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  1. Hail, Artemis! Welcome back! Fair winds and following seas on your ventures (exercise and otherwise!). Also, your themed pics are awesome.
  2. I'm starting late - I just found the site. But I'll get to complete most of the challenge, anyway! Main Goal - Break through the exercise anxiety wall. For some reason I get nervous about starting an exercise plan. Then I look for excuses, like "I'm sugar crashing" or "I'm dehydrated." Both of those are frequently legit excuses for me in my current state of health, but it's not like I didn't see them coming or can't do anything about them. Goals: 1. Exercise three times a week or more for 30 minutes or more. 2. (Supports 1) Eat protein four times a day. 3. (Supports 1) Carry a water bottle every day. Life Side Quest: 1. Work on work for four hours a day, every day, outside of class. Because go time is go time. Motivation - I'm not going to let life pass me by.
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