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  1. Week 1 Day 1 I survived day 1 without bread or flour of any kind without much issue thanks to prepping breakfast components and my lunches Sunday evening. That article from Staci on making meals ahead of time had some great tips that made the process easy, and it was a treat to sit down to a healthy meal that only required a quick splash of sauce and 90 seconds in the microwave! I got a head start last week working on getting out of tricky positions on my back in bjj. One of the most helpful preventative measures I'm learning is to get my knee up and across my opponent's chest. Usually, this gives me enough space to work the other leg through, so I can at least get them in guard. On a funny note I got lazy before class and skipped taking my mascara off (usually I don't even wear makeup on bjj days so I don't have to remember). BIG mistake. By the time I was finished with class and had rolled around with 40+ minutes I was a sweaty mess. I went to change and was greeted by this face in the mirror: Minus the robotic arm of course. Anyway, no one said anything. Maybe it's because there weren't any women there to roll with, but I was shocked one of the guys I regularly joke around with didn't call me out on my insane raccoon eyes. Perhaps they were too scared. I mean, I wouldn't joke around with Furiosa or a potentially rabid raccoon. Maybe that's just the sort of thing better left alone. Either way, lesson thoroughly learned.
  2. Oops! I got some done and Friday and lots more done on Saturday. Then I got some additional information saturday night that made most of my work completely useless.
  3. Okay, most important thing first! 50 points to Kishi for his saucy challenge title. Now, to other business. I've got a lot of work to do today, and unfortunately some crappy life stuff combined with little sleep are putting me in a very distractible mood...the surf the internet all day while simultaneously loathing myself for not buckling down variety. This is my official proclamation that I will get my shit done. If I don't, feel free to throw rotten produce at me via gifs. Kirk out.
  4. That is indeed a nugget of wisdom that you found a way to put into practice. I'll have to think about that when I'm getting all procrastinate-y in the future.
  5. It really is! I retract my original no-break vote and forever pledge myself to the zero week.
  6. I'm easing into the wheat fast this week, and breakfast is definitely going to be my biggest hurdle. Meal planning for my mornings would give me my best shot at success. So, something to work on the next few days. I've been rolling with an emphasis on getting off my back or at least recovering guard to maintain a more offensive, defensive position. It's tough going so far as it is so easy for people to be heavy and ride out mount or side guard. I'm so happy I did all the technical core work the last few challenges! That at least gives me some strength and coordination to draw upon. Hydration will probably need a morning and afternoon reminder on my phone, because right now I'm forgetting about those goals. Finally, you all are awesome with your willingness to be readers or swap work! I feel very supported by the quick and positive response, so thank you for that.
  7. Very cool! Though I hope it didn't come off as me trying to vet you as a potential reader. I just enjoy hearing what people like to write. Juvenile wheat innuendo would be interesting. 50 points to whoever comes up with a sufficiently saucy wheat-ditching challenge title!
  8. I'm hoping that will be the case. Writing feedback would certainly be welcome. What sort of things do you write? (Are you secretly Hugh Howey?) Just general innuendo involving getting on top or mounting everyone. I'm a 13 year old boy at heart. I write science fiction and fantasy. Unless an actual writing group formed that wanted to do short stories I would submit the first chapter or two from a science fiction novel I'm about halfway through writing. Great! If I get anyone else interested in submitting work, I'll message the whole group separately from the thread. Probably will wait until sometime next week to give people a chance to trickle onto the new challenge.
  9. Also, I deserve some kind of medal for resisting the very strong urge to name my challenge something completely juvenile.
