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  1. I did! Greens don't last as long as they do from the grocery store, especially spinach. In fact, I think I'm off spinach for a while now. :b
  2. First it's the causal 5k, then the "funsies" 10k. What's next... an accidental half-marathon?!? You really are a Berzerker. I suggest a race change.
  3. Breadless Pizza! (For the dairy-in fitness types) Take a ball of mozzarella cheese, and slice and dice it! Then take a tomato, and slice and dice! Then throw them in a Tupperware together, put in a wee bit of olive oil, and shake it like a tambourine. Viola! This picture is not mine, and shown for approximation purposes only.
  4. 9/30/14 Events: Random Event: Suddenly, an Evil Smell appears! Smells like bad veggies... which makes sense. Farmer's market veggies, I'm quickly discovering, don't last as long as their supermarket counterparts. Now, with the amount of veggies I have in my apartment, the issue is to find which one it's coming from... Random Event: Maze Runner Shhh! No Spoilers! I saw this movie, and I'm still not sure what I watched. I really want to read the books now, though. It's a lot better than you think it's going to be from the trailer.
  5. Chicago is a great trip! I'd recommend staying outside of the city, then taking the train in. But I've only been once, so take that advice with a grain of salt.
  6. Will do! Thanks for keeping track of me.
  7. I wouldn't be so worried about sticking to the plan, but I jumped in without a gradual plan last time and it didn't last. I'm trying to give the Academy plan the Old College Try.
  8. I did. When I went to a Chinese buffet, I didn't want a coke so I didn't get one, even if it would have made the average caloric stats more accurate... As of tomorrow, I don't have to worry about stat accuracy at all! It's liquid calorie cutting week!
  9. Day 12 6 - Coffee x3506 - 2 cups fried rice930 - 3 cups lo mein170 - 2 cups pepper chicken (estimated as "1 dish")186 - 2 fried dumplings82 - 2 boiled dumplings576 - 2 cups pudding30 - Cake Roll slice, 1.5 in diameter320 - 2 handfuls trail mix426 - Large Pumpkin Spice Latte280 - Protien Bistro Box w/o cheese or almond butter (assumed -100)180 - Boston Lager180 - Harvest Pumpkin Ale380 - 2 Soft TacosDaily Total: 4252 Day 13 62 - 1/2 cup eggs187 - 3 Sausage Links83 - 1 cup pineapple89 - 1 cup potatoes, fried400 - Sugar Muffin2- Coffee610 - Rice Bowl w/ chicken and Thai sauce6 - 24 oz Lavender, Chamomile, Kava tea330 - Pizza slice - Cheese340 - Pizza slice - Pepperoni360 - Cinnamon Doughnut x 2282 - Hot Dog w/ Bun177 - Cider (12 oz)198 - Yuengling Light (can x2)Daily Total: 3126 Day 14 440 - Sausage, Egg and Cheese McMuffin180 - Cinnamon Doughnut426 - Large Caramel Latte340 - 2 cups bourbon chicken335 - 1 cup pork fried rice300 - Pepsi x2365 - Glass MilkDaily Total: 2386
  10. I slept right through it. ;b I'm trying again next week.
  11. I find myself at a crossroads. I've got three more days of tracking to go, but this is starting to get disheartening. I can see how badly I'm eating (and why I'm gaining weight - my Baseline Metabolism isn't that high). I feel ill from caffeine (which, admittedly, is normal for me) and I'm sick of it. On the one hand, having three more data points would be great before I start cutting liquid calories. I'm also really, super busy this weekend, so it might not be the best time to start a change. On the other hand... I'm really bad at waiting. I'm leaning towards waiting from a logical perspective. Discipline in holding to the plan is a good thing, so long as the plan is sound. The way I've been eating to no liquid calories, no candy stashes, and a half-Paleo breakfast in six weeks? Sign me up. Last time it was 0% to 60% Paleo in four weeks, but we all know how that turned out. Besides, it'll be all I can do to log food over the weekend, I think. Alright. Well. Onwards! How do y'all handle your plan when you feel like it's holding you back? Slow and steady, or fast and furious?
  12. Day 10 Calorie Calculation: 57 - Salt Water Taffy x 2380 - Sausage Biscuit220 - Mean Bean Monster10 - Coffee x 2190 - 16 oz Coke480 - 3 Handfuls of Trail Mix260 - 14 oz Milk140 - 35 Jelly Belly Beans182 - 2 oz Kaluah Total: 1779 Total Liquid Calories: 862 Day 11 Calorie Calculation: 500 - 2 Taco Taquitos290 - Caramel Frappuccino Bottled Drink495 - 1/2 Italian Sandwich210 - Arizona Green Tea33 - Peach Ring (1)160 - 1 Handful Trail Mix5 - Coffee220 - Monster Coffee Drink365 - 1 Glass Milk194 - 2 oz Bailey's Total: 1284 Total Liquid Calories: 2472
  13. Day 9 Calorie Calculation: 460 - Large Pumpkin Spice Latte (I know... how do they fit that many calories in?!?)350 - Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich160 - 1 Glass (2 servings) V8 Splash: 1 Serving = 80 calories, so 2 x 80= 160 calories.46 - 2 hard caramels.142- Salt Water Taffy x 510 - 10 strips green bell pepper: (used this calculator)380 - 1 Pack Ramen5 -1 Mug Coffee616 - Rally's Chicken Bites239 - Rally's Medium CokeLike, 50 Calories of Rally's Bacon-zilla before I decided I didn't like it.Total: 2697 Total Liquid Calories: 864
  14. Lol "Where are you pushing me? The gas station is THAT WAY!" "To your DOOM!" *kukukukuku*
  15. 9/22/2014 Events: New Location: Sunrise Path - I found a little path near my house that goes along the river, South to North. If you sat out there, I bet you'd see the most beautiful sunrise. I'm trying it tomorrow morning. Achievement: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words - I hung pictures in my bedroom. Finally. It does make it look much homier.
