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  1. Thanks! I tried out the Begginner's Body Weight routine today, and I'm going to try to get up to the recommended three reps (until then it won't get close to my 30 minute goal... my endurance is VERY low right now). I also keep throwing myself against the wall of being unable to do pull ups by doing chin-hangs or reverse rows. My apartment-mate and I have one of those door bars on the bathroom door, and I give it a shot and more than a few dirty looks every time I walk by. What do you like doing? You're in the Ranger guild, right? I haven't quite gotten the hang of the guild seals yet.
  2. Hi Doctor Razor! I'm new here, too. My "high point" was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I definitely have that spare tire now... Let's get back to (and beyond!) peak shape!
  3. Hello Barfly! I'm not sure yet. I like working on the Zombies, Run! 5k training program, and that's a three-times-a-week thing. So I might start there, and if I get where I'm consistent I can throw in some Crossfit-type exercises. The dream is to run a mud race.
  4. Hail, Artemis! Welcome back! Fair winds and following seas on your ventures (exercise and otherwise!). Also, your themed pics are awesome.
  5. I'm starting late - I just found the site. But I'll get to complete most of the challenge, anyway! Main Goal - Break through the exercise anxiety wall. For some reason I get nervous about starting an exercise plan. Then I look for excuses, like "I'm sugar crashing" or "I'm dehydrated." Both of those are frequently legit excuses for me in my current state of health, but it's not like I didn't see them coming or can't do anything about them. Goals: 1. Exercise three times a week or more for 30 minutes or more. 2. (Supports 1) Eat protein four times a day. 3. (Supports 1) Carry a water bottle every day. Life Side Quest: 1. Work on work for four hours a day, every day, outside of class. Because go time is go time. Motivation - I'm not going to let life pass me by.
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