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  1. Yep, I guess that is what I'll be doing. I think I'll give this challenge a little refurbishment for the next go-around. Despite losing a lot of steam at the end, I think it was still a well-crafted plan.
  2. The family and I are down sick, so not a lot going on at the moment. I take that back. All things considered, I guess I'm still doing alright with the challenge. I'm still meditating daily, using and studying the Mayan calendar each day. I've pretty much dropped the yoga habit, but recently taken up some basic bodyweight exercises (mainly just squats and push ups, but done in a circuit format).
  3. Ouch. No yoga at all this week. Plus a sh**-load of extra stress-inducing events. At least I did a lot of walking and deep breathing practice. And my meditation. I never miss that.
  4. Is anyone enjoying autumn walks as much as I am? (I am enjoying them very, very much, just to be clear)
  5. So I'm really dropping the ball in week 3 as far as the yoga. I haven't done a single yoga workout, and it's now Thursday evening. But I'm not down about it. Maybe it was a necessary break. The day of the scheduled yoga class, I just couldn't stand the idea of being in a gymnasium full of people I don't know during my off time. So I didn't. In general, I don't do so well with scheduled classes/ events as recreation these days. I much prefer to do my own thing, in my own way, on my own time. At work my supervisor pointed out that this could be because in the last 11 months I've taken on a casel
  6. I got my 3rd yoga workout of the week done this evening. So that completes the week's health goals (assuming I do my meditation tomorrow, which I will). Aside from finishing that war club project, I haven't made a dent in the other "productive" goals. I will have to pay them more attention in the coming week. As far as the Mayan calendar thing, that feels like it is moving along well. I have my one e-book, and my phone app to follow the days. I also got the extra incense I wanted, and have in mind to get some candles ordered in the coming weeks. These are little extras
  7. I went for a walk in the woods this evening, during dusk. Scared up a few whitetail deer on the way. I tend to find them (or they find me) anytime I go for a walk in the woods. I also did my meditation while on my walk, just downstream of the hydro-electric dam. So it was far from quiet, with all the water rushing by, but it was a good kind of noise. A natural energy. I'm glad the end of the week is finally coming up. I've been busying my ass at work, and can use the R&R.
  8. I love this! Yes! Narrow the goals, don't cast such a wide net, determine what the priorities really are (I'm not typing this as instructions/ directives, but as a revisiting of reminders I try to tell myself every day, which it seems you have implemented well). As much as it may hurt to not meet goals, I think there is a much worse feeling out there, that of feeling you are no longer in the driver's seat, that you can no longer keep your hands on the wheel. This is a good way to combat that.
  9. I wrapped up the day with a home yoga workout, followed by my usual meditation. That's two yoga workouts down for this week, just one more to go. Friday should be a good day for that. Overall, the challenge is going well. I meditate daily, usually for at least 10 minutes, but sometimes more. There is the occasional day where I can only manage 4 - 5 minutes, but something is better than nothing. It gets me through. I'm also getting well into the Mayan calendar, following along with the number and glyph for each day, and using that as something to meditate on. My warclub project is p
  10. The yoga class yesterday was pretty good. A lot less intense than some of the past classes I've tried at the YMCA. But I think that's ok, that's what I need to get back into the swing of things.
  11. I did it, I got in my 3 yoga sessions for the week, making week 1 a success! And I'm exhausted. I also worked a ton on my war club project. It involved a lot of hand sanding so I'm feeling a little be achy now. But the results are well worth it. I got the two clubs I was working on to a point where I could apply the stain, so they can dry overnight. One club for me (red oak, very solid), and one for my little dragon (pine, light enough for 8 year old arms, and hopefully light enough to not do any unintended damage). And now I've signed up for a yoga class through community educatio
  12. Difficult decisions, but it looks like you are kicking ass at it.
  13. Tonight I got about 15 - 16 minutes of yoga in, followed by meditation. Doing well on that front. I just need to get one more yoga workout in over the weekend. I spent a little more money and bought a kindle book on the Mayan calendar to compliment the phone app. I've done a little light reading on it, and it seems to be making a bit more sense to me now. I also found some candles on amazon that might be ideal for my meditation purposes. But I will probably wait until payday for that.
  14. I know it's cliche, but the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other thing has power to it. Just commit to 5 minutes of work. Then do another 5 minutes. And then another 5 minutes. Now you've done 15 minutes, and you will want to do another 15. Even if for no other reason than to tidy up the loose ends from the first 15, out of spite. This is something my wife taught me. Spite can be powerful. Use it as an outlet to produce good things. She calls it her spite-let (spite + outlet).
  15. Looks like you are feeling some success, and some well-deserved pride. I certainly won't be the one doing any bubble-bursting. We like bubbles here.
  16. I've never really been particularly good at it either. It's a grand experiment for me. So far I've downloaded a Mayan calendar phone app. It's a minimal investment ($3) and a way to start, I guess. Last night I did 20 minutes of yoga. This was the first proper yoga I've done in quite some time. Yeah, I realized real quick how much tension my body has been holding, and how important it is to make this a routine. Tonight I went for a nice walk, acquired an incense box and some incense, as well as a candle that isn't ideal, but it will suffice. The incense that came with t
  17. I like it. FB from a fixed location is one thing, but a handheld FB in your pocket is a psy-vampire, time-sucker, and overall negativity nexus point.
  18. Yes, yes I do. I'm in the same boat. Nice to meet you.
  19. I'm finding it hard to come up with some grand plan for this challenge, other than just knowing I want to get back into regular NF posting. So I'm not going to fret about it, not worry about it being some "grand design" of fitness or wellness. I'm just going to get on with some sh**. Some productive sh**. In the end, hopefully it will end up being a grand plan after all, in a sort of organic, wandering way. Part I: The healthy sh**. 1. Continue to maintain daily meditation habit. 2. Do some yoga/ stretching at least three times per week, for 15 - 20 minutes minimum.
  20. Autumn is in the air in Central Minnesota today. With a high in the low 60's, it feels just right. And with that amazing full moon...nuts to that Friday the 13th superstition! I declare it a most auspicious day! I've been absent from NF for many months, and am doing thinking of getting back into the swing of things. I still have a number of good habits going, even with out the NF participation, but it's always nice to be able to share with a community.
  21. Still hanging in there. I managed to go for a short walk to the library (and the liquor store...shhh) despite the ridiculous, polar-vortex cold outside. And I'm still keeping up on my daily qigong. But again, I didn't get to the YMCA for my usual Thursday sauna time. I can't really call it "usual" anymore, as I realize I've missed this 3 out of 4 times this challenge. Funny how making it part of the challenge has decreased my success rate. Causation? Or just correlation? Anyway, I feel like I've learned a lot that past few weeks about motivation, or rather my lack of motivation, an
  22. Actually, karate is more likely. I have much more experience and knowledge there, so I'm capable of decent self-training. And I can do much of it in my own home. You don't really need that much space, when you think about it.
  23. So I was thinking of some new ideas, maybe something I can do indoors (as well as outdoors). Maybe boxing? Punching is fun.
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