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  1. Daryl of Barbaria

    Druid's Wayside Shrine - General Chat

    I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the veterans, from a fellow veteran. And I mean all veterans, regardless of branch and nationality. Even those (and especially those) from nations our so-called esteemed leaders tell us to distrust and oppose. May we all drink together in the halls of Valhalla. Daryl of Barbaria, in a different time, in a different place.
  2. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria: Mindful Training/ Badass Training

    Again, I must apologize for the great delay in posting. It isn't the first time, and certainly won't be the last. I am, if nothing else, consistently inconsistent. So we've had some snow already, and snow that seems to be sticking around more than a day. I love the snow. There is something very insulating about it, as my wife puts it. And I have massively enjoyed my training out in the snow, especially in the dark. I've been expanding my fighting staff techniques to include extended grip strikes, in addition to the middle grip strikes and blocks. I've also been seeking out items I can use for target training. I have a pretty good stump I can use as a pell, though it could use something additional, perhaps something soft, to muffle the sounds of my stick striking it. And perhaps something to simulate "arms" or other appendages. My favorite tool so far has been the hanging striking ball. Or in the case, sock. I made a pair of "sock darts" years ago, when I was interesting in rope dart training (instead of a metal dart, a sock filled with rice). I haven't used them for their intended purpose in years. But as suspended targets for precise striking practice, they are finding new life. A new, additional element to my staff training is crafting my own staff. Now the nice thing about a staff is that the concept is simple. It's a big stick. Duh. But the more I learn about its construction, the more I realize there are so many precise elements to it, especially in wood selection, and grain and growth rings. I've realized that a quality piece of solid hardwood is a bit cost prohibitive for me right now. So the way around this will be to make a laminated staff, or a staff from planks glued together. Then I don't have to be so fussy about wood grains, as the opposing wood grains of the planks will compliment each other well (assuming I do a good job gluing them together). Anyway, it's something I am just starting to explore. I'll be starting with softer woods, like poplar, even if it's less than ideal for a combat worthy staff. I just want to work with a forgiving material, to start with and develop my crafting skills.
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    Druid's Wayside Shrine - General Chat

    This is a peaceful wayside shrine for general chatter. Have a rest, have a talk, have some tea, it's all good. It's chaos out there. Be kind.
  4. Here we go again. In taking on board the lessons I learned from the last challenge, tai chi is out, qigong and martial arts fighting staff is in. And daily meditation is always in, because that is key to everything. Always always always. In a nutshell, during the last challenge I felt that doing qigong, such as the 8 brocades (or baduanjin), gave me all the benefits that I was looking for in tai chi, with the added benefit of it being less complex, easier to remember, and much easier to do in a confined area like indoors. Gradually, I began to favor qigong over tai chi. And then I took up practice with the "fighting staff" (aka: quarterstaff, bo, jang bong, qi mei gun, etc). For this I draw upon various sources (books, videos) from east and west, and just get outdoors and practice. Compared to tai chi, it's more physical, and more of a cortisol burn, which is what I really need these days. And let's face it, swinging a big stick around like a badass is just fucking cool. It allows me to indulge my warrior monk and Babylon 5 Ranger fantasies. And to be like this guy, the hero of our time. So again, like last time, the challenge is quite simple: 1. Daily practice: Meditation. Strive for 14 - 15 minutes per day, more if possible (but some is always better than none). 2. Weekly practice: 4x/ week qigong and fighting staff training, to keep the body limber and active, and feel like a badass.