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  1. Hello! This is mostly a placeholder until I have time to myself to write everything down and figure out this challenge. I have overarching goals, but I need to cut them down into bite-sized chunks and figure out how I'm gonna go about this challenge. It's been awhile since I've been on here, but hoping that I can find time to hop on at least once a day.
  2. Last week was nuts. And frankly, I already fell off the bandwagon...er....bantha-wagon. So, last Thursday afternoon, I left to go down to Kansas City, MO to help volunteer (and attend!) Planet Comicon. It was nuts! Friday wasn't so bad, but Saturday, the will call line was out the door and wrapped around the building, until about 1:30. I was front line control, so I made sure people were in the right line, going in the right doors, and just helping people out in general. I did surprise one of my creator friends with a cosplay of a character, so it was great brightening up his weekend. I don't feel like I ate like total crap, and I definitely did a ton of walking, so that's good. No workout, or yoga. In all honestly, I'm debating changing my challenge a bit. I feel like it's a bit too loose, which means I will be more tempted to sluff off more often. I still like the idea of going from a Padawan to a Master, but will have to tweak all that. I don't want to start everything at once, because it becomes too much in addition to everything else I have going on, which always leads to failure for me. But I do need to get started on my goals. Just not sure how to start going about doing it. Right now, what I'm thinking is to start working on my mindset and my body. Nothing extreme. Yet not sure what that looks like yet. Will have to think about that today as I start picking up the chaos which has invaded my house....which is something else that I need to get more on top of as well... *deep sigh* Baby steps....baby steps.... In other news, would any one like one, or two, or ten kittens? We have an overabundance on the farm here, and really need to get the females fixed. Just had 9 more kittens between 2 cats (one of which is not the best mother in the world...). So if you're in the area and need a cute little kitten, just lemme know.
  3. Following. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. You've got a follower in me. I've been struggling with depression and negative mind space for awhile now.
  5. Day 1 Yesterday was just eh…Got up okay and everything, but when I dropped my daughter off at preschool, I realized I left my wallet at home, which meant I couldn't run to the grocery store or to the hardware store. Ugh…So that threw off my groove. Also, my daughter is going through this very defiant, snarky, disobedient phase with me. She's 5, so it's expected, but no less frustrating. So that put me in a horrible mindset for the rest of the day. Jedi Mindset No meditation today, though I sure needed it. Learn About the Force No Bible study today. Still need to find one. Jedi Training One good thing that did happen today! Did not stick to diet plan Did not do yoga today Did record everything I ate Did workout using the Jedi Workout by darebee (just one set, excluding the planks with rotations due to a super sore shoulder) I also weighed in, and that was super depressing. Highest I've been in awhile, but looking forward to getting rid of it. First goal is to get below 200. Only 16 pounds to go….
  6. I've been following you on FB, and just now making a come back to NF. I'm sure I don't know all the issues, and I sure as heck don't have any words that will take away the pain. I guess my only advice is to give your pain to Him. Cry on His shoulder. Find a Bible verse that comforts you and post it on your phone, post it notes, where ever you need it most. And know that you have those in your life that are rooting for you. *hugs* Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. I seriously thought about typing that. Lol Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Updated with my challenge!
  9. Following! Allergies have been kicking my butt this year, too. Especially after working out in the garden. Ugh.... I also perked up at the sight of Des Moines. I live about 30 minutes away, so if you need another cheerleader, I'll be there!
  10. Hello Rangers! It's been awhile since I've been on the NF forums. Much has changed. I use to be an Adventurer, but that was before the descriptions were changed slightly, so I feel like I'm more in line with the Rangers currently. I tend to start my challenges on Mondays, as it's just easier to keep track of for me, and it's my birthday weekend, so I may have to start tomorrow and just be behind a day. But my thread will be updated shortly! I'm hoping to have a good time with ya'll this challenge.
