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  1. Hey all! Long overdue update: I moved early to see a doctor near my new permanent residence. My apartment didn't get internet until today. It also got hot water today. I feel civilized for the first time since Thursday. My doc is amazing - she's a total nerd! She's also very interested in fixing me. I think we'll get along well, with that common interest. She ordered X-rays, and the results are back. The good news is that there's no fracturing or disk problems in my back. I'm thrilled. I was hoping and hoping the X-rays would show nothing, and that's exactly what they did. The slight bad news is more testing. But it's vastly overwhelmed by the good news. I'll keep y'all in the loop. The doc also cleared me for exercise. She says exercise won't make it worse, so long as I can withstand the pain. I'm picking up my regimen again in the morning, with the hopes of going to a Meetup sometime in the next couple weeks.
  2. I saw the video! He's amazing. <3 Watching him always inspires me to go find something to climb.
  3. Glad to be back. Episode 12, "Tremors." I might end up buying it on Amazon to catch up after I finish moving.
  4. Hey guys! I was traveling - visited Colorado and saw some family. It was great fun, and we got to see the Rocky Mountains! Those are HUGE. Like, GIANT. I'll tell you what's fantastically fun - riding economy with a bum hip, and having your painkillers cut out on you. So the ride back was a little similar to the third level of hell... but I'm back now and focusing on recovery and moving. Ok! The Ibuprofen's been working well as long as I don't do anything extreme (which evidentially includes flying). I'm hoping that when I go back on Paleo that will help, too, because Paleo's supposed to be relatively anti-inflammatory. This hip thing is starting to look like it's going to be a long haul. I'm waiting to move to see the doctor again and push to get my hip imaged so we can know for sure what's going on. Thanks! I'm sure I'll get it worked out eventually. I was catching up on Arrow... until I absolutely couldn't find one of the episodes anywhere. So I'm stuck about halfway through the most recent season. I'm waiting for Netflix, but they seem to think they have better things to do with their time. I ASSURE YOU, NETFLIX, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you for cheering me up. Definitely exclamation-y! Hip pain reduction is my favorite thing right now. Thank you for the extra cheer!
  5. They put me on some kind of prescription Aleve, and that has an anti-inflammatory. The hip's been feeling a bit better recently, but that could be the drugs talking.
  6. Me too! I know quite a few people that have had back surgery, and half of them get more problems down the road or don't get their problems fixed. ... I miss the horse too... I guess the habits are starting to stick because I really miss running. I got over the bronchitis, though! One down, one to go... Thanks luv! I'm sure I'll be back on my feet sooner than later. As soon as I move I'm thinking about getting a doctor to do some sort of definitive test on my hip so I'll know for sure what I have. Then it'll only be a matter of treatment. From your mouth to god's ears!
  7. Hi guys! I'm still down and out. I went to the doc's day before yesterday, and I'm on antibiotics, painkillers, and muscle relaxants. Thankfully not all for the same thing. It turns out the pain in my hip might be bursitis... which would explain why I can feel the rain coming in my leg. I hope it's that, because bursitis means cortisone shots instead of back surgery. It could also be a pinched nerve, which would mean surgery, eventually. Antibiotics are for bronchitis. I've "itis"-ed my everything, apparently. I'm looking forward to getting back on the horse as soon as this all clears. Metaphorically. <3
  8. So, day before yesterday I contracted cold #2. I looked it up - if your symptoms are all above the neck, you're clear to work out as long as you don't push it too hard or do a team sport or anything. So I went for a run, and finished week 1 of Zombies. Yesterday, my cold started getting better and I screwed up my bum leg. Murphy loves me. So I downloaded The Walk (by the same guys and gals as Zombies, Run!) and did the first episode. MAN, THE PAIN. PAIIINNN. But I did it. Today the leg isn't sooo bad but it's not up to running yet, and I'm hoarse. Maybe I'll do The Walk, Episode 2 or some really easy strength exercises.
  9. It was somewhere in the registration... if you ask on the meetup page they should know how to sign up after you've registered. That's what a lot of them have had to do.
  10. It was so bad I couldn't stand up straight on Friday. My dad says it sounds like the time he tore a muscle fiber. So I did 24 hours of bed rest, then took the next two days off. But I'm back in the game now! Yesterday I did Zombies, Run! 5k week 1 session 2, and today I helped my dad dig a ditch. My back muscle is complaining a little, but it's not injured-hurting, and it needs to toughen up, anyways. I also bought an over-the-door pull up bar yesterday! My roomie had one but she took it with her when she left. They're the BEST.
  11. Thanks! Adding to the tale of how the universe doesn't want me to get in shape - I just threw my back out. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GO RUNNING. I feel like this:
  12. Yesterday, I did the BBWW (all three times through ). 84 days until the Virginia Super! We found my phone. On the driveway. :/ It was in one piece though! So today I get to play Zombies, Run! 5k.
  13. I have had so much enough of them! I'm determined to get past week 1 this time! Coincidentally, I dropped my phone at the furniture store while moving a couch today. Here's hoping I can get it back to run tomorrow.
  14. So... I'm signed up for the Virginia Spartan Super. This is gonna be crazy. Yesterday I started the Zombies, Run! 5k program for the billionth time. I'll probably run the second episode today, so I can get to "week 2" sooner.
  15. Alright, I'm signed up with the Meetup team. Looking forward to training with you!
  16. Ok. I'm all for savings and making friends. If you're game, you can join Meetup and we can join the team.
  17. Also, these guys have a team they're setting up, and the bigger the team the bigger the discounts (according to the registration site).
  18. ... Alright let's do this thing. Team name?
  19. But from less than a mile to eight miles with obstacles before the Spartan Super? Is that possible?
  20. I know I started the ball rolling, but I've been getting the workout emails for training and I'm not sure I can do it. I'm just not that fit yet.
  21. Aw, thanks, Barfly. *Waves frantically back* HI! Of course that's ok! I'm glad you're feeling better.
  22. Feeling better, but still not working out. Trying to fix that.
  23. I'm alive, everybody! Consider this your proof-of-life post. I'm still out of it after being sick - I need to rehydrate and get back on the wagon. It's also difficult coordinating my dietary needs with my family's lifestyle. And convincing myself to work out when there's no AC and it's humid outside. ... At least I have a trip to Colorado in the works! And we're getting our AC back sooner than later. Besides, I'll be back on my own come July. I love my folks, but I miss the single life. I just need to remind myself the single life is more awesome when you're not a chick with a beer belly. X(
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