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  1. Well, the past 2 days have been a mixed bag of Awesome/NotSoAwesome. Tuesday (Awesome): Goal 1: Not Applicable Goal 2: Ended up getting in just over the wire on my calorie/protein goals. Goal 3: Pulled a casual mile at the park during lunch. Pedometer app on my phone is apparently buggy since the last update, but there's no way I didn't get all my steps in Goal 4: Caught up on dishes from the past few days. Wednesday (Not So Awesome): Goal 1: It was pouring rain all day, so I could not get through the makeshift lake in the backyard to the weight shed. Going to have to make this up either
  2. To keep this brief: 1) Yes, you should probably eat more on days you train if you are interested in growing your muscles. 2) Eating some carbs timed around training sessions will do a lot less harm than you fear they will, and your body could really use them (especially if you're training 6 days a week).
  3. I have nothing to contribute, but I am seeking similar information for later.
  4. Today's recap: Goal 1: SQUATS 50lbs 1x5 (warm up) 70lbs 1x5 75lbs 1x5 80lbs 1x5 85lbs 2x5 (this weight gave me something to fight against, so I'll be sticking with it for Friday's workout) DIPS 7/5/2/1 = 15 Goal 2: I have 263 calories remaining, and have already gotten my full amount of protein. Ate ridiculously clean all day (People Chow FTW), so I'm going to eat a dirty dinner because I am completely too exhausted to cook now Goal 3: Walk/jogged 2 miles on my lunch break today Goal 4: Should have done this before doing goal 1. Just ain't gonna happen. I'll make up this time
  5. Tray full of pastries in the breakroom, and I'm at my desk eating beans/rice/chicken. The universe is cruel.

    1. Strickland5


      Avoid it! Keep your eyes on the prize!

    2. Why not?

      Why not?

      chicken = meat, meat > pastries => you = winning.

    3. TheCrimsonFist


      Crisis averted, guys. Somebody just ate the last cheese danish. (and it wasn't even me)

  6. So... wait... does this mean I have been predestined to not complete my goals today?
  7. Just bought this guy a few weeks ago, and it is perfect if you're looking to cook just a couple meals at a time: http://www.walmart.com/ip/35745709?reviews_limit=7&
  8. Guys, I'm gonna need some help. It seems the training train has derailed before it even left the station, and I need to get motivated to move it down the tracks. I know once I hit the weight room, I'll be in the game, but I just have to drag myself up there to do the damn thing. So. Today I will lift. Today I will eat. (already got this planned out and good to go) Today I will stay on my feet Today I will clean. If I don't, I give you all permission to harass me with memes.
  9. I'm following this thing, and not just because I'm legally obligated to follow all superhero-related challenges. This is gonna be fun!
  10. I was planning on kicking things off early and beginning the program on Monday, but that ended up not happening due to scheduling issues. I have, however, been on point with my diet and movement goals (not counting any of these as points until the challenge officially starts). Tonight I will be hitting the weight room for Workout B, and then heading out to buy some concrete to make some more weights for my ghetto home gym!
  11. As a fellow biohacking enthusiast, I am very anxious to see how these work out for you!
  12. Those sea bags are worth their weight in gold. Great for making punching bags, too. Oh, right, I'm following this. Don't disappoint me, son.
  13. I didn't see anything on their site about drop-in rates, but if it's only 10 bucks, I might have to check it out sometime soon
  14. Hey, Tenacious! Good to see you again. It was a minor tear in my chest/shoulder region. Could've been a lot worse, but really took me offline for a while. Now it's time to get back to where i was before! You and me both. I made some decent progression on this when I was training before, but never really mastered it (or tried to master it, really). I figure it's about time.
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