  11. A figure dressed in the simple brown cloak of the Jedi stepped forward, bowing down before the Jedi Council. Pushing the hood back, she reveals the light green skin of a Mirialan, with a few facial tattoos dotted mainly around her eyes. Her dark brown hair is pulled back into a simple bun, held together by a leather cord. "Kareesh, the Council has called you here today to present you to your Master," an elderly Human said, his arms motioning towards a male Nautolan. He stepped forward, bowing his head slightly. "This is Knight Yel Arru. He is now in charge of your training." The human turned his attention to Knight Arru. "Do you accept this Padawan under your charge?" The Nautolan looked at Kareesh for a moment, his black pupiless eyes examining her closely. Without turning to the Council, he said," Yes, I accept this charge." "Then, from this moment until you deem her worthy of the title of Jedi, Padawan Kareesh is under the charge of Knight Yel Arru. May the Force guide you and be with you." Later, Kareesh was kneeling before Knight Arru. He stood before her, silent for the moment as he reflected on the responsibility he had just taken. Kareesh was the first Padawan he had taken on, as he had only become a Jedi Knight a year before. "Padawan, there are many steps to becoming a Jedi. It is not an easy path, but those who are determined, and who believe in the Force can do it." He started to pace slightly as he spoke. "First, we must have the proper mindset. If we allow our thoughts to become clouded with emotions, especially fear and anger, then it creates small cracks in ourselves. Through these cracks, the Dark Side is allowed in. And if the Dark Side is allowed into you, then it will consume you slowly. Do not allow this to happen. Make sure to stop throughout the day and refocus your mind. Clearing it of all emotions. Allow yourself just to be. Focus on your breath. Focus on your body. Do you understand, Padawan?" Kareesh thought for a moment about what her Master had said. "Yes, I believe so." Knight Arru nodded. "Good. Secondly, you must learn about the Force. You have had many teachings about it when you were a Youngling, but now you must take those studies and make them your own. I want you to go into the archives and study upon the writings you find there. Find how the Force applies to your life." He paused for a moment, as if to let Kareesh have a say. She couldn't think of anything to say, so she just nodded to show her understanding. "Lastly, but no less important than the other two, is you must train your body. The Jedi have always been called upon to help those weaker than ourselves. We have fought against the Dark Side time and time again. Therefore, we must train our bodies in order to be able to fight and defend when we must." "I understand, Master," Kareesh said, nodding slightly. "Good, Padawan. Let your training now begin…" And so it begins indeed. I'm excited for this challenge, and excited to get back on track to becoming the best I can be. I've made you read enough so far, so I'll try and keep the details nice and short-ish. Jedi Mindset (Mental) Meditate for at least 2 times a week Learn About the Force (Spiritual) Bible study at least 2 times a week Jedi Training (Physical) Do yoga at least 2 times a week Count calories at least 5 times a week Stick to diet at least 5 days a week Workout at least 3 times a week To allow myself to become a Jedi, I must consistently do these things for 30 days straight. I will allow myself certain cheat days, but if I have 2 cheat days in a row without a good excuse (like traveling or being sick), then I have to start counting the days over. I'll explain a bit more about the goals here. First, spiritual. I've allowed that to take a backseat to everything else, and I really need to get back to a better place with that. Unless I feel super inclined to share, I probably won't share much with what I'm studying (unless ya'll are super interested or something). Secondly, mental. I have not had a good mental state for awhile. I use to do some meditation,and that helped a bit, so I need to get back to it. As of late, depressive thoughts have been overtaking my life. I've been unable to do things that I want/need to do. I've also been a lot more angry, and that's not good when I'm a wife and parent to a 5-year old. Last, but not least is physical. I'm clinically obese, and I need to change that. Sure, I could probably put part of the blame on my PCOS, but I'm not about to let that control my life more than it has to. My husband and I have been trying for Kid #2 for over 3 years, finally being diagnosed with infertility due to PCOS. Losing weight will help with some of that, so that's going to be my first step to help my health. So, that's my challenge in a not-so-little nutshell. I'm sure I'll share more about me in a later post. Hope to see you tag along!
  12. From what I remember it was good. No combat, mostly just RPing, which makes for a good change of pace. Crap has hit the fan. It's been crazy, and this past week has been rough. Medically, I went in for an ultrasound to check up on a cyst on my ovary. The next day I get a call that no, it hasn't gone away, instead it's getting larger. So now I go in for a consultation which may discuss surgery. I've only had mouth surgeries before, so I'm terrified about that. Carwise, my husband got a flat tire on my car on the way to work. Had to get all new tires. Just now, I was trying to get back home from picking up Lu from school and the truck refused to start. Like, not even trying to turn over. I'm just over everything. Phone's dying so I gotta run. My dad just got here to help me with the truck. And there's trick or treating tonight and I still have to finish my costume. Arg! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. I did the Doctor Who one this past year. They send you the medal and bib before the 'race'. It was pretty good quality as well. I'm thinking of doing the next Doctor Who one as well. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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