about my journy again I decided to come back. I've had a rough past 6months; Gained about 6kg, due to my internship and trying to find energy to workout, multiple sport injuries and so on. But we're back I have been working out for the past 4 weeks again and lost about 2 kg on and about, maybe even more. I have a 5day split: 3x a week legs (as they are smaller than my upper body) and 2x a week chest. Every workout day I also walk 45minutes on the Nautilus threadclimber at my gym and on my "restdays' my goal is to walk atleast 10K steps. More = prefered. Foodwise I am starting on intermitted fasting; Skipping breakfast, and eat from 12:30PM - 20:30PM which will consist of 2 big meals. Lunch will be a salad, with added protein (chicken/eggs/fish), a protein shake and my fruit. Dinner will consist of veggies, meat and my 500gr of quark (the last ill eat at 20:15). My "shortterm" goals: - Get to <80kg. So 79,9 is brilliant but I would be fine with 82kg aswell, Time span: Halfway August - If the above shouldnt work out, due to my weightlifting, I'd love to be atleast <25% fat. My current, last good dated measuring: Weight: 87.7 (I gained a little due to a citytrip to Budapest) Muscle:35,7% Fat: 31% I dont want to focus too much on my weight, but mostly on my percentages
  5. O/ Reps x kg Deadlift 12x30 12x40 10x50 Lat pull down 15x35 10x45 8x55 Cable row, close grip 15x20 15x25 12x30 Cable row, wide grip 15x20 15x25 08x30 Db overhead press (standing for extra core) 15x7.5kg 15x7.5kg x2 10x10 Dumbel side raise 10x4 10x4 08x5 Upright cable row 15x10 15x15 15x20 Cabl3 front raise 11x5 10x5 08x5 Decline sit ups 3x15 Naut: 52min 4.7km 753kcal
  6. Plus: 86kg comparison Oldstuff :3 and new stuff
  7. Currently more active on instagram (cuz easier + the loves makes me feel less like an idiot talking to herself) - username: PandaPowerNL Anyways after a 3week holiday I gained a bit. 87,5 was on the scale whoops! all them booze though So i got back to the gym, also I bought a package at BodyenFitshop.nl ! Love for this shop The shakes contain 93kcal for 20g of proteine, which is brilliant and the fatburners... They are okay, not really helpfull but I wake up rested and hungry from them! So breakfast and lunch are taken, the rest is nutts, fruits and dinner + sometimes high fiber crackers with cream cheese. 4 or 5x a week to the gym, doing weighttraining everytime (in the form of core, or other bodyparts) and then 50minutes of cardio on the nautilus (usually makes me burn 650kcal-ish) School has started and I battled the boring-noms. I take allong my cooling bag, with my fruit and such, it works, its still hard though to not give in in the caffetaria or subway during my break anyways today my scale told me 85,4kg, lost 1.6kg in 9 days I am a happy panda Also: 87kg Says enough right
  8. So I started Geocaching! As an alternative for my urge for adventure ;P I need to be out more instead of living in the gym
  9. So finally after a full week of being "Offline" Im back Yesterday went to the gym again. Did a total of 150-200 reps in a full range of incline dumbell pressed with 2x10kg, some dibs, core and had my first run with Zombies Run 5k training since april xD Just started where I left It was so hard!!! Today I woke up with sour muscles in my upper legs, chest, triceps and biceps... Feels so good to be back. So today was another core + cardio day as i cant do any other excercise without putting strain on muscles that were already damaged
  10. Currently no training for the reason of BURN BABY BURN on my back; I wanted to go to the nearby watery-kinda sandy thing in the town I live. So yeah stayed there too long and now my back: So yeah Not very pretty, also my hips and partly my upper legs are damaged x_x So now my body is healing I just stick to low-cal food, allot of vitamines and creams and hopefully Im able to work out in a couple of days...
  11. Yesterday was back day + Cardio Im slowely working towards pullups cuz I REALLY wanna be able to do atleast one at some point. Cardio went well eventhough I cant run, so the Nautilus helps me out. Im hoping to see my phone back soon so I can ctually jog 3x a week and walk 2 times a week Today was a rest day, and im treating it as such For drinks: 1 can of soda yesterday and 2 sips of my coke from the MCDonalds For food: actually very good untill the evening (Mc donalds) The reason for the MC was that my uncle is admitted to the hospital for his brain problem (too much fluid, drains dont work as planned etc.). My dad came late from work so we couldnt cook and it had to be fast noms cuz of visiting hours no real biggy though
  12. Woke up, went to the gym (chest day) and had 40min of cardio xD 1hr of chilling and then on my way to some friends and their kids to be a panda for them! Srsly, 10minutes of soccer in that suit and im deaddd xD
  13. So today i had the Yoga aftermath xD Sore muscles in my shoulders, shouldblades, legs and core! Also sunday i my rest-day and so I did Nommed reasonably healthy (cuz lasagna out of the microwave was bad and too much bread, but still :3), and one can of pop ^.^ Now packing my bag for the gym tomorrow. Not sure about how much im going to do, atleast a shitton of cardio when Im too sore to do otherwise ^__^ And! Possibly stomping around as a panda is making me happy aswell :3 <3
  14. Meep! Yesh im glad im back on track :3 ~ Today no cheating except for my moms tradition: Fryingpan-Saturday Nommed Quark as breakfast. Woke up early cuz I wanted to try out Yoga. I stretch too little and this 1x a week thing would possibly fix that. It was fun, a little bit too slow for my liking but hey! it's yoga. Afterwards went for some little weight training (chest-back) and 30minutes cardio on this sortha-treadmill called a nautilus. Nomed some mini ricewaffle with cheese taste (mmmm cheese), cuz I had to go to the store. Got some Knackebrod (crackers kinda), some Cruesly "Full of fiber" with nuts (to be thrown into my quark, so ill stay full longer), new quark and ricecrackers I got through the cashreg. queue without going for a chocolat bar When I got home I decided to chill, nom some crackers with cream cheese and after some chilling I took a nap, I could afford it since i went to the gym 5times this week Also since im not in school im smoking allot less which is really awesome. So monday im going to weigh myself again and check what happened to my weight I already noticed somedifference with wearing my fursuit ( 5weeks ago it was VERY tight around the belly xD) Meet a chilling panda in the sun :3
  15. Finally back after a long needed break! Gained some of the pounds back but! Were back on it :D

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