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  1. I like my tombow brush lettering pens a lot and my white signo gel pen is fun for adding a little highlight in the final stages of projects.
  2. I watch the odd online tutorial video and look around for inspiration. But honestly my favorite thing is to either have my daughter choose a word for me to play around with (less pressure when someone else chooses it!) or to just start experimenting with letterforms and strokes until I find something I really like. Then I'll build letters off that and maybe eventually come up with a word. If all else fails I find writing swear words repeatedly in fancy looking scripts to be highly amusing and relaxing.
  3. Hope you're finding some time (or making it) for that self care!
  4. Aaaaand I'm back. I got super overwhelmed that first week of the challenge and entered survival mode. I didn't abandon my goals for the challenge, but they have been modified heavily. I'm actually really proud of myself for taking progress over perfection. Long and short, the stress of starting up school and the new job and then adding in a bunch of goals, even ones I thought were realistic, broke my brain. Enough about that though. Let's get to the good stuff! I joined a climbing gym! It's in no way fancy, but having an activity vs. just a workout makes a world of difference for me. Plus, it gives me an environment beyond work, school, and my apartment to enjoy. A big win for my emotional and physical health! I started hand lettering and really enjoy it. It's creative, meditative, and a great evening activity to get lost in. I transferred the dreaded credit card debt that built up as a result of unemployment to an interest free account. Now I need to develop a realistic plan for payoff. For the most part I've been able to keep school work out of my evenings. Sometimes I do math homework with the tv going after my daughter goes to bed. I'm good with that since I'm already coming into that work with a solid understanding, so the tv turns what could be tedious rote calculations into something fairly enjoyable. So that's that. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to this challenge
  5. Ugh, so many annoying feelings the past couple of days! A perfect storm of hormones and snow days (the bane of my existence as a single parent attempting the work/school balance) has made the kickoff to this challenge rocky. Still, progress (however imperfect it may be) is being made. Budget and debt consolidation is in progress. Food log is started. I ordered some markers and pens to start working on my hand lettering in the evenings. Those are supposed to arrive today! Keeping school work relegated to the daytime hours has been challenging/impossible with my daughter home from school the first half of the week with the snow. It has me feeling like my standard for school as a non-traditional student should be to work ahead (possibly way ahead), because life is way too unpredictable and easily thrown off when juggling more schedules than just my own. Workouts have yet to happen but really need to. An active Courtney is a happy Courtney. Tonight I'll do one of my BW workouts even if I'm half asleep for it. Maybe I'll actually be able to sleep well as a result. That would be almost as magical as dragon friends.
  6. Thanks! I'm fairly new to YNAB, but I like their philosophy a lot!
  7. Just took a look at GMB, and wow does that look like fun! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.
  8. Sure one could slay dragons, but that seems so laden with tropes of farm boys with swords. I don't even own a pair of overalls, and the only sharp blades I keep are in my kitchen. Personally I'd rather make friends with a dragon or two. Then I have awesome dragon friends. Maybe one lets me ride on its back. Maybe we just make s'mores and talk about life. Anyway...let's meet the dragons I'll be befriending over the next 4 weeks. Budget the Mighty The most intimidating of all my dragons. This dragon can only be befriended through brutal honesty, a willingness to make tough choices, and continual tending. This pragmatic dragon will bring me peace of mind and help me plan for the future. To befriend him I must: Create a basic budget (week 1) Consolidate debt (week 1) Update any spending through YNAB (daily as needed) Prioritize goals (week 2) ?? Beatrice the Productive I've already begun making friends with this dragon. She appreciates a companion who gets their shit done. To continue growing my friendship with her I need to keep a steady, thoughtful pace with my school and work days. Beatrice prefers to hangout during daylight and generally doesn't like to see anyone after 5pm. Engage her without good reason after dark at your own peril! The Funinator The Funinator just wants to have a good time but will start setting things on fire if you tell it the night's plans are to camp out in front of the tv. She's okay with it every once in awhile, it's just that there are so many more interesting things she'd rather do like make art or music or even curl up with a good book. The Funinator is also a great encourager of getting out of the house now and again, even if it is very, very cold outside. Bro the Built Bro can be a little much sometimes, but his intentions are good. Deep down he wants his friends to be happy and healthy and knows that getting them off their asses is the best way to do that. He hasn't been super pleased watching me eat my stress the last few weeks and suggested I start writing down everything I eat for the next 4 weeks. He was also way too excited when I told him that I missed feeling strong. He is "totally pumped" for me to try his new bodyweight routine 3x per week and supplement it with 20 minute yoga sessions 2x per week.
