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  1. Thanks for bringing up the distinction between a Yates and Pendlay row. I just checked out some form vids. I was somewhere in between. I wasn't going all the way to the ground with the bar, but my back was at a shallow angle with the ground. My arms are short proportional to my body and so until I'm rowing larger radius plates, I think that I should prop the weights up some plates underneath so that I don't have to change my posture, while still fully extending my arms. One of the videos suggested it. Or perhaps I should just squat down further? More research is needed. I'm sure I'll be pausing between sets more in the coming weeks. This is my start point. Thanks for the tips and good luck with your challenge!
  2. Week 2: Tuesday's Triumphant End I'm heading to bed sore as hell, but damn do I feel good. Stuck out the two soda goal and GOT TO THE GYM!!! This place has a solid weight floor, and at least tonight, it was welcoming. It wasn't packed wall to wall with morons like the 24 Hour Fitness that I went to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Most people were working with a trainer, in small groups, or minding themselves. There was ample equipment and I got out in less than an hour. As I've mentioned, I'm following StrongLifts 5x5. Here's what I did: Squat 5x5: 115lbs Bench 5x5: 115lbs Barbell Row: 65lbs Squat and Bench went smooth. I was keeping form and pushed them out with relative ease. This program builds on itself each session, so that's not a concern. Things will be plenty heavy in short order (they tell you to start with the bar). I kept the time between sets short and since I'm so out of shape it felt like cardio. Barbell Row was somewhat of a different story. My form felt off and my back pain confirms it. I'll be sure to watch some form videos before the next sesh. The weight seemed right. Besides deadlift, this is oddly the only exercise that SL has you starting with more than the bar and it seemed the most awkward to me. I'll make that lift my special project. Still no cardio, but my girl was so stoked that I liked the gym that she wants to go use the cardio equipment with me tomorrow. I'll likely be alerting the cardio goal to include the machines since walking and yoga have been such as success... And with that, goodnight, Rebel scum
  3. Looking forward to my first night of StrongLifts at what promises to be a pretty empty gym.

  4. Week 2: Monday and into Tuesday Stuck to the soda diet, but wussed out on the walk. I'm heading to the gym tonight to begin StrongLifts. I'm going to play around with the weight a bit. I already hit my soda quota before heading home so tea! tea! tea! water! water! water! ahoy! I doubt I'll feel like drinking soda much after fun time with the iron. Check out these Google Sheets for details.
  5. You are just full of good advice! I can't believe that I forgot Google docs. Mineral water will allow for some variety and that sorely missed fizz. Connections, connections, connections... I think I'll freshen up my LinkedIn and hit up some old friends. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks BenBot! I'm a fan of the leaf too, but recently weaned myself off so that I can better pursue my job search life goal. You can do it! The Start of Challenge Week 2 - Goal 2: Walk/Yoga I didn't run or attend yoga on Saturday or Sunday. My girl injured her back and will likely be out of comission for a few weeks. I now how to rely on myself for motivation to get out. I'll likely end up walking/treadmilling/ellypticaling more than doing yoga now. My goal still stands at doing one activity per day and I will maintain that I will attend yoga at least once per week, with or without my girl. The Start of Challenge Week 2 - Goal 3: StrongLifts I had a beautiful table laid out in excel, but they don't seem to want to paste here. Since I'm not in the mood to figure out tables on here right now, check out the link and description in my OP. To better fit my schedule, I am going on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, as opposed to the suggested Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule in the e-book. The Start of Challenge Week 2 - Life Goal: New Job I originally thought that I was going to update my resume this weekend, but that didn't happen. I'm still holding myself to applying to 3 jobs/week during this challenge (and subsequent weeks, this is just the beginning). I will need to make that resume happen sometime this week or weekend.
