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  1. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria - Gets on with some productive sh**.

    Ouch. No yoga at all this week. Plus a sh**-load of extra stress-inducing events. At least I did a lot of walking and deep breathing practice. And my meditation. I never miss that.
  2. I'm finding it hard to come up with some grand plan for this challenge, other than just knowing I want to get back into regular NF posting. So I'm not going to fret about it, not worry about it being some "grand design" of fitness or wellness. I'm just going to get on with some sh**. Some productive sh**. In the end, hopefully it will end up being a grand plan after all, in a sort of organic, wandering way. Part I: The healthy sh**. 1. Continue to maintain daily meditation habit. 2. Do some yoga/ stretching at least three times per week, for 15 - 20 minutes minimum. Part II: The productive sh**. I have a number of small projects I mean to accomplish that I keep sidelining, or simply forgetting about. I'm simply going to list a few that I aim to complete over the course of this challenge. 1. Dig the drainage small trench along the side of the house (so the water doesn't pool up against the house). 2. Make the fire-starters I intended, for fall camping and wintertime bonfire use (wood shavings w/ paraffin wax, in some form of burnable container). 3. Cut lumber to size for the next garden raised bed (just cut the lumber, assembly can be in another challenge). 4. Finish the current war club replica I am working on (I have a peculiar interest in such things: tomahawks, war clubs, slings, blowguns, bows, and other archaic weapons). Part III: The slightly spiritual/ spooky sh**. 1. I've taken a recent interest into Mayan Calendars (tzolk'in). I don't know if it's for me, but I'll never know unless I put in some time and effort into researching and practicing it. This task is to simply do some research. Google, borrow, check out, if necessary buy some reading material on the subject, and find it what it takes to put it into practice. 2. Be on the lookout for/ acquire some candles and incense for meditation rituals. Let's get on with this sh**!