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  1. Nothing like a trip to the gym to work off the work week!

    1. mitch_dee


      a food binge-fest and a fresh bottle of whiskey works also

  2. I made this thread so that we can add fellow nerds on myfitnesspal. I just joined up and I'm loving it. It keeps tracking easy and syncs with my other fitness apps. Mine is in my signature. It would be cool to have nerd support on there. Post yours!
  3. Off to the gym again today. At first I felt really sore, even two days later, but I'm going to go regardless. Sleep Cycle finally calibrated, and oddly gave one of my more restless looking nights the top score for sleep quality. Even if it isn't perfect, it's a handy alarm clock and it does let me see things like "woke up to get a drink at 3 AM", supposedly wakes me at the optimum time, and I can track variables that may be affecting my sleep. I'm down to 215.6lbs. It's probably mostly water weight, but weight lost is weight lost in my book. Will report later on the workout.
  4. Can't tell if fun times or not fun times are ahead.
  5. 215.6lb this morning - bye bye more water weight. This is around the lowest I've been since that time 2 months ago when I got sick after completing the 20lbs challenge. I'm not sick this time. Yeeah! That seems like a complicated situation with your parents. Estimate where you can. Tracking is better than putting nothing because you don't know the exact amount. Perhaps take a peek at that nutrition labels of items that your parents use? I keep a database of picture of labels on my phone. Not having much control over your meals is a pain, but that's cool that you try to cook a lot. I'm trying to move in the direction of being able to estimate my portions properly, but while I still have over 20lbs to drop until I'm satisfied, I try to be precise as possible.
  6. I too remember those from football. Love the Zoidberg reference. Ugh they hurt.
  7. Thursday, September 25, 2014 Yesterday was a good day for tracking. Myfitnesspal sure helps. I'm starting to get that feeling hungry most of the time feeling - that's when you know it's working. I hit the gym for my first serious session of the challenge, not just dicking around with the weights, actually following the routine. It was brutal, but that was to be expected after 2 months off. I was also trying some new movements. My bodyweight exercises were sorely lacking, granted I haven't done any since the early years of college. Here's what I did: Bench Press: 1x15x135lbs, 1x8x185lbs, 3x3x205lbs - I was doing my old warm up and I ended up wearing myself out. I'll be shooting for the full 3x5 next workout. Dips: 1x5x100lbs, 1x4x100lbs - These were awkward and humbling, but I got a feel for the movement. I used 120lbs of assistance. My goal by the end of the challenge is to use less than 80. Overhead Press: 1x8x95, 1x7x95 - Same as before, but felt heavier at a lower weight. Dumbbell Incline Row: 1x8x35, 3x5x40 - These were easy Pull-ups: 0 - The assisted machine was in use, so I tried an unassisted one. Almost got it. Yet another humbling experience that spawned a new goal for me - do 10 unassisted. EZ Bar Curls: 1x6x75, 1x10x55, 1x8x55, 1x6x55 - Had to go lighter at the increased volume Skullcrushers: 1x5x55, 1x8x55 - Somewhat awkward learning experience at first. As I gain strength and stamina and lose weight, this should get markedly easier. My goal by the end of the challenge is to be able to complete the workout, even if I have to use assisted dips and pull-ups.
  8. I can't speak to weightlifting shoes. I almost bought them, but sizing them by guessing online was not working out. Before my injury, I could 1RM 385lb low bar using chucks, so they certainly can get the job done.
  9. As much of a pain as it is, it really does work. Use myfitnesspal to track. I just joined and it made tracking a whole lot easier yesterday. I eat pretty much the same types of things every day, so being able to simply add previous meals will greatly simplify things in the future. Thursday Update: Somehow I'm already down to 217.8g - probably a decent amount of water loss in there. I did my serious gym workout in almost 2 months last night, but I'm not sure how that would have affected my weight. I've seen terms like glycogen being thrown around. Either way, 5lbs down - w00t!
  10. good to know. thanks for your input PaulG and jfreakso!
  11. I don't have anything in mind just yet. I'm throwing this out there to gauge interest and proximity. I live in Beverly Hills and am pretty close (relatively speaking with traffic) to everything LA proper. Sound off LA area nerds!
  12. Take out the intermediate steps and just throw your money into the toilet.
