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  1. Update: So far I'm staying on top of my healthy eating! Unfortunately I seem to be pretty weak willed when it comes to my sleep schedule. Ive tried going to bed early so I can wake up early but I just lay there awake and that leads to looking at my phone in bed! But I will try again!
  2. You are basically doing every hobby I've also wanted to try! What is historic brewing? My first attempt at mead making in currently in progress and I was wondering if that the same thing and if you had any pointers? Congrats on your new baby! I bet she's best motivation out there! I also like how you've kept your main goal really simple, it'll build a good foundation for future goals. Good luck!
  3. Yeah I feel like D&D is gaining more and more popularity. The kids love it. Thanks for the welcome and the ideas guys! I bought some healthy snacks that I'm keeping in my backpack for the day. I've also started charging my phone across the room so I actually have to get up to turn my morning alarm off and I cant look at it in bed.
  4. Hi all! The names Mike. I'm a 28 years old student, nerd, husband, and am trying to get into shape again after many false starts! I work at an elementary school for an after school program, where I'm trying my best to turn as many kids as possible into nerds (I run 2 weekly D&D games with 3rd and 5th graders). I enjoy playing basketball but I haven't played in a few years. I am self conscious about joining a team of some kind while I'm so out of shape. Any advice for someone who goes strong for a week or two and then lets the stress of research papers and junk food
  5. Hello Fellow Lanterns! This will be my first 6 week challenge and all I can say is LETS DO THIS! This one is going to be all about rebuilding healthy habits. My better half has been teaching English overseas for the last year and will be coming home mid- December. I will be the first to admit that all the awesome plans I had for staying active and in shape while she was gone, pretty much flew out the window within a month of her leaving. All the weekend backpacking trips and-pick up basketball games were replaced with video games and general do-nothing-ness. My ultimate goal is joining my co
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