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  1. That is interesting. In the bazillion weight loss articles and research papers that I have read, I have never seen that question discussed. Off to google now! M x
  2. How are you feeling now? Back on form? Don't forget you need rest, sleep is as important as exercise for building a healthy body. M x
  3. *hugs* Just chill. No need to feel guilty. I have been super busy this challenge and only checking in every week or so. Whatever works. M x
  4. That is my new favourite song! He is so sexy. M x
  5. Me too!! Also, love to be Nanny Ogg and have a lot of wrinkley sexy times! M x
  6. Americans pronounce 'twat' hilariously! M x
  7. Parenting is tricky, right?! My daughter sometimes comes home from school crying, and it breaks my heart. It is so hard knowing what to do. I would trade a limb if it would protect her from sadness. M x
  8. *hugs* Hope you are doing good? Will be thinking of you tomorrow. M x
  9. Tattoos do make great healthy (or perhaps NOT UNhealthy!) rewards. Perhaps save up some money in a jar; the money you would have spent on junk food or take-aways? You will soon have enough money for more tattoos! M x
  10. Haha. I like that song, but it really sticks in the head for days! Where are the superhero training manuals for women?? M x
  11. Still drunk and wandering around at your festival? M x
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