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  1. Woo, I'm back. Had a great vacation, though super quick. I ate terribly, and am going to weigh in today. I've got my trainer for legs today, which basically means I'll be out of commission for my legs for the rest of the week. Good thing I'm in good spirits though, I don't mind it. I'll keep working towards my goals. I'm back on track with eating, and that's the biggest challenge for me! I hope everyone has been doing well.
  2. Lol, I'm definitely doing that soon. I'm headed to San Diego California in a week and will be doing nothing but swimming in the ocean and playing. I cannot WAIT!
  3. Well, my LYTE run this weekend got cancelled, so I signed up for another. Kailer, if you're interested, here's the link! It's another fun run, not anything serious. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/run-rock-austin-5k-and-music-festival-registration-10556220941
  4. Hey Mattyboy, where you been man? How're things?
  5. Congrats on starting out Antro. Nice to have you here!
  6. Haven't been doing any cardio lately because of the damned heat over here too Kailer. And my run this weekend got cancelled. I'm bummed. But I will do some serious walking this weekend, and hopefully get myself a little more adapted to the heat? If that's possible. I certainly don't do well running in it...
  7. I want to like it, but it's country. It is amusing though!
  8. So while I completely avoid the term twat and cunt (specially the latter!), I'm curious about them. I know twat seems to be more accepted / put into practice in the UK, but what about cunt? Do you guys say that too? And Twilight that's for you too, since you're from "Canadia".
  9. Lol, I feel better today. Also, I slept forever last night which was amazing. Somehow I managed to get like 11.5 hours of sleep. Granted I fell asleep SUPER early, but being that I slept all the way through the night I didn't mind. And today was a good diet day. Bounced back strong. I've been trying to think at how I'm going to do more cardio and still can't come up with a solid solution though. I love to walk and listen to my audio books, but I'm finding I'm too tired to do it in the mornings and at night. Weekends are also getting so hot now at 90+ degrees and humid. But I'm going to try to NOT be a complete baby and figure something out. Here's my workout for today!
  10. UPDATE 7/10: Posterior Chain Kinda Good Mornings (warm up): 2 sets at 95 Deadlifts: Set 1:135 x 8 Set 2: 225 x 8 Set 3: 275 x 5 Set 4: 275 x 5 Set 5: 295 x 5 Set 6: 315 x 5 Set 7: 335 x 1 Set 8: 335 x 1 Set 9: 275 x 3 Set 10: 275 x 3 NOTE: The 335 wasn't very pretty, but I did get it. I had a trainer watch me and they didn't like it a whole lot either. Need to drop the weight back down and keep working on that form. Leg Press: Set 1: 270 x 8 Set 2: 360 x 8 Set 3: 450 x 8 Set 4: 450 x 6 Overall: While I didn't get in as much work as I would have liked, I did feel decent and work out pretty well. I also managed to get like 11.5 hours of sleep last night somehow, and that was amazing. I haven't slept like that in longer than I can remember.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I just screwed up, but I'll rebound. I had Torchy's Tacos for lunch today, and it was really good. I also had chips and queso. I need to be more careful because I can see my weight going up. But I'm about to head to the gym to work some of this off. Normally I'm very disciplined with my eating, so I'm unsure as to why I'm having so many problems lately. Regardless, I need to just keep focused and working hard. Even when I fall, I can't let that pull me off the path. One hard thing about this is the mental battle you face. I feel awful and depressed right now because of what I ate. I shouldn't. I should realize I won't always be perfect, but as long as I keep a healthy lifestyle, then messing up isn't that bad. While I can logically understand this, I can't help but feel terribly disappointed in myself and depressed. Stupid brain... Anyway, here's my workout from yesterday and I'll be posting my workout from today in a little bit. It's supposed to be legs but mine hurt so badly from Monday that I don't know if I can pull it off.
