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  1. Well, here are my results: Running goal: D Training goal: E Smoking goal: D Overall: D
  2. Two days left... An average of about five and a half cigarettes a day, in total.
  3. Day... 30? Wow. I have completely failed at keeping up with my training since around day 18. As for cigarettes, an average of 4-5 per day seems about right. The good news is that I've made some progress on my life quest - that is, getting a job. I'm currently working on getting into a local program where the state helps me with stuff like how to write a CV, how to apply for jobs, and if I do well they'll hook me up with a temporary job which will help me get experience. If I get into said program, I can also expect a little bit of financial support for the duration - probably not much, but eno
  4. Day 18 I've been keeping up with the running goal, but not the rest. I'd say I'm about a week's worth (three days of training) behind. Smoking is down to four cigarettes a day.
  5. Day 13, I think As with earlier, I've been doing some physical work, which pretty much fills in for my training. I've been averaging about six and a half cigarettes since day 5, which means an average of about 6.2, if my estimate is correct.
  6. Day... 9? 10? Whichever. All right, the hiking trip was fun, we had a fire and wieners and burgers and such. Slept outside, walked back home (had my mother pick up all the stuff, which turned out to be really heavy on the way there). I consider last week's running goal to be achieved. As for this week, I've completed Monday's training by working, rather than training. I gave my arms a good workout by sawing wood with a handsaw and switching arms now and then (and earning a few bucks while I was at it). I also completed Tuesday's run by going to the store and back, which is a pretty decent di
  7. If you say so. Hello to you too, and thank you.
  8. Day 5 I suppose it's day five, isn't it? Well, problem. My circadian rhythm insists it's still day 4. We'll see. All right, day 5 for real. I've completed my squats and my chin-ups as well as ten pushups, but I can't seem to do the pullups. For some reason, I'm too heavy today. So at the moment, I'm looking at 6 cigarettes, and missing my leg-lifts/situps, ten pushups, and five pullups. WIP and all that. Right. Well, situps turned out to be real easy, so I did double the number to make up for it. I am now missing ten pushups and five pullups. Time to adjust my schedule.
  9. Day 4 Three cigarettes. Today is a rest day, but I will see about running to make up for the earlier miss. Depends how I feel.
  10. Day 3 Five cigarettes total. Have not completed today's objectives, due to neck pain from unknown sources. (Later realized it was because of headbanging the night before.)
  11. So... I eat a lot. Like, really a lot. My meals tend to make me bloated. I'm currently 1.83 meters tall and weigh approximately 65 kg. I'm obviously not overweight. Now, I've been told the reason for this conundrum could be an unusual metabolism, but I just want to know what other factors can affect this.
  12. Day 2 8 cigarettes, and I've done everything except for the leg-lifts/situps to make up for yesterday's lack of doing anything. I can't run today, so I'll make that up later this week.
  13. Fine, fine. I'm pretty sure I'm an Assassin. Though I would point out that the relevant part isn't really whether other people feel I have succeeded, only whether I feel I've done so. Accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder, like so many other things, and I behold less accomplishment than I feel would be sufficient to earn a place in a guild. Also, Day 1: I did not do my planned exercise, and I lost count of how many smokes I had, though I think it was between six and nine. Therefore, I'll say 8 and pretend I have a complicated equation that can predict my consumption.
  14. Current bodyweight training schedule: 2x20 squats 2x10 pushups 1x20 situps 1x10 leg-lifts 1x5 pullups 1x5 chin-ups
  15. Some of you may have observed my first challenge, the failure that it was. I'm back, and I shan't be deterred by the first result! Thus, I try again. I suspect what I did wrong last time is that I proverbially bit off more than I could chew. With that in mind, here's the plan. Main Quest Be able to keep a pace of 15km/h for five minutes when running, in the effort of learning parkour. Might as well be fit enough to actually do it, right? Goals for this challenge: 1. Run 10km/h for five minutes every Tuesday and Saturday 2. Do my bodyweight training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 3.
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