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  1. SS, what would this program promote then?
  2. Totally OHP, starting from squat position. Towel is there to wipe their brow with each lift; higher class gyms have bar mounted fans, or some high density gym sponges. *whistles innocently and wander off aimlessly* Truthfully though; if it wasn't for the towel? I'd assume OHP; thus my assumption of a brow wiper?
  3. *sips coffee slowly, a long sign escaping him as he stares at tax certificates. Eye twitches*

  4. Pads and Rotors replaced on van! Safety Restored!!

    1. Atrytone


      I had that done for my car recently. It makes such a huge difference doesn't it?

    2. Purple_Panda


      Oh yes. Picked up a new jack too, so better braking and new garage stuff. Win-win!

  5. Wise. Small changes can definitely lead to large changes; <insert pebble and ripples etc. etc. tidal waves comparison>. I swear I say this every time I hear 'yoga'; I've been wanting to try yoga for such a long time now. I really should make this my own goal or something! So kudos on Yoga, and on Karate to be honest; again... been wanting to try a martial arts myself; awesome work out I've heard and confidence booster!
  6. Howdy Howdy! Good to hear you've found your motivation! Clutch it tightly and totally Sparta kick anyone that tries to steal it! What is your physical exertion activity of choice?
  7. Salutations Bob! I know exactly where you are coming, well not exactly as experiences are never the same, but I can completely relate to the being sick and tired of being 'this fat'; that was me at 310lb and going up a flight of stairs in my house, just one, winded me. While I'm not near my goal weight, I've made a lot of progress and praises large deities in the sky it feels good, and I'll stress this; when you start this journey, don't let a bad day get you down, or a bad week even. If you get derailed, find the tracks as quickly as you can and keep going forward, for at the end of a year
  8. Wife picked up some all natural under arm deodorant to try. I must admit, little strange using 'Mint' deodorant. Every time I raise my arm. Toothpaste. *boggles*

  9. I don't always use my Liquid Paper at my desk; but when I do? I have the dexterity of a 2 year old with finger paints it seems...

  10. Been playing Heroes of the Storm, Paladin: Champions of the Realm, and just got into Alpha for Fortnite.
  11. I wonder if Sith drink Coffee... *sips out of his Kylo Ren Mug* This has been morning thoughts with Purple_Panda.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Maggie-Miau


      The weather, NerdFitness, Intergalactic Domination, kid trouble...lots of stuff.

    3. Purple_Panda


      Darth Rippyslash entered the break room and declared to a seated figure, "Sup Darth Voidpurgeraptortalon?". The black clad being looked up from his G-3293A torture droid manual, and replied, "Not much. Just doing some reading; coffee is fresh." Rippyslash smiled happily beneath his mask, "Sweeetah. Gett'n some brews!"

    4. Raincloak


      All over stores here are battery powered self-stirring Sith coffee mugs. The electromagnetic Force is with them.

  12. Howdy fellow Wisconsinite! Errr.. Wisconsiner? Wisconsining? Where do yo hail from? Superior WI area here, about 20 minutes SE actually. How many is too many tacos? Wallet draining amounts? Hardshell or soft? What are you rockin' for additionals? We have some hot sauce in these tacos? What kind of cheese? These are important aspects if knowing you've had too many tacos and would completely determine if there is any actual hook to be left off! I am suspicious though...female INTJ? eg: the Unicorn of the personality types if you are female? I like how you try and gloss that over by saying,
  13. I lift primarily alone and I follow 5x5; I've done more 'Roll of Shames' than I'd care to admit as I keep adding a little more weight here and there; so it is going to happen eventually; if you have a spotter for when it happens, awesome, if not; just a fact of life, and really nothing to be hugely concerned. *Seriously once you do it twice, you'll just be rolling your eyes at yourself as you roll it down in that, "Oyie, hope no one sees me" kind of way. LoL. That being said, I hate the term 'Roll of Shame', here you are lifting heavy weight (whether that is just the bar or 300lb), and som
  14. The smell of an unwashed shaker bottle, having sat all weekend, with what was left of a protein shake in it. *throws on gas mas, hazmat suit and brandishes tongs*

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    2. TMedina


      Hold your breath for as long as you can, and accept any subsequent gagging as penance. :D

    3. Raincloak


      This is why I get steel and glass whenever possible, they don't retain smells and can be boiled if needed ^^

    4. Purple_Panda


      I should just bring my Stainless Steel Drink Shaker in; all bartender like at my desk. "I'll have a Whey Protein Shake. Shaken, not stirred." :) Oh goodness, drink it out of a Martini glass!! *imagination runs wild*

  15. Woo! Weekend. *coffee and Saturday morning cartoons with kids*

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