  9. Things are a little calmer or at least I'm beginning to adjust to the new normal. I'm really happy with how this challenge went! My main goal was just to get back into the swing of challenges and making an effort as time allowed to be social on the boards. I don't have many goal oriented people in my day to day life, so finding community is important. And with that my first challenge back is completed! On to brainstorming the next one
  10. I relate so much to this. I hope you'll give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you're experiencing at the moment.
  11. Wednesday ended up being a good combination of productive and restorative. I made it a point to stop working after 5 and lose myself in a night of music and homemade pasta. The big life adjustments have me feeling a little anxious, but I'm trying to trust that within a week or two I'll have a better sense of how my time should be allotted. There are some identities and properties I need to brush up on for my math class. I wish I had thought to spend a bit of January reviewing, but I think browsing the text and some flashcards will give me more confidence. At least my Matlab class is feeling very manageable now that I have a framework for programming from studying Python. Day 17 Morning routine Calc 2 write section summaries and 1 HW pomodoro Mail rent and package Cancel Saturday appointment 2 Python pomodoros Watch week 4 part 1 Learning videos
  12. I'm sorry it didn't work out this time, but I think that's really fantastic that you and your friend support each other that way. Hope your week is improving!
  13. You're right. I try so hard to stay positive that it can turn on me when I'm truly struggling and feel anything but positive. Thanks for the reminder to be kind to myself
  14. Day 14 First day of classes? Pick up school books Morning routine Matlab Class 2 pomodoros Python 1 pomodoro I am so incredibly ready for a "normal" day. The run of teacher work days, holidays, and partial snow days is killing my productivity. It doesn't help that my daughter is quite literally bouncing off the walls with energy. Meanwhile I'm trying to make it more than two days without a migraine, get my first semester back to school off to a decent start, and prep for this new job that starts in a couple days. Someone please call the wham-bulance. I struggle mentally/emotionally when my routine gets upset, which has been happening a lot the last week. Thankfully, I have a few days to myself coming up. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little breathing space while I adjust to adding in school and the new job. Day 15 Morning Routine Meeting for new job 2 videos and q&a for Matlab class 1 pomodoro organizing for calc2 2 Python pomodoros **Do something nice for yourself**
  15. Day 13 a.k.a The Day of Errands Take dog for nail trim Pick up books from school Get school supplies Pay parking ticket Grocery shop 2 Python pomodoros Day 14 First day of classes? Pick up school books Morning routine Matlab Class 2 pomodoros Python 1 pomodoro Not really sure what to expect from tomorrow with snow in the forecast. Day could look totally different depending on various schools being closed or dismissed early.
  16. Sounds like a much deserved weekend of fun! A new or updated space is always a great way for me to reset. Hope it does the trick for you!
  17. Thanks! Making the change to focused blocks of time was a good call. I was able to focus solely on learning during my time without any artificial deadline stress. Day 10 Morning routine Complete at least 3 pomodoros of Python learning Watch Learning videos on Memory 2 pomodoros for funk book Friday was an incredibly productive day for me. I'm so glad I made the switch to process focused learning vs product focused. I'm currently enrolled in a 4 week class through Coursera called Learning How to Learn (highly recommend it!). I've picked up a lot of great tips from it, like switching my end goal for study time, and discovered why certain activities I already engage in make my life a little easier. For example, the way I structured this particular challenge by scheduling my important tasks for the day the night before apparently sets up my brain's expectations for the next day making it easier to settle into those activities than if I were to make the same list the morning of. Struggling with yet another migraine. It started yesterday and only now is easing up. My sleep schedule was already a mess and resting through the worst of the migraines is making it even worse. Really hoping I can kick this latest one and get back to normal life. Day 13 a.k.a The Day of Errands Take dog for nail trim Pick up books from school Get school supplies Pay parking ticket Grocery shop 2 Python pomodoros
  18. Thanks! I've kept the weight off for several years now...long enough that I forget sometimes. The bodyweight workouts are a nice mixture of movements and so far easily completed in 30 minutes. Push ups, side planks, jump squats, assisted chin ups, one leg romanian deadlifts, etc. are all on the menu. I think it'd be a challenge to do the program without a bar for timed hangs and pull/chin ups, but most of the other movements can be worked around if you're creative. Thanks! Day 9: Complete Strings and Modules sections in Python - completed a good portion but not all of the strings section Watching Learning how to Learn videos on Procrastination Morning Routine Healthy breakfast and healthy snack - did great with breakfast, but unless we're counting a chocolate chip cookie as a healthy snack I missed the mark here I think I need to shift my planning with the Python studies from complete sections x,y,z to focused Pomodoros. I'm making solid progress, but it is impossible to tell in advance just how time intensive a section might be. Some pieces are quick and easy, some are unpacking more complex ideas that need time. Focusing on getting a certain amount done is creating unnecessary stress when the goal is simply to learn at a steady pace. Day 10 Morning routine Complete at least 3 pomodoros of Python learning Watch Learning videos on Memory 2 pomodoros for funk book