  12. Yes sir! Happy to be back working on things. Update 7/8: Bench: Set 1: 135 x 10 Set 2: 155 x 8 Set 3: 165 x 5 Set 4: 185 x 5 Set 5: 185 x 4 Set 6: 185 x 4 Wide Grip Pull Ups: Set 1: 8 reps Set 2: 7 reps Set 3: 5 reps Set 4: 3 reps (and these were bad...) SUPERSETTED WITH: Cable Triceps Extensions: Set 1: 80 x 8 Set 2: 100 x 8 Set 3: 100 x 8 Set 4: 100 x 8 Incline Dumbbell Press: Set 1: 55 x 8 Set 2: 55 x 8 Set 3: 55 x 8 Set 4: 55 x 8 NOTE: These were oddly hard today... Cable Lat Pulldowns: Set 1: 120 x 8 Set 2: 130 x 8 Set 3: 130 x 8 Set 4: 130 x 8 Machine Bench: Set 1: 175 x 8 Set 2: 185 x 8 Set 3: 195 x 8 Set 4: 195 x 8 NOTE: Ideally this machine will help me push past my top without the worry of dropping the weight on my chest and getting stuck. Just a little safer. SUPERSETTED WITH: Shrugs: Set 1: 140 x 8 Set 2: 160 x 8 Set 3: 160 x 8 Set 4: 160 x 6
  13. Way to go on the 5k Xanjra! And I bet you'll love the mud run, they always looked like even MORE fun. I've signed up for a ROC race here in Austin (september) but am trying to find more races to do as well. Course, when it's 95+F outside, I'm not quite as motivated... I can't wait to see those times start dropping. I bet next time you run another 5k, you'll be impressed how far you improve on time.
  14. Hey Kailer, Great post on binging. It's something I know a lot of us NFers can relate to. And I think it's something that we all battle with in one way or another. I don't binge with food so much anymore, but I think I've replaced it with alcohol, which is a scary problem. But overall, it looks like your progress is there, and you ARE catching these problems rather than ignoring them. So just by doing that, you're more accountable. Good work. BTW, someone mentioned the ROC race. I've already signed up for it! Would love to see more Austin NFers go!
  15. Wow Hazard, good work. Guild leader and nailed your goal early. Good work man. Love the post on the workings behind the scenes.
  16. Congrats on the book release and the fat loss Spark. You're really owning this whole challenge. Great work!
  17. Those pictures at the parade were great Twilight! You've had quite the great week it appears between the parades, playing with the kids and the beach! Keep up the good work as always!
  18. Man Chris, you're doing really well dealing with all those circumstances. I have a hell of a time when other people are preparing my food, even mentally... And believe me I know about annoying shoulders! Nice work bud, keep it up!
  19. Oh, and here's my workout from yesterday! Glad to be back.
  20. Update 7/7: Legs Good Mornings (warm up): 2 sets of 8 at 95# Squats: Set 1: 95 x 10 Set 2: 135 x 10 Set 3: 185 x 5 Set 4: 185 x 5 Set 5: 185 x 5 Set 6: 195 x 5 Set 7: 205 x 5 Single Leg Leg Press: Set 1: 135 x 8 Set 2: 135 x 8 Set 3: 135 x 8 Set 4: 160 x 8 SUPERSETTED WITH: Stair Jumps: 5 sets of 5 (jumping 5 stairs) Seated Box Jumps: 1 set of 5 SUPERSETTED WITH: Kettle Bell Swings: 1 set of 10 at 80# NOTE: I ran out of time at this point due to a meeting back at work OVERALL: Felt good to be back at the gym. I wasn't super strong, but I didn't mind. I felt good and solid. The higher weights weren't too bad, so that was good. I just wish I had a little more time because I was really having fun!
  21. It's doing alright Chris. I took a week off and it's better now. Doesn't really hurt at all, so I'm ready to get back into it. If I do upper body, I just need to back off if it hurts. But the doc said I'm doing all the right things with the rehab. It's just inflamed tissue, so I need to keep working it while watching out for over working it.
  22. Hey guys, I'm alive. I took a week off because of my shoulder. It's purely tendinitis, so that's good news. My bursa is pissed off, so I need to keep working it, but not working it too hard. And I have to take a bunch of ibuprofen for two weeks (or one more week). I did get back into the gym yesterday and do my legs. Topped out at 205# for the squats, which was alright for a week off. I think I could have gone higher, but I'm happy to work my way back up. I will say that the diet has NOT been good this last week. Been going out too much and eating crappy food, but I'm back on track now. Hope everyone is doing well. I should also note I haven't been posting because work has been insane. Hopefully I'll get things back to normal fairly soon.
  23. Great work through a tough situation Twilight. I'm glad both you and your daughter are doing well, and it sounds like you're up for a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see those pictures!
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