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  1. Hah! I was definitely experiencing this. In other news I DID make it to yoga today! And have been working on the last bits of packing for our move over the weekend.
  2. She's wonderful <3 I also like her work a lot.
  3. Probably a little too late but I love my Mirena (hormone) IUD - has not had any impact on my weight gain or loss. I see a lot of patients who like both Mirena and Paragard (copper) - and most of the complaints with them have to do with spotting or excess bleeding during menstruation (respectively). No weight gain issues like with the pill. Wishing you the best with whichever you choose
  4. Welcome back to the grind and kudos on you doing such a good job keeping up with exercise! That's honestly the most important health factor even if the weight is a bummer. I don't know if this works for you but chewing gum to keep your mouth busy might be a possibility in the meantime when you wanna have little snacks. Also if you have any hobbies you can kind of do on the sly like write or plot DnD games or doodle and keep a small notebook handy I find myself able to pass time if I am stuck in a slow monotonous situation and need help even just staying awake.
  5. Oh man could I write a long post about this topic. I'll try to keep it brief. Basically I grew up being raised Catholic/attending Catholic school and becoming more atheist/agnostic with more pagan leanings. My own spiritual journey has been pretty challenging with the baggage I have from my previous religious institution and although I know many Christians today follow the teachings of Christ (which are pretty solid as Jesus was a cool dude) the majority of Christian institutions seem really oppressive and antithetical to what Jesus's teachings actually were which was a large part
  6. In other self-care news I have been doing a lot more art recently which has been really great <3 Attached is a picture I did of my aasimar cleric from a DnD5e game I am in
  7. UPDATES: Still doin' pretty poorly on meeting all of the goals. Might drop the NF one and focus on doing yoga more consistently. Doing well: hydration, meditation Doing okay: diet, yoga Not doing... : NF workout
  8. Sadly I actually was doing *better* about going to classes before the challenge started! I'm going to attend one tonight and one tomorrow to make up for not making it last week I'll check and find you!
  9. Starting residency later this month! I'll be a lowly Family Med intern up here in the PNW
  10. Fellow PNW person here - wishing you the best motivation and confidence going forward!!
  11. Completed my morning meditation, and trying SO HARD to get that water goal met. Bah!
  12. OKAY I have been bad about not updating y'all buuuut here is what I have to report: Goal Meeting: DIET: I've been drinking maybe 1 full glass of water when I am supposed to? It's silly this is so challenging for me, but I really just am not someone who stays well hydrated. Need to focus on this one! Diet has also been iffy but I have been eating a bit more veggies. FITNESS: I havent even done 1 NF workout... ack. Might need to re-adjust my own expectations. I have plans to attend yoga tomorrow though. MINDFULNESS: Meditation: I've been using
  13. Too true! Also excited to learn some good recipes stalking your posts
  14. Woo Yeah - may require me to make sure I dont just sit in a puddle during lunch hour
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