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  1. Just seeing how the knees are getting along after a month or two of work chief. 

  2. Winter is coming? pshaw not really. 

  3. Just dropping you a line, seeing how you're going with life, keep it up chief. 

  4. Just checking in on you. Making sure everything is alright and you're still taking names, making Grecian statues come to life.

  5. Power Overwhelming

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Someone hitting the weights or played a really good video game? Either way I agree, it is beautiful!

  6. Anyone listen to Nigel Kennedy? British violinist?

    1. Pat G

      Pat G

      Who does make pew pew sounds btw

  7. The world belongs to those that hustle

  8. On my way to watch Jack Reacher today.

  9. My new office has a great view

  10. Aparently Google have an account on the forums. "I overheat my servers too regularly... I'm here for help"

  11. Hey Fella,

    where you been. I see you only pop up on the blog posts now instead of the forum.

    Hope life is going well for you man.

    Keep doin what you do best.

  12. Join the Warrior guild so we can blather on like fools and talk about the old days.

    Mid Season conditioning. booooooo.

  13. You've dropped off the face of the planet. Hows rugby season coming along matey?

  14. How tall is Bigm?

  15. Good. Because that would have been a pain in the proverbial.

  16. Sup fleecy,

    Holidayed and readied for the 2nd half of the season i hope you are.

    Regardless, do you know how hard it is to find 40metres marked out?!?! unless you find a freshly marked rugby field, the minimum i was finding was 50m(try line to half way).

    Peace man, first training session hopefully today, will keep you in the loop.

  17. ok. i'm ready, i think.

    what kind of info do you want off me for this program creation?

  18. Your new avatar is great man, i wouldn't want to be the guy in the blue/red. Just sayin.

  19. Sir, just wanna say


  20. Oy.

    haven't heard from you in a while.

    how's the strength training coming along? Your work mate still helping you out?

  21. Haha. you're right. 2.2lbs per 1kg....

  22. Hi Charisse!

    good to have you on the boards :D

    You've joined the adventurers, a good place to start.

    if you ever want to get seriously strong, come visit the warriors guild :D


  23. Timmy,

    i'm updating the Bench leaderboard. you've put down 110kg AND 242lbs... which one is it?

    if you can update the post i'll get the real number up there. cheers

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