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  1. The first week was 'OK' I made some good choices but struggled some of the time considering we have had time off over Easter. My 2yr old son was given around 12 chocolate eggs that he keep trying to share with me!
  2. I have an additional goal which is more of a long term goal.. I currently made it to the 3rd run before losing grip.. May seem rediculous but my goal is to make it all the way accross this!
  3. Thanks mate Yes exactly that. I keep to 16:8 daily. Then 5 days feed and 2 days fast per week taking only 600 cals on a fast day.
  4. Thanks! Yeah I still do SL5x5 even on fast days .. I honestly feel no different doing an hour in the gym at the end of a 2000 cals day compared to 0 cals consumed all day! I just make sure I have taken on a lot of water. I have also just started to take a single 1000mg BCAA tablet before a fasted session although dont feel any different? Both Staci and Steve do it so I just trust them?!
  5. First few days have been testing.. Day 1 was a fast day and had just a Ham salad in the eve. Day 2 I literally had a meeting inside McDonalds where 4 of us had breakfast. Followed by a 2nd meeting at lunch time in the pub. Where the others had burgers - I chose salad. Day 3 has been OK. I was offered Chocolate this morning which I refused. Then I was at the pub again tonight for my brothers birthday. I would honestly say I had the smallest dinner. Followed by being the only one out of 8 people NOT to have dessert.. That was a personal win right there.
  6. At least you know you binged and know where the weight come from! Wipe the slate and go again!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement dude! I have no more excuses... LETS DO THIS!
  8. no offence intended of course. My post relates to my own experience. With the girls I know and speak to to at the gym. None of them dare enter the weight section of the gym as they feel intimidated by the guys. They see weights and say they do not want to lift them to get big muscles. They stick to the bike and tread mill to 'tone'. I think its great for those that don't get intimidated and just mix it up with the guys.. (There is literally 2 girls that lift weights out of hundreds that I've seen in there)
  9. You are BEEF already so I think I can learn from your experiences..
  10. Good luck bro! 2lbs a week is doable and is my goal also so lets do this! Good luck on the 5k also - do you have a time aim?
  11. Good Luck Kidney Bean! Subbing to see how you go on 5/3/1 as I hope to be on that myself in a few months (Im on SL5x5 right now!)
  12. Good luck bro! My only concern for you would be Squatting after a days Sprints? You might find that you wont be able to Squat too heavy? Just keep an eye on it..
  13. Subbed - You go girl! You will be hitting 150lbs squat and deadlift in no time!
  14. Great to see a gal going with SL5x5 Unfortunately there are only a couple of girls at my gym that have the 'balls' to do it! P.S. They look the most attractive also..
  15. Hello fellow rebels. Chapter 2 starts today.. Main Goal. To lose 10lbs of fat! Side Quests. Continuing to attend GYM 3 times per week! Keeping to SL5x5. I am around 3 weeks in and very much enjoying it so far. I need to further clean up my diet. I am on the 5:2 diet plus 18:6 on my off days which I need to be more strict with. I am not planning on 100% paleo. But will try to eat paleo as much as I can. Motivation. Getting Married in May next year. 2 yr old active son + another due in a few weeks! Start weight 275lbs This Challenge goal weight 265lbs Overall goal weight 180lbs For the Rebellion! RobMorris
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