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  1. When you do your sprints, you body is told to breath ahead of time so you don't consume all the O2 in your blood stream. When you go from just sitting at your desk, then walk up those stairs, your body didn't prepare the body with 02 in the blood stream and you quickly consume it causing your body to react with heavy breathing. Do this: When you are going to walk up those stairs, take 4-5 deep breaths before you start and notice the difference.
  2. It's lord of thunder!! but I was wrecked most of last week too, but started going hard again on Thursday and died with honor.
  3. last week's workouts: this week's workouts: I was a little sick, ate not the greatest, and felt like shit. I'll be back at it next week.
  4. summary of my weekend: I did sleep a lot. We had a relay run to start Sat's WOD and this happened: We out ran the fast people and lapped the slow people. Then I died. Food wasn't that good as once again I'm heavier than I was on Friday.
  5. Thanks, but I left out the details of mid workout bathroom break... I do think I should have gone about 10-20 lbs heavier each round, I think that would have hurt me more.
  6. Yesterday I got back on track by going to the all you can eat pizza buffet. Yeah... I did limit myself to 2 plates and only weighed in .2 lbs more than yesterday. Not really. Today I should be back on track. I did crush my AM WOD I went heavier and faster than everyone in my class. 9,7,5,3 Push press @ 95, 125, 145, 165 18, 14, 10, 6 Toes 2 bar 27, 21, 15, 9 lunges I was kinda shocked as there were so studs in the class. And since I we ended early, I got 2 core and mobility sessions in today.
  7. It was tough weekend for me. Symptoms acted up and I didn't necessarily eat the best. Time to get back at it. Workouts are good, Core and Mobility work is happening. Just need to watch what I put in my pie hole.
  8. I guess they were all vegan and all... but I felt like shit during my workout today. I don't know if it's cause I'm tired or symptoms of CKD, but I got crushed worse than Capt fighting Thanos I am now getting scientific that eating like an asshole is like putting shitting gas into my car. I was not too bad last night. I was ~300 cals over and most of that was fats and protein. The pot roast probably had more sodium in it that I counted, maybe that was it. yup... he's Br0dining me!!
  9. The problem is discipline = freedom. So I have to judge myself.
  10. watch it, it's 20 min eps with 13 eps seasons and only 4 seasons. You can crush it quickly.
  11. Yesterday wasn't the best cals day. We did our VD stuff yesterday so we can avoid the crowds. I was perfectly planned in Cals until I couldn't put the bread down... and the cake my wife bought... I guess there only one thing to do My Core work has been good anyways. I'm about ready to step it up obsessiveness!
  12. Yeah, My Creatinine has always been high, cause of higher muscle mass and lots of protein... but the headaches and lathargy was a shot across the bow.
  13. It's a new condition. The short version is I hurt my back (again) last march. I took drugs to prevent the pain; those drugs where not nice to my kidneys; I started getting massive headaches through out the year, but I couldn't figure out why, took the same meds to fight the headaches until T-day. 2 days after Thanksgiving, I got a massive headache and I was super lethargic. I contacted my doctor and he diagnosed me with stage 3 CKD. I've been managing symptoms via nutrition, but apparently, it will never get better. I've been feeling a lot better and no longer lethargic during WODs or doing routine things like getting out of bed. I just learned about reducing sodium, so I'm trying to make sure I'm conscious about my intake. The nice thing is, for the first time in my married life, my wife is fully engaged in supporting my nutrition habits and not low-key sabotaging me. I'm now 3 days into being conscious about salt and I feel great. Brain fog is lifting, I have energy, and no headaches.
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