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  1. Five goals: 1. I am a badass who can do salmon ladder pull ups. 2. I am a master logistician who keeps a monthly ledger. 3. I am a stoic, and all my stuff fits comfortably in my apartment. 4. I am happy and leave time every day for active play and exploration. 5. I an healthy and eat clean food every 4-5 hours to keep my blood sugar stable.
  2. Measurements: Weight: 163 lbs Neck: 13 5/8" Chest: 39" Waist: 37 1/2" Hips: 40" Right Bicep: 12 3/4" Left Bicep: 12 3/4" Right Thigh: 20 1/2" Left Thigh: 21" Right Calf: 13 1/2" Left Calf: 13 1/4"
  3. My big why: I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm sick of fighting fatigue, depression, joint misalignments, and allergies just to get through the day. I've already proven time and time again that I'm strong, resilient, and fierce. It's high time to stand in my strength and claim who I already know I am.
  4. Day 1: 8/22/16 I am selfish - I started my food log (day 1/5) and the "Walk to Mordor" quest (day 1/30) today. I'm debating starting the *actual* walk to Mordor, but I don't like the accuracy (or lack thereof) of my current available tracking systems. I also calculated my Base Metabolic Rate (1562.5 Kcal). I look in mirrors whenever I want, dammit - Soooo today was kind of a flop, but I won. I tried to do laundry last night. I say "tried" because the laundry made it into the dryer, but I didn't manage to turn the dryer ON. So this morning I went to get my fresh clothes and figured they'd probably soured. Instead of bailing on my quest and trying to make the soured clothes work (which, sad to admit, I've done before), I repaired an expensive pair of jeans I'd damaged and found a clean shirt. Fear doesn't shut me down - I stayed up guys! I even kind of managed to relax while I was bumming around my apartment awake. Day 2: 8/23/16 I am selfish - Food tracking (2/3) - Walk to Mordor (2/30) - Sleep journal (1/7) - I look in mirrors whenever I want, dammit - Fear doesn't shut me down - This doesn't really apply today, because I've been getting headaches and stomach aches for a few days so I'm going to crash as soon as I get home and sleep until it's time for work tomorrow. I'll set an alarm to eat and get some water. It's the only sure-fire way I know to get better without taking leave.
  5. THE CHALLENGE: Leaving Abnigation Behind (Divergent Theme!!! Excitement!) BURN IT WITH FIRE!! TL;DR I matter, and I don't have to be a doormat to be a good person. Summary: This challenge is going to be a little weird. It's my third first challenge since completely rebooting my stats, so I'll still be trying to get to Level I half-way through the challenge. Because the majority of my old system experience isn't tied to the outcome of this challenge so much as perseverance (appropriate for the theme, I think ;b), I'm not going to strictly count out my goals (i.e. some will be multi-part, and most will be personal rather than purely fitness). Part 1: I am selfish. (Shhhhhh I know it's out of context) I'm really bad at being selfish. What I'm good at is being a doormat and throwing myself under convenient buses to solve other peoples' problems. The problem is, after getting road rash enough times without anyone sticking around to help you up, you start to run out of energy. So I'm finally asking, "What about me?" The goal is to stick to the Academy email plan for four weeks (yep, this is the multi-part goal). It's my version of being selfish - it means I'll have to sneak time out of my day to take care of my health and further my own agenda. {XP: 1 CON / Loot: Triceratops or NF tank top of choice} Part 2: I look in mirrors whenever I want, dammit. I thought the best representation of selflessness in Divergent was the mirror. Because as much as mirrors represent vanity in our culture, they also represent self-awareness. I'm going to take a little time before work every morning to choose my clothes, do my hair, and maybe get wild and wear some makeup. I essentially work on a construction site, but that doesn't stop any of the other women. {XP: CHA / Loot: Go shopping for better clothes at Goodwill, because even though I'm leaving Abnegation I'm still cheap as hell.} Part 3: I run wild. Admittedly, this is setting up for the next challenge. I'm going to go on an extended walk or run once a week, because there's no better expression of freedom than running, and I have some really badass workout clothes. ;b {XP: 1 DEX / Loot: Parkour gloves} Part 4: Fear doesn't shut me down. No more fear-sleeping. Which is actually a thing I do. I'm like a fainting goat; if I get stressed out enough, I just go fall asleep. So the only thing I have to do to ace this goal is do literally anything but sleep when I'm feeling stressed. {XP: 1 CON / Loot: Dauntless tank top for the next challenge :3)
