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  1. Is that the highest contribution at the time we reach 100 points or can I sneak in and do 49.29 points-worth and beat JediNickD to the killing blow?
  2. My preference? Hmm... well in that case the darkspawn can bite my shiny metal ass!
  3. I think the link goes to the wrong sheet so you have to select Dwarf Tasks at the bottom
  4. I love how we have turned a fitness forum into an impassioned debate on the philosophy of magic
  5. But what if you need that power to save humanity from an even greater threat? Magic is neither good nor evil. If you restrict access to magic, you limit the potential for both.
  6. I'm going with Libertarian. I think the others are allowing themselves to be curtailed by those who fear what they don't understand. Besides, who would you want as an ally: the badass mages shooting lightning from their hands, or the lofty old wizards sitting around reading scrolls and pulling rabbits from their hats?
  7. Good job mate. That was awesome and made me smile
  8. Come back to the Dark Side mr_willes. We have cookies... and ninjas
  9. At this rate, you'll be breaking world records by the end of the week!
  10. Don't blame me; blame staying up late for the New Year with nothing else to do
  11. You might count sweet potato as more of an occasional vegetable; it's full of good stuff, but a little heavy on calories. I love the stuff though and, as I am also trying to gain weight, would happily eat it with every meal
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