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  1. Finished my workout and catching up on the reading plan. I have a 5 hour class on Saturday, so I need to plan ahead for that run.
  2. Running and Tai Chi today. I have multiple reading goals this year. The reading plan I'm currently doing is to read the Bible in 90 days. I've never gotten very far before so I'm giving it a go.
  3. Ended up with a migraine this weekend, so moved my running to Sunday and stuck with lower body foam rolling. I'm behind on my reading plan, but should be able to catch up. Did my strength workout today.
  4. If you can get them cheese sticks make wonderful snacks. Lilly's chocolate is great as well since its low sugar (I eat a little for a treat not the full bar).
  5. Ran an actual interval program and I've already shaved some time off of my pace. Today was upper body. Everything is going to schedule. I had a going away party to attend tonight so I'm tired but will still get my reading done.
  6. My goal is more for the half marathon time (sub 3), but I wanted to start out on the shorter distance that I knew I could run a couple of times a week. I'm using the Zombies 5k app because my brain alone will not do proper running intervals.
  7. For sleeping: Do you have a way to roughly track your sleep cycle? That really helped me and I kept a sleep diary for a couple of weeks. I also found an app that tracked the half life of caffeine which was really surprising how long a cup of coffee stays in your system.
  8. Upper body today. I'm getting close to being able to up the weights for my workouts which will be good. Tomorrow is Tai Chi and running. Read my chapters for the day.
  9. I don't schedule appointments, but yes I have books broken down into chapters that I want to read on certain days to complete the book.
  10. Welcome to the rebellion! I really like the lives idea as well.
  11. Bench marked my 5k, so I have a starting point for improved stamina. Completed my Tai Chi as well. Tomorrow is upper body for my scheduled workout. I have successfully caught up on my reading plan, which will lower the amount I have to do tomorrow.
  12. Completed my scheduled workout, today was abs and towards the end it was difficult. Tomorrow is going to be my 5k benchmark and some Tai Chi after. I need to catch up on my reading plan since family time this weekend put me behind.
  13. I'm slowly climbing back on the fitness wagon. Last year I completed a marathon and during the recovery period I lost a lot of motivation to continue with a healthy lifestyle. Since the beginning of the year I have worked on diet and started on fitness. This time around everything seems to be fitting in to place. I have gotten my diet down pretty well, so this challenge I'm working on the fitness portion. Stamina Benchmark my 5k time so I have my starting pace Zombie 5k training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Strength My dumbbell work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Stretch Tai Chi on Tuesday and Thursday Foam Rolling on Saturday and Sunday Spirit Follow my reading plan each day.
  14. Thursday Black Canary- Rest day. Lady Blackhawk- Breakfast burrito again. I found out that one of my snack foods was making me feel like crap, so changing that will help. Gypsy- Mobility and meditation done. Misfit- Working on my creative cover letter. Really difficult to make an introduction stand out when you get to talk about GAAP and standards for reporting. Friday Black Canary- Class was cancelled to set up for their meet. Lady Blackhawk- My working Fridays tend to be lose on the diet front anyway, but I did fairly well even with the work party. 3 slices of pizza and 3 half baked cookies were off plan at the work party. Gypsy- Mobility rest day. Meditation done. Misfit- Didn't work on anything. Saturday Black Canary- Went rock climbing for the first time in two months. I went until I couldn't grip anymore which was about 50 minutes. I decided on Monday to use this as a makeup for no class on Friday. Lady Blackhawk- On plan. It is far easier when I don't have to go any where. Gypsy- Mobility and meditation done. Misfit- Nothing today.
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