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  1. I feel you on the sick mini-red marten. and ear aches are the worst!!! Nothing you can do while they claw at their ears.... except wait for the antibiotics to kick in. You're on your way to being a Royal Road or Amazon Kindle Unlimited author!
  2. Good to see the squats moving up by the 10lbs each tracked session. i feel you on the tightness!!!! all those tissues just bake together like lasagne. In my more mature years (hah) i'm now either spending half my time warming up, or just doing squats and coming back into the garage at a later time to do the rest. Have you got a plan for the LP? or just pushing it till it stops feeling good. You're building that momentum. all i can say is
  3. Nice work Yunn, i'm assuming BSL stands for British Sign Language? ...and sorry for your lack of cheese
  4. KW. You're the definition of consistent. Sgood. Confession, never read a Spenser novel or watched a telefilm... Spenser sounds like how Batman wants to be when he hangs up the cowl.
  5. It's been minimum 20 years since i painted 40k, really cool to see you exploring that model. I can remember i primed certain models grey or black to give the darker/meaner/evil undertones. I've queued up a couple of the Bioneer's videos, on ambidexterity and muscle plasticity. Always curious to get more knowledge from a different perspective. Also, as an Aussie, we don't do chilli here... is it just mince meat with beans etc? ... edit: 4 videos in. batman 2021 functional training, your infinite potential, how to increase your energy levels. guy embodies nerd fitness
  6. winoscopic slouch hat trumps goon bag.... i can't wear mine, only use it as a pillow
  7. Haha, progress, establishing that serious real world strength base just takes time that the young pups haven't had. There's a guy i sometimes listen to called Pat McNamara, he's all about training real world strength. You might like his stuff. He's hairy, might make your cut to be beary enough.
  8. I remembered the forums and thought i'd have a skeeze to see what Nerds are up to. still the same wholesome goodness. Hey Harriet, i'm late to the party, but to put my 2c in. I've used an easy website creator/hosting service called tilda.cc to knock up websites really easily and for a low cost (0 cost if you don't need all of the features, it's only AU$10 per month for the upgrade). If you don't have a domain, they give you a free tilda one... To build a site you just plug and play different 'blocks' in per page, copy your text in and insert your photos. The site is responsive (quick) and the skins look really good, nice and clean. -- also. For now i'll take a coffee, no milk no sugar. thanks
  9. Hey Max.... i mean Red The wholesale changes family bring... you don't fully comprehend, until it happens right. good to see you're in shape and moving. I'd never heard of NaNoWriMo before... still not really sure what it is, but if it's got you writing, thats sweet. I do miss my farmers walks as accessories for my strength training, thanks for the reminder I'll be doing some today up and down the driveway.
  10. Hey Grizz, Sounds like you've got your why! If i've learnt anything, that's what keeps you centred and moving in the right direction when people or situations do their distracting thing. You've got your action plan, and it sounds scalable from where you are now I'm a bit like you, just randomly thought of the forums today after a Steve tweet, 20 minutes of lurking later... reminiscence with a blast from the past reading my old battle log. forever recovering from back tweaks.
  11. Sunday 11 Sept Squat: 5x5@65kg Row 2x10@30kg 2x10@40kg Its tuesday and i've chucked a sickie, some wicked energy drainage, behind the eyes headache and stomach pains. manflu i think.
  12. Thurs 8 Sept 9:30pm An absolutely hectic couple of days in the city building pitch decks for a mock investor round + building collateral for a