  13. I drink black coffee all day at work. It's enough of a preworkout. When I think of preworkouts, I think of the bros at my gym who walk around with their BodyBuilding.com container filled with some random colored liquid.
  14. Beef jerky is an old standby for me. I also like carrot sticks with peanut butter. Celery lightly sprinkled with salt can be a refreshing snack too.
  15. Solid work. Congrats on the PR!
  16. Gym day incoming. Also signed up for myfitnesspal, now that I had a coworker show me how to enter my own items and tweak it to fit my goals. My lunch is a roast beef sandwich that my wife ordered from Amazon Fresh and while it looks delicious, it bugs me that I can't log it properly. I am going to just make note that I ate it and go from there. I have 443 calories left on the day, once I count in my dinner, snacks, and protein shake later. Tomorrow I should be able to track with absolute precision. I had a good talk with my wife about my dieting and we reagreed on our original compromise of 1 cheat meal with her/week.
  17. Similar story here, except substitute extravagant birthday party for wedding. Drank a lot of champagne and then just played mobile games and Bravely Default the rest of the weekend. I'm glad the last major event that I plan to go to before Thanksgiving is this weekend and it's only a dinner. I like being able to hunker down on my diet unimpeded. Thank you, dasein!
  18. Welcome to the challenge! I too spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether it be at home or at the office. I follow a different philosophy for dieting, but I definitely squeeze in one cheat meal per week. Sometimes two if it's a particularly eventful one. It will keep you sane when you're trying to have fun. I ran into your problem in Quest 2. Batching cooking, which it appears you are planning, was my savior. Having several cuts of steak or pieces of chicken ready to go always helps. I was just checking out beginner body weight, since I'm interested in learning the cool body weight moves. I've followed a powerlifting routine up until this point and am interested in mixing it up in the future. On your grading system: are you grading yourself per week and then averaging the weeks to come up with score at the end? I guess for the first challenge it doesn't matter that much. I usually follow a format like this: Goal = Counting Calories, Grade = Total days that I counted calories/Total days that I could have counted * 100%. Then I assign a grade like they did in school i.e. 95% = A. I hope that helps and good luck with your challenge!
  19. Telling her that I track to keep myself organized and accountable helped downgrade her assessment of what I was doing from asinine to "This is one of those things Mr. Fett feels he has to do, but I still don't like it". You should have seen her reaction 6 months ago when I was trying out the Paleo diet. *Shrugs* Pluses and minuses... Perhaps I'll save the counting for after shared meals. Fortunately, a majority of the things I eat are logged in my macro counting database. I too want to move away from counting at some point, but not until I'm under 200 with a BF% that I'm happy with. Once the 20lbs in 10 weeks concludes, I plan on shedding the leftovers to 200, and then going on a bulk, before one more cut to obtain that goal.
  20. Thanks, Elastigirl. My PT would be smacking me with something if she read me questioning stretching As far as #2 goes, I'm wondering if there's an efficient way to incorporate bw training into my powerlifting days (i.e. push ups on bench day), or since my current weight lifting routine is 3x/week, incorporating in 2 bw days, but I'm not sure if that's enough rest.
  21. Hey everyone, I'm interested in performing bw movements, because frankly, they look really effin cool. At 5'10, 220lbs, I'm a little on the heavier side. I did StrongLifts 5x5 for 6 months and made some significant gains before a knee injury kept me out of the gym (it's mostly healed now - finishing PT). Basically my questions come down to the following: 1. Should I drop another 20 or more lbs to make bw easier? (I'm assuming yes) 2. Can I do powerlifting training alongside bw or will I simply burn myself out? 3. I'm not flexible at all. Will flexibility come with bw training or will I need to do a flexibility routine alongside it? I already have a routine in place for getting my body used to resistance training again this challenge, but I'm looking towards the future and broadening my horizons. Thanks in advance for any help, Broba
  22. I'd say post a form check video. Also, I tend to tire out near the end of my sets too. It's an lift that requires more attention to form than you'd think and is usually the slowest lift to progress.
  23. Welcome back! Sounds like a solid routine. Good luck!
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