  7. The Start of Challenge Week 2 - Goal 1: Beverages Let's start off with a minor victory: I set a limit of 3 sodas for Saturday and Sunday and I passed! Following that, I decided that I am going to further restrict the tapering process. Since I am not keeping track of booze and I find myself trading soda for beer (and I threw back a few too many Guinnesses on Saturday ), I will try to drink less, but I am maintaining focus that this goal is my willpower vs. soda. Before I can progress with any sort of nutritution, I need to get soda under control. I can deal with beer later. My table is below: EDIT: Well that table did not copy and paste properly... Essentially what we have here is: Week 1: 3 soda/day - accomplished Week 2: 2 soda/day Week 3: 1 soda/day Week 4: 1 soda/day Week 5: 0 soda/day Week 6: 0 soda/day I have been brewing pitcher after pitcher of iced tea and downing bottles of artesian water. I love to drink and these two have been doing a decent job slaking my thirst, particularly the tea. I'll update on my other goals as I find time throughout the day.
  8. Thanks, guys! It was nice to read some pep talk before I knock out before my challenge's day one. I do like cold water and tea, and I'll have to give honey tea a try! Good luck to you all and glory to The Rebellion!
  9. I used to order myself a large pizza and a 2 liter to wash it down with. I used to bring a 2 liter to work with me in lieu of coffee. I just set my goals for this challenge and weaning myself off soda is #1. I'll be interested to see how exercise affects how much I drink. I drink socially, but during the week, I'll throw back a few beers to lull me to sleep. Thanks for the input!
  10. If you've seen my movies (if you haven't, what's wrong with you?), you know that I like to keep it short and sweet. Sex: Male Age: 26 Height: 5'10 Weight: 230lbs Main Quest: Breaking Bad Habits and Forming New Ones. Goal 1: Taper off my soda drinking. I'm an absolute addict. The tapering is planned as follows: Week 2: 3 soda/day Week 3: 2 soda/day Week 4: 2 soda/day Week 5: 1 soda/day Week 6: 0 soda/day This has since been upgraded to the following hard mode: Week 2 - 2 Week 3 - 1 Week 4 - 1 Week 5 - 0 Week 6 - 0 I drink beer, wine, juice, and milk, but for sanity's sake, I'm going to focus on soda for this challenge. I will make water and tea my beverages of choice. My intake of milk and juice is infrequent, so I will consider their effects negligible for the purposes of a first challenge. Goal 2: StrongLifts - Follow the StrongLifts program throughout the challenge. Due to my work schedule I will be working out on the days below, following the A/B alternation: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Check out http://stronglifts.com/, good stuff if you want to get strong. I won't be starting from the base level (the 45lb bar) like they suggest, because I'm still a pretty beefy bounty hunter, but I won't be overexerting myself. I will be feeling out my starting weights this weekend. Goal 3: Walking/Yoga - Join my girl on the days that she does yoga / Take an hour walk on the days she doesn't My girlfriend attends the same gym that I just signed up for and goes to yoga often. She's been wanting to take me, so this will require little motivation. I live in a hilly neighborhood, so on non-yoga days, I'll take an hour walk. I really need to ease back into cardio. It's been a while... I will climb stairs and walk whenever possible as well. Life Goal: Job Search - This Weekend: Revise Resume, Each Week Following: 3 Applications/Week Plain and simple, I want a different job. Time to get into action!
  11. Never thought that me of all people would join The Rebellion. What up?!

  12. Thanks, Why Not?! Soda is definitely going to be a part of the challenge. I throw back a lot more of it than beer (I'm talking over a six pack per day and a large Slurpee on the way home from work). I also have a glass or two of white wine with my girl on a somewhat nightly basis. I need to cut back on the booze, but I think that focusing on one beverage challenge at a time will keep me sane for this first go around. My project for today is going to be to develop a taper method for the challenge. Thanks again for the input!
  13. ...Unless it's fat we're talking about. I'm currently crawling out of the Sarlaac Pit of obesiety. I don't want to look like my former employer, so it looks like I'm joining The Rebellion. Lol on a more serious note... I'm about 5'10, 230lbs and want to do something about that. I just joined a gym that has a full array of free weights, cardio equipment, and yoga classes. I'm a soda, beer, and gaming addict and my desk job is sapping the life out of me. This is all a huge bummer because I used to be in great shape in college. Although it looks like you guys are already a week into it, I'll be joining the current challenge. I'm an obsessive compulsive planner, so it'll give me something to plot out during this droll, rainy day in LA. - Broba
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