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  1. Hi everyone! I started here back in 2014 and fell off the wagon really fast. I recently have been doing challenges by myself and have been wanting some support, and I thought of this place. So I'm back I am planning to slowly jump back in and maybe join the NerdFitness Academy in a couple weeks. I lost some weight on a med, gained it all back plus a bit, had some med-induced severe depression out of nowhere which has lingered for about six months but is starting to get better (and I'm getting treatment). I broke up with one of my partners and moved halfway across the country again to care
  2. I've been tracking on MyFitnessPal just out of laziness - they have a section for measurements, weight, food, and exercise. I like them because their food database is really huge and thus I don't have to go look things up myself. Before that, when I tracked, I normally did it just in a journal or something...although I am a huge fan of Excel. Whatever works for you that you are willing to update on a regular basis! I know a lot of people use their challenge or battle log threads for tracking measurements and things. I've been in recovery for eating disorder & substance use for 9 years no
  3. There are certain kinds of yoga and meditation that require certain kinds of breathing (like breath of fire) but for the most part I have always taught and have been taught that breathing naturally is more important. Some specialized forms do require certain kinds of breathing. But typically it is not the biggest issue. The focus on the nostrils that often is emphasized in one-pointed meditation or mindfulness meditation is something that can be adapted. It is a tool to help focus - it doesn't matter if you're focusing specifically on your nose. Usually the aim is to breathe naturally and dr
  4. Thanks mjwallenburg! I'm glad the structure was inspiring So, the scale is driving me (more) insane than I already was/am, and I'm ditching it. It might have a place later, but not yet. It's triggering ED stuff and kind of scaring my family (and me). It's probably better to focus on other things for now. I've been doing really well with the soda - mostly water, occasional tea and coffee. I've been not drinking soda more than I've been drinking it lately, and one of my partners is actually jumping on the bandwagon with me, yay. Not so good with the exercising and crusading. I'm kind of b
  5. Thanks, Nuala! The Assassins are definitely on the top of the list of guilds for me I will check out those threads!
  6. I'd recommend taking height, weight, neck, waist, hips, biceps, chest - this will give you a starting point to gauge your body fat % (unless you are using something else like a special scale or calipers). Body fat % sounds like a good thing to track but I wouldn't go nuts with it since it is so hard to measure and can be maddening to keep up with. Measure biceps since it sounds like that is important to you re: getting the proportions you want! Congrats on being 8 months clean and on kicking the cig habit! Sending lots of love and support your way. I'm in recovery too & also looking for
  7. Ugh, I'm going through the same thing here re: martial arts! I was wanting to take krav maga classes but the only place here that teaches it is of the super skeevy type. No go. If you're into yoga, sometimes there are places that do community yoga classes on donation, though? Finding group classes on a budget is rough. I am so there with you. It's been fun following your recon experiences!
  8. Yesterday was a big ol' Lay In Bed and Watch Ponies, Do Nothing day. No excuses for it. But today I've kept on track - only one soda (my cravings are going away!), walked 1.6 miles in 40 minutes (which for me is pretty good time, especially with all the hills), and I went to a halaqa (women's study/discussion group) at the mosque. I've decided that one of my new quests is going to be to walk to Rivendell by my next birthday (about 290 days!). So far I've been gaining, not losing weight. I haven't been eating very well and am looking forward to having more money next challenge so I can buy fr
  9. Food suggestions: Other nuts and seeds, other veggies! Berries are also good. I'm a huge fan of collards and kale myself when it comes to veggies (although I lose my southern card for not cooking them with tons of pork and fat, LOL). Welcome to NF! I can relate to getting out of shape and not having a lot of offline support, but I hope being here helps that! Good luck.
  10. You are amazing! And also it's great to meet someone else who is into Bollywood...I love Kal Ho Naa Ho
  11. Thanks for sharing that sugar link. Geocaching sounds like a blast! I am definitely going to check it out now that I'm trying to do more walking.
  12. I'm a late starter myself and also working on being less of a lurker in real life Let's rock this thing. Good luck with your goals!
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