  10. Hurray for zero week! Confession: I was one of the crazy people who voted for no real time off between challenges, but I'm actually really grateful this time around for the free week as I have something, well...challenging planned for my diet in April. Main Goals Get my ass off the mat. One thing that became clear to me during matches on belt evaluation week is that I get stuck on the bottom a lot in bjj. I play decent defense, so I'm not tapping all the time. But obviously defense isn't the where I want to be long term. This month I want to focus on getting a few solid escapes and sweeps in place. Say goodbye to wheat. Bread is so easy to grab, and I go for it all the time in place of fruits and vegetables. For April I'm kicking it to the curb. To be successful with this I need to get better with meal/snack prep. Zero week is the perfect time to experiment and get things in place. (Pass/Fail) Side Quests Branch out with writing partners. I've become complacent with my current writing group, that if I'm honest isn't really the best fit. This April I want to shake up my routine and connect with some new writers/readers. Sharing my work with a stranger feels risky, but new perspectives and reading other people's work, i.e. putting myself out there, is something I need to get more comfortable with. (On that note if anyone writes and is interested in swapping work or if you are just interested in reading work, let me know.) (Pass/Fail) Hydrate like a boss. Drink 24 oz. of water by 10AM and another 24 oz. by 4PM daily. Evenings tend to take care of themselves in terms of hydration. (Pass/Fail) Nothing too crazy, except for that wheat thing, but it's just four weeks. I can totally handle four weeks without bread, right? **Quickly publishes challenge to prevent backing out**
  11. Nice looking challenge. I totally get where you're coming from with your brain resisting the pressure. Sometimes the extra push helps and sometimes it becomes the thing that trips you up. So it's smart of you to recognize that and plan accordingly. Good luck moving forward!
  12. You're back! Sounds like this challenge was an overall success for you. I mean, you're going to bjj again, so how could it not be?! Celebratory wrestling puppies for you. Anyway, great work on the weight loss and your dedication to improved eating! Glad to hear you're getting out and having a little fun, too.
  13. Challenge Wrap up Right then. Challenge #3 of the year is at a close. Not the grand slam success of challenge #2, but real steps forward were made. I lost a few pounds, got a whole lot better at shrimping, and am making solid progress with my novel. Tomorrow I get my fancy new belt, complete with blue stripe, which feels like a fitting end to the month. The full push-up...well, that will have to wait a little bit to be realized, thanks to the arm injury. When I left off things where progressing nicely. I feel confident that in a month or two (depending on healing) I'll have that push-up in the bag. The writing class continues to be a mixture of delight and frustration. It is wonderful to not be working in a vacuum, but I do miss my first draft routine. That said I absolutely believe my first draft and the resulting story will be stronger for the work I'm doing in the class. Today, I finally got feedback on my first 10 pages from my instructor. It was incredibly positive, and most of the things he pointed out needing work were already on my radar. So yay for self awareness. Of course I'm already thinking about the next challenge. Since I don't know what the state of my shoulder/arm will be I'm thinking it will be more focused on diet and maybe some combination of leg and core work. It might be time to experiment with cutting bread and refined sugar from my diet. To be successful at that I'd probably need to get a lot better at planning ahead with my food, though. Maybe refined flour should get cut in stage one and sugar can follow in the following challenge? Things to think about.
  14. I think it went well overall. One thing that became clear to me is that I need to work on getting out from the bottom. In a number of matches my partner and I got "stuck" with them in mount or side guard. They didn't want to give up the position but they weren't able to get past my defenses (I have one hell of a chin tuck). So escapes and sweeps will probably get their own challenges in the near future.
  15. Week 4 Day 4 Mental state-wise, I'm managing a little better today than I was yesterday. Belt evaluations are officially over, with only the ceremony left on Saturday. Just in time too, because my left arm was pretty useless by the end of my matches today. I was able to carve out some time today to review my writing classmates' work (thank you ipad apps for babysitting). Now I can stop feeling guilty for taking so long. I haven't been able to start the week's homework. I think tomorrow will have to be the day for that, because the weekend is shaping up to be busy. Thankfully, the 10 pages I need to submit won't be from scratch like last time. I'm still waiting to hear back from my instructor on those first 10 pages...kind of nerve wracking. I've read a few of his critiques for other students and he is kind but honest. I just have to keep reminding myself I'm paying for that honesty. Also, I had a beer and some queso at dinner tonight. Life can't be too bad when you have beer and melted cheese.
  16. Awesome news about the job! Any time I read your exercise/eating posts I usually end up searching one or more concepts you mention. I feel like there should be a donate button on your thread, so I can support my continued fitness education. Also, if you're still looking for beta readers, I'm up for giving feedback.