  16. Day 8 Calorie Calculation: 9 - 2 Mugs of Coffee (~16 oz per mug): (used this calculator)420 - 3 Slices Dominos Cheezy Bread: (used this calculator)160 - 1 Glass (2 servings) V8 Splash: 1 Serving = 80 calories, so 2 x 80= 160 calories.0 - 32 oz. water105 - 3 Twizzlers: 4 Twizzlers = 140 calories, so 140 x .75 = 105 calories.480 - 3 Handfuls Peanut Butter Trail Mix: (~1 handful = 1 serving) 160 x 3 = 48010 - 10 strips green bell pepper: (used this calculator)380 - 1 Pack Ramen110 - ~8oz Orange Juice mixed with 10 oz Water.Total: 1674 Total Liquid Calories: 279
  17. Week 1 Summary: Volk After a week, the decaying city seemed less like an analogy to her physical state and more like a challenge, a call to action. Volk had spent the week religiously trying to improve. She found new places and ways to train. She met every goal but one with 100% accuracy. She also joined with the city's other assassins against an enemy, logging 1.9 miles of travel to rally the other assassins to fight. Maybe she couldn't fight, but she could call others to battle. In fact, as she did her training, she was realizing what she could still do. She could walk one hell of a ways. Where she thought she could walk a half mile in one go, she went a full mile. After her exercises, her injuries felt less severe. She could go days without painkillers. As the week ended, she geared up her goals to be more challenging and to push her farther. She had relaxed into her new routine. Now it was time to put in some mileage to get back to where she had been a few months ago. Stat Update: Participated in Mini-Challenge: +1 STA
  18. Actually, I've found myself rescuing an abnormally high number of stranded drivers IRL. I'm like a one-woman towing service, except I don't have a tow truck. I'm just REALLY GOOD at pushing cars. Which is more of a warrior thing than an assassin thing, but I'm a rebel. Also, that reminds me that I should update Volk's story for the Week 1 summary. >.<
  19. 9/20/2014 Events Cut Scene: Traveled home. A storm was brewing as I left my new home town, and I had the windows down and the radio up. Good times on the interstate. Man, I MISSED road trips! Achievement: Overtime - Worked overtime for the first time. I didn't see any of the pretty "time and a half" money because I did it for comp time, but nothing makes you feel like an adult like being in the office on Saturday. I actually got a lot done with half of the office out enjoying their weekend.
  20. *Moving Daily Events of Note to my Battle Log*
  21. Day 3: Events of Interest Sleep Journal: (This'll be boring, I'm just recording it for myself) Used "Sleep: On" to track my sleep and wake me up based on phase. I went to bed around 22:20, and I probably fell asleep around 23:00. Apparently I slept like the DEAD, not moving for about 6 hours. I don't remember what I dreamed - I used the Western dream program, where it plays sounds softly to get you to dream about the Wild West, but I don't know if it worked or not. The alarm woke me up (04:30), but I turned it off, then proceeded to snooze my backup alarms (05:00, 05:10) until I was almost late for work (06:45). I've really got to hit the bag earlier. However, I felt pretty awake today. -10 HP: Battled a dead cockroach. This consisted of discovering it and freaking out, fussing at my foster cat for five minutes about how I'm not supposed to have roaches in my apartment. Then I ignored it for an hour, then rolled it over with a newspaper to identify the type. I screamed when it moved when I poked it. Then I spent a while researching roaches. The bad news: I've seen three since I moved in, and two weren't American. The good news: This one was, and I haven't seen any others (even in the traps I put out) in two weeks. American cockroaches aren't always "one on the floor, 100 in the walls" because they're better adapted to outdoors life. Then I carried it out on a piece of newspaper, and threw it away, and threw away the newspaper. They're just lucky I didn't set the trash can on fire. Cockroach uses "Die." It is super effective. Pathfinder takes 10 damage. Made Stew: I bought a farm share through a local farm, and they drop off veggies every week. I couldn't figure out what to do with turnips and cabbage, but I happened to have some stew beef. So I thought, why not? We'll see how this turns out.
  22. Ok! I'll go check it out. I almost forgot about mini-challenges!
  23. Day 2: Events of Interest -10 HP: I pushed a minivan that broke down in front of me out of the road. My hip isn't happy about this. I'm not sure why I thought pushing two tons of metal 200 yards didn't classify as "high impact exercise," but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides, I have a hard time saying "no" to requests for help. Failed Unofficial Side Quest: Attempted to donate blood, but apparently the liver, sweet potato, sausage, and six handfuls of raisins just weren't enough to turn me into Iron Man. (Damn you, 12.1 iron readings!) Hideout Improvement: I installed f.lux on my computer to trick my brain into thinking that my computer screen is actually firelight. Hopefully this will help with sleep, and mitigate the effects of computer use until I get around to scaling it back.
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