  19. Missed posting thanks to migraines the last two nights. I don't know if it was as a result of the extreme cold or from dehydration, but migraines two days in a row is something I can do without. Progress on my coding project slowed as a result, but ::releases confetti:: I finally finished it today. This week I added a bodyweight routine into my morning routine. So Monday/Wednesday/Friday are focused on strength training, and yoga happens on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. I tested into level 3 of NF Academy's BW program. Don't have all of the necessary equipment yet, so I'm subbing as able. This morning I carried my daughter around in place of weights for the farmer's walk. So crazy to think that I lost what she currently weighs (~60lbs)! She was very amused by the unexpected piggy back rides while I got a nice reminder of how far I've come over the last 4 years. Day 9: Complete Strings and Modules sections in Python Watching Learning how to Learn videos on Procrastination Morning Routine Healthy breakfast and healthy snack
  20. Day 5: Clean until home feels nice Review this week's progress and plan next week Recharge and relax Day 6: Modified morning routine 2 pomodoro's on Python project Enjoy an extra day with my mini me Taking the day to reset my space and recharge was a great call. School is closed tomorrow, so I'll keep my programming study timed rather than trying to commit to finishing that entire project. Switching up my morning routine this week so that I meditate before I get out of bed. Going from savasana at the end of my yoga session straight into meditation is not enjoyable. Maybe meditation while sitting in bed will be a sleepy disaster, maybe it will be a great way to wake up...only one way to find out!
  21. Thanks! It is a good work around for when I'm easily overwhelmed, and, honestly, really structured challenges don't tend to work well for me. I rebel against my own intentions. Learning python will help me in the science/engineering industry, but the bigger reason I started was because programming was my Achilles heel the last time I was in school. So I wanted to conquer the fear before getting back into the program as a proof to myself that I can overcome what tripped me up before. Now I'm actually really enjoying it and want to explore data visualization after getting the basics of Python down. Just checked out Screeps, and it looks really fun! Saving that link for if/when I start working on Javascript. Day 4: Finish Python section 3 (finally!) Section 4 - Started but not completed this Practice favorite chord progression from chp 1 and a transcribe a fill in that key Morning Routine Day 5: Clean until home feels nice Review this week's progress and plan next week Recharge and relax Taking a creative recharge day. Camping out in front of the tv is not on the menu, but books, music, and naps are all welcome.
  22. Maybe some of it is also movement awareness? We pay so much attention to form in workouts, but during more unusual activities our focus is probably elsewhere. If we were consciously thinking about the muscle groups we engage for each move, I imagine we'd fare a little better.
  23. Day 3: Morning routine Finish Python code challenges ...but there was still a whole other section on loops hiding afterwards Begin Larger Python Project Read/study chapter 1 in Funk piano book Finally figured out how to see all the parts to each section in Codecademy's courses, and section three is not messing around! After several hours of chipping away at lessons and challenges my brain just wasn't having anymore, so I called it good enough for the day. Today was actually surprisingly productive. Learning of all sorts happened. I'm especially loving my book on funk keyboards. I've been playing piano for years but have always been really tied to sheet music. This year I'm trying to break away from that by working on learning how to play jazz and funk. Maybe I'll incorporate my music practice into next challenge. I could focus on working a particular chord progression with a rhythm pattern and an interesting fill or two into a larger structure. Something to consider at least. Day 4: Finish Python section 3 (finally!) Section 4 Practice favorite chord progression from chp 1 and a transcribe a fill in that key Morning Routine
  24. Day 2: Morning routine Sign up for payment plan 2pm meeting It went really well! I might have a part-time job starting in February ::fingers crossed:: Finish segment 3 in Python course...Really wish Codecademy would show a better overview of all the parts in each segment. Got an unpleasant surprise that the 3rd section is waaay longer than others I've completed. Still working my way through the final round of coding challenges. Day 3: Morning routine Finish Python code challenges Begin Larger Python Project Read/study chapter 1 in Funk piano book
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