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  1. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria: Dabbling in the "Grand Ultimate" Once Again

    Forth day of tai chi is is the books, so that's a successful first week in the books. I also managed to a little wood carving today. It was a modest amount, but still a good start to a new project. And this is something I never want to rush. Lastly, I pulled out the tomahawk target and throwing hawks today. I'm glad I still haven't lost my hawk throwing touch. For much of the summer I was practicing daily, but now things are a bit crazy and this just isn't always possible. And I've been taking inventory of other weapon-related and wood-working related items I have (the two often go hand-in-hand), and I'm leaning towards doing some staff work. I recently acquired a new book on the fighting staff for a good price, as well as a six foot pole that will suffice as a short quarterstaff for now (ideally a quarterstaff should be longer than six foot, and certainly not made of pine...modest beginnings). Eventually I'll get some proper equipment. I still haven't started the new sling. It will come in time. I still have my para-cord sling though, so I can get in plenty of rock-throwing action when the mood hits me.
  2. Daryl of Barbaria

    Druids' Sacred Grove: General Chatter

    It's been good. I think the tai chi is restoring some of my energy. That and the cool, autumn air.
  3. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria: Dabbling in the "Grand Ultimate" Once Again

    Another perfect day for tai chi outdoors. Now I just have to practice again tomorrow and I will have hit my goals for the week.
  4. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria: Dabbling in the "Grand Ultimate" Once Again

    So I missed my tai chi session yesterday, as my time and efforts were reallocated to a plumbing issue. Luckily, with that issue now resolved, I was able to get my tai chi practice in today, just after work. I must say, the weather for it was perfect. I nice, cool fall day. Now I just have to practice tai chi Saturday and Sunday, and I will have met my goal for the first week. I recently looked until the Sun style of Tai Chi. Specifically, the Sun 73 form. I like it. I think I really like it. Learning this form may wind up as a future goal. Now it's not a very popular form, and I don't think I've ever heard of an instructor anywhere around where I live. So that means it will be a lot of self-training. But self-training suits me fine, as I am naturally a detail-oriented person when it comes to this stuff, but I also don't get all bend out of shape about lineages and following doctrine to the letter and such. I think starting with an instructional DVD will do me just fine. Fortunately, such a DVD exists (by Dr. Paul Lam), and appears to be highly rated. That said, I'm realizing I've somewhat neglected my woodworking and bushcraft stuff as of late. I've been meaning to start that Chumash-style rock sling for a week now, and start carving...something. I think this will be the weekend for it.
  5. Daryl of Barbaria

    Second Challenge

    Well done. Not a bad start at all. And welcome aboard the druid camp.
  6. Daryl of Barbaria

    Druids' Sacred Grove: General Chatter

    Did I miss something?
  7. Daryl of Barbaria

    Daryl of Barbaria: Dabbling in the "Grand Ultimate" Once Again

    Yesterday was my first official tai chi effort of the challenge. I found a nice wooded area of a park, which was actually part of a disc golf course, but since it was near sunset there was no one around. The way I like it. I don't feel very people-y when I practice my stuff. The practice was good. I feel like I'm relearning the movements and most importantly, relearning how to do them without being hard on my knees (this became an issue for a while last spring). What's important for me is to listen to my body, and not subscribe to any one doctrine, other than the one I create for myself. I aim to keep my tai chi practice a solo experience for now, as I have come to the understanding that anytime you join martial arts class, you are subjected to some form of doctrine. It's not necessarily an intentionally subversive thing, but it is always there. It's just the way of some things. Classes are run by instructors, and instructors will almost always subscribe to one particular school of thought or doctrine on the matter. I would probably look more favorable on it if martial arts classes where like taking courses in the pursuit of a college degree, where one is exposed to many different subjects, specialties of subjects, instructors, and viewpoints, all in the process of gaining that degree. But martial arts classes tend not to work that way. You are generally not encouraged to take a variety of classes with a variety of instructors. Now there are exceptions of course, but they are rare. Anyway, I had better cut this off before this really becomes an epic rant. Long story short...the challenge is off to a good start. I aim to do my tai chi on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun each week, while doing my meditation daily. And I will likely do little qigong and stretching exercises on the non-tai chi days, to keep limber and energized.
  8. Not much has changed since the last challenge, except that I'm not really feeling the urge to continue running. I had some problems with the right foot, hip, lower back, etc. It seems to be resolving on its own, but I'm just not feeling strongly about the running thing again. No biggy. Time for something new, or rather, something old. I've decided to get back into the habit of tai chi practice (tai chi chuan roughly translating to "grand ultimate fist," hence the title). I've slowly worked my way through the form, as I remember it, over these past few days. I've found it quite enjoyable. So that's going to be my replacement for running. Let's face it...it's suits me better. The challenge basically consists of the newfound activity, tai chi, practiced at least four times per week, as well as the old activity of daily meditation. That's it, all there is to it. Tai chi 4x/week, and daily meditation. We'll see how it goes. This challenge is as much experimentation as a furthering of skills. And now for a little classic Jet Li tai chi action.