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  1. I'm really enjoying the Sleep Cycle app and am looking forward to it being calibrated after 3 more nights. I have my diet dialed in for today and more groceries arrive tonight. I had to have a conversation with my wife about my lifestyle changes last night. I was met with some resistance: "After all that counting, don't you have an idea of what works? I'm sick of you having to find the nutrition labels for everything. We can't start a meal until you've punched all your data into your phone." I explained to her that the counting and regimentation is what helps me stick to my goals and that we'll still have our cheat dinner at the end of the week and share some wine when she has a rough day. The proof is in the pudding. I've lost 30lbs counting calories before. I'm not exactly sure where this is coming from. I know that sharing meals is a bonding activity, but she needs to understand that this is one of my things, just as all the time she puts into advancing her career is her thing. She also is a bit overweight due to stress eating and work, so perhaps my losing weight makes her insecure? I've tried to get her to go on walks, but that is always inconsistent, because she's usually too tired. Marriage can make things complicated... /rant off. Any suggestions as to how to deal with this better would be hot. My wife and I usually agree on everything - we're practically a hivemind.
  2. Caffeine intake in various forms, working out, eating late, and if I gamed right before bed.
  3. I still have 3 days to go on sleep quality calibration. I'm looking forward to comparing notes.
  4. Monday, September 22, 2014 - Week One Summary Goal 1 - Counting Calories and Protein I tracked 3/7 days of the week. Not having a fully stocked pantry and a bit of party weekend them me off here, but I was still tracking where I could. Chalk this one up to a warm up - I still lost a lb. Goal 2 - Lifting 3x/week I had a hard time getting the momentum going, but I managed to get into the gym before work once this week, putting me at 1/3. On the plus side, I was able to get a feel for the new lifts in this program that will take some getting used to. Goal 3 - Sleep 8 hours/night I scored a 4/7 here and would have almost aced it if I had recorded Friday and Saturday night. I finally tried out Sleepcycle last night. It's interesting and I'm curious as to how it will work once the 5 night calibration is over. Goal 4 - Job Search This was the only goal where I completely dropped the bomb. I was way too out of it this Sunday, so I'll be working double time. Luckily, I came across my previous resume, which only needs some minor additions and it will be ready for action. There's not much more to say other than bring on week 2!
  5. That sounds relaxing. It's been particularly hot in California. On top of that, I swam in high school and it really is a great workout.
  6. I'm looking forward to this tomorrow. It's been too long. Awesome workout and I'm digging the Avengers, Rebel Pilot, Punisher, Batman.
  7. And you as well. I remember the good old days of laser tag. I'd run defense, crouching down and camping our own base. That Boba shirt must put you in a league of your own. I really should get a group started over here to go occasionally. I figured it could be a stretch to land a job in 6 weeks, so I scored it accordingly. Thanks for checkin in!
  8. Lost a lb over this past week. Considering that I did not follow my Calorie and protein goals, I am satisfied. I'll spare you the day by day numbers as they're not that interesting. More groceries arrive tonight, so I will be ready to rein in this goal. I have some thin crust garlic chicken pizza left over from the weekend, so I'm not letting that go to waste. Looking back at my previous 20lb challenge, I know what to eat - I just need to make it happen now.
  9. Friday, September 19, 2014 I'm off to a rough start, but let's start with positives first: 1. I've tracked my sleep hours every night but one AND I've been getting my eight hours. I'm pretty sure I got 8 on the day I didn't record, but I was too flustered at work to remember to write it down. In the future I will log this data on my phone, because I finally got around to downloading the sleep cycle app. 2. Though not meeting my Calorie and protein goals, I am eating less than I have been during the past month. I need to eliminate or make difficult to acquire, sources of temptation - namely sugary drinks. I also need to summon the energy to cook my dinners and lunches. I'll probably end up batch cooking steak and chicken for next week. 3. My wife's assistant's birthday party is tonight, so I will have Saturday to deal with my hangover, and spend Sunday accomplishing my job goal. 4. I got myself to gym once and used it as an opportunity to try out to the new lifts. My repertoire has been pretty limited until now, doing months of SL 5x5, so taking the time to acclimate myself will prove valuable. I see myself attacking this challenge full force next week. This week was getting the engine warmed up.
  10. I'm not doing so well on the diet front this week. I'm putting the soda in my wife's mini fridge. Tonight I'm attending a birthday party that should be rather extravagant. It's the last one that I know of until Thanksgiving, so I'm just going to do it up and start over on Sunday. I bombed this first week in terms of tracking and overall goals, but at least I'm eating less than I have in the past month and I'll be much more organized and prepared for next week.
  11. I'm getting up bright and early to make it happen. Get it Demon!
  12. I'm trying sleep cycle out tonight. Love the Fry gif.
  13. I loved my uni gym, even if it was a bit packed. Have fun!
  14. Thanks, bambamty. Now I need to download this thing haha. Thanks! Update: Thursday, September 18, 2014 My wife and I procrastinated on Amazon Fresh and forgot to order the Greek yogurt that I eat for breakfast. My macros will be a little off this week, and I've fallen into the temptation of drinking a few of the remaining Sprites from party month to quench my sugar thirst. We should have a fully stocked healthy pantry by the end of the week. We're going to a birthday party/limo ride Friday night, so I'll chalk it up to a cheat night. This should be the last big event for a while. On the plus side, I have been eating less and I have been preparing most of my lunches and all of my dinners. I'll post numbers on Sunday. The gym has been my main failing point - I haven't gone yet. Up until today it's been hot as hell in Los Angeles and I know that the gym floor gets hot even on a temperate day. I've been under a lot of stress from work and I've been using the heat as an excuse to stay home and game. I'll suck it up and make something happen between now and Sunday. Sleep has been going well. I've been getting 8 hours+ each night. I'm going to try out sleepcycle tonight. I could see it serving me well when I start going to the gym before work next week. No progress has been made on the job front, but I'm saving that for Sunday. So the current plan is: Finish this week to the best of my ability, get to the gym at least once - ideally twice, rein in my calories and get that protein (allowing for Friday night and a hangover breakfast), try out sleep cycle, and accomplish my job goal on Sunday.
  15. Midweek Report Only tracking Calories and protein, my goals are: Calories: 1750kcal Protein: 180g I used the IIFYM Calculator and entered my stats. I didn't have a BF% ready at the time, but by comparison to pictures of other people, I know that I'm between 25% and 30%, so I just played with the numbers there. I found that whether I put 25 or 30 changed the results only a little bit. I used the 30% results because they gave me a larger deficit and a selected reckless fat loss. I bumped up the protein a little bit to help with maintaining strength. I went a little over on calories on Monday, quite a bit under on Tuesday, and low on protein for both. Today, I'm doing much better and my protein powder arrived, so I'm on track to meet both goals. I'll post numbers at the end of the week.
  16. This one's forum related. Is there a way to remove threads from my content list that I have commented in, but have no interest in following anymore?
  17. A guy at my work uses that program. I'll check it out. We have a big foam bed so she shouldn't disturb it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Solid stuff! Subbed. I too am aiming for 180g of the "tein" per day. Get it!
  19. Subbed. I'm trying to drop some lbs too. Good luck!
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