  17. Thanks. I haven't read Infinite Jest. I tend more towards science fiction and fantasy, but I really should branch out a little from time to time. Haha...I wish there was a tactful way to say such a thing to a 5 year old, but, alas, I tend to explode in fits of yelling after she's just said "mommy" for the 7th time in 3 seconds. A recovery week? That sounds delightful.
  18. Thanks! The arm is kind of meh. I can roll a bit, but by the end the radiating pain is back and my grip is weak. Writing is going fairly well. I seriously considered going for some runs, but I was a little nervous putting that sort of impact on my knees and shins. I gave up running a couple years back since the extra weight made it rough on my body. .... Week 4 I don't know where week 3 went or what day I'm on with week 4. Thanks to several big things overlapping (I'm looking at you spring break!) I feel like I'm going in 5 directions at once. Weekend obligations have me maxed out in the socializing department. This introvert needs her recovery time, and it's not going to happen any time soon. I swear some sort of pheromone gets released into the air when I get like this and everyone decides it's time to make an appearance or need a favor. Training is weird this week with belt testing and the arm still recovering. I think the pain is getting less intense when it flares up, but maybe I'm getting better at favoring my good arm? Either way push-ups aren't happening at all. Writing is going well, I guess. the weekly word count is out the window as is revision tracking. The feedback I'm getting from fellow classmates and my instructor is both enthusiastic and helpful. The novel will definitely be stronger for the work I'm putting in now. Nothing is absolutely horrible right now, but I feel run down. My routine has been exploded, I need some quiet recovery time, and I don't see myself getting those things back before I become a depleted wreck.
  19. Sounds like a good writing prompt...how the night could have gone had you stuck around with 50 Cent's party planner. Yay for good interviews and workdays!
  20. Week 3 Day 4 Push Up/Core Work: 3.5/6 BJJ: 3/4 Tracking: 4/7 Plants: 4/7 Writing Workshop HW: 0.5/1 Managed to keep myself from going to class yesterday by making sure my gi was in the wash. I rolled around on my own at home and did some core work (no push ups) which was fine. Then my husband full of good intentions offered to hold strike pads for me (a kind gesture on his part because he has described me as both "scary" and "intense" once the gloves go on), and I stupidly jumped at the chance. Big mistake. Striking is officially off the table, which probably should have been obvious to me, but I wanted something. That bjj/striking high is so addictive. I feel like one of those high energy dogs that needs to be run daily or they'll tear up the house. Someone call Caesar Millan.
  21. Way to stick it out and carry those weights home! I love the quote you referenced from SHIELD. I think the mistake we make sometimes is expecting ourselves to be the same person we were before certain events. But there is no reset button in life. All we can do is process and move forward as best we are able, and sometimes that means reassessing what our "best" life looks like. Keep up the good work!
  22. I'm thinking nerve as well since the pain runs in a straight line. Thanks! Instructors are aware of the situation. Testing consists mainly of rolling sessions since I'm not going for blue belt which requires a separate demonstration. It should be fun so long as my arm is in decent shape, but I am a little nervous at the possibility of getting partnered with one of the cross-fit male white belts. They tend to be on the spazzy side on a regular day...during testing with the entire class watching I worry they might do some serious damage to avoid even the possibility of getting tapped by a female white belt.
  23. Sorry to hear about the sick kiddo. Hope she's feeling better soon! And way to squeeze an ab workout in while being Dr. Mom.
  24. Week 3 Day 3 Push Up/Core Work: 2.5/6 BJJ: 3/4 Tracking: 3/7 Plants: 3/7 Writing Workshop HW: 0.5/1 The warm up in class involved push-ups. I probably did more than I should have and ended up with pain radiating from my shoulder through my elbow, wrist, and thumb on the side I hurt the other night. Rubbing my shoulder after class seemed to alleviate most of the pain...it figures that I lent out my trigger point therapy workbook over the weekend and now have pain in a new spot to manage. Anyway, push-up training might be iffy for a few days given tonight's results. In more exciting news I learned I'm up for a belt promotion next week! I'll still be a white belt, but my white belt will have a purdy blue stripe on it. Just have to keep my arm behaving so I can participate in drills for testing next week.
  25. The elbow is doing alright, thankfully! It's a little sore but no serious damage was done.
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