  6. Off Week Goals: Lost in the Woods Inara: You’re lost in the woods. We all are. Even the captain. The only difference is, he likes it that way. Mal: The only difference is, the woods are the only place I can see a clear path. What’s your business here? - Firefly, Eposide "Serenity" I'm back. Again. And where I am right now is the dead center of the woods. I just finished my EMT-Basic certification class (still waiting to register nationally), and got back from the anime convention I was going to. Since I was focusing on surviving 15 hour days during July and getting my costumes ready for the past two weeks, my life's been left to its own devices. Entropy did its work so I'm mostly at loose ends. Welcome to Respawn number I-stopped-counting-a-long-time-ago-but-here-we-go-again. I'm planning on focusing my challenge on tackling some of the Academy quests, so my off week goals are to get through the housekeeping bits of the Academy and into the meat of the nutrition and fitness quests. But, like I said, this is the woods. I'd been pretty familiar with the Academy, but the recent overhaul added a bunch of new quests (Exciting! Loud noises!) so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into anymore. So I'll be making up my off-week as I go. Day 1 (8/15/16): Mindset Snap those Before Photos - Done! Sent to my accountabilibuddy. Take Your Measurements - I'm taking these first thing in the morning because that seems to be best practice. Find your Big Why - Complete! This got me a Level Up on the Academy. Share your Big Why - Complete! See below. Square away the Galley (not Academy related)- Not today. Had to deal with medication withdrawal so cleaning wasn't a good option. Day 2 (8/16/16): Mindset Take Your Measurements - Complete! Results below. The Art of Goal Setting - Complete! Goals listed below. Start your Epic Quest - Complete! Share your Epic Quest - Complete! <-- Click it!! Day 3 (8/17/16): Mindset I heard about the 12 Week Quest emails for the Academy (which you can get here if you want them) that let you know which quests to do in what order if you'd rather move around between the different modules. It starts with a welcome email so I'll be getting my first mission tomorrow. Gimme The Loot! - Complete! When I square away my apartment by this weekend, I'm going to buy myself a PS3 so I can have friends over for movies and games. Customize Your Batcave - Join the NF Academy Facebook Group - I've been a member for a while, so I just ticked this quest off. Hail the Triceratocracy! Love you, Tricerasisters! [[Ok, I know I disappeared on this one. Super-legit excuse: my Academy account(s, actually, which was the problem) was in flux and I got panicked over whether or not I'd be attending camp. After emailing back and forth with Staci and Noel (the best!!!), my accounts are consolidated and I have access to all the things again. However, my accounts are consolidated under my new email address, which is tied to the account I wasn't using. So I've been rebuilding my Academy presence over the past few days.]]
  7. Anyways I bombed the first mini-challenge (2/3 hours of walking). I'll say that I wasn't as far out from the building as everyone else so that I can stay on the adventure! Mountain climbers, here I come! Not that I have an ulterior motive in that the mountain climbers can count as leg rehab or anything...
  8. I just realized that I'm doing what I always do - letting myself fade out of a challenge. I am not going to disappear this time. I don't have to win, but I am going to make myself play the game. Well, I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to be on this board until the end of the challenge. I'm going to pick up my complementary first level points through the old paper-based RPG system, and I'm going to complete a challenge. Even if I'm just logging on every day to say I did nothing. 7/23/16 - Did not track food. Did not exercise leg. Drank 2L water. I had the day off from EMS. 7/24/16 - Did not track food. Drank 1L water. Did my twelve hour ambulance shift for EMT class (and it was so fun!). Stretched leg at night (.5 completion). 7/25/16 - [WIP] Food: Protein drink (0710), Coffee (0800) Water: Rehab: EMS: Lecture day!
  9. 7/22/16 [WIP] Food: Tracking failed. Water: I want to say I did two liters. I was doing really well last week. Rehab: Failed. EMS: Pretty much the only thing I got right on Friday.
  10. 7/21/16 Food: Toffee mixed nuts and Coke (0800), Coffee (0830), Chef Salad and 1/2 Asiago Bagel (1145), Coke (1145), 1/2 Asiago Bagel w/ cream cheese (1300), two bowls of cheerios and milk with some trail mix (1800). Spent the morning grounding out, didn't take food with me to lab. Water: 2L! Rehab: Stretched during lab in the morning. Forgot to stretch at night. (.5 completion) EMS Class: Studied Trauma Assessment. I'm behind developing flashcards for the different injuries/traumas and medical disorders we're supposed to know. Couldn't focus during the afternoon lecture and was completely wiped out for work.
  11. Also, Ive been going out of my way to walk places. Between Monday's hike to the coffee shop and back and today's round trip to grab lunch, I can add 45 minutes of walking to my total for the mini challenge.
  12. 7/20/16 Food: Egg salad sandwich and cheese stick (0900), coffee (0700), Coke (0900), two BBQ Kind bars (1230), .5 Starbucks Frappuccino (0700), vitamin water (1230), a peanut square (1430), Coke (1600), can of chilli (1600). Pretty much rode a sugar crash all day. Water: 2L!!!!!!! Rehab: Yep! Stretched some in class then did child's pose tonight. EMS: Today was zero-sum so far as my grades go, because today was just for participation. But my team got the highest score of the day for medical scenarios!
  13. 7/19/16 Food:Didn't keep track, and now I can't remember. I did find out that there will be no more Monster. The anxiety attack I got from the Monster at lunch was fuuuuun. Water: Failed again, about .6L Rehab: I did my stretching, during class then at home. EMS: It went ok. I'm definitely on track to pass.
  14. Taking my Basic Emergency Medical Technician class this challenge. Hi. :3
  15. 7/18/16 Journal: Food: 5 mini almond snickers bars (0730), a bottle of ginger ale (0930), jerky (1100), half a bottle of coke (1100), half a glass of coke (1215), cup of coffee (1215), hash browns (1215), double burger with chilli (1215), sugar almost crashed at 1700, half bottle of coke (1700), glass of wine (1800), eggs and salmon with toast (1930), decaf coffee (2230). Water: practically none. Rehab: stretched some at work, then stretched some at home. EMS: I'm killing it! 88% on the test today, and tested out of four skills. I'm also done with FEMA training, so that's one less thing to worry about.
  16. Already rocking it! Explored my neighborhood for about an hour this morning with a date (which puts me at 1 hour total for the "Me Knees" mini challenge). Food this morning: 1/2 of a stack of two upside down pineapple pancakes, like three spoonfulls of grits, two slices of ham, two cups of scrambled eggs, tons of coffee, two cokes with tons of ice. Water happened but I have no idea how much, so I'm working my way through my first 1L now.
  17. I'm Pathfinder, and this is a respawn. I'm post-shy: I am acutely aware that accountability is the only thing that makes me work on fitness, but for some reason I seem bound and determined to struggle and fail in silence (thanks, brain). I'm looking for an accountability group with an RPG lean or a fandom I'm familiar (and caught up) with, so if anyone has suggestions, please let me know! Current Terrain: I'm taking an Emergency Medical Technician class and working four hours a night. I just moved into a new apartment, so most things are in boxes or in places I don't remember putting them. This means sleep is at a premium (between transportation, class, and work, I'm doing 15 hour days). I've also learned that 15 hour days mean I turn into a food vacuum, so I've been eating just about anything that comes into arm's reach. Coffee is my starter fluid and primary fuel source, partially because of dependence and partially because sleep is at a premium. To survive this terrain, I'm going to have to focus on tracking food, finding water, fixing up my leg, and passing my EMS course. Foraging: I've pretty much been scavenging food - making random runs to convenience stores, raiding my snack stash at work, and ducking into random take-out restaurants. The goal is to track what I'm eating, about how much, and when(ish). Then I'll note the time if I have a sugar crash. Passing: 75% compliance. [Experience Get! + 1 WIS] Aced it: 90% compliance. [Loot Get! Glucometer with accessories] Dowsing: Drink 2L of water per day. Passing: 75% compliance. [Experience Get! + 1 CON] Aced it: 90% compliance. [Loot Get! Fun tea infuser] On the Mend: Rehab my leg. Do something that's good for recovery twice a day. This includes stretching, balance and stability work, walking (and light running), and the strength exercises I was given at Physical Therapy. This does not include "shotgunning" my hips (a joint correction they taught me to do to myself), because I have to do that anyways just to keep from being in pain. It's very self-enforcing. Passing: 75% compliance. [Experience Get! + 1 DEX] Aced it: 90% compliance. [Loot get! New running shoes] Hunting: Complete my Basic Emergency Medical Technician class with a passing score. And hopefully in once piece. Aced it: Passing marks. This is a pass-or-fail goal. [Experience Get! + 1 WIS] [Loot Get! Backpack to start a First Aid Kit] And, of course, the Level 1 stats. At three weeks, I'll be Level 1 and can assign my 10 stat points. They'll be distributed as such: STR 0, DEX 2, CON 1, WIS 6, CHA 1.
  18. Hey, we were on a team together once, right? Good to see you again. I've been off the wagon, too. Following.
  19. Log - 6/13 Morning: I woke up running late so I didn't do my exercises this morning, but I plan on doing them as soon as I get home from work (right after walking for the mini-challenge). I finally ate breakfast around 0900 (crunchy donuts and a sausage breakfast sandwich, and coffee with milk), so I'm working on convincing myself to go get lunch. I'm getting excited for reverse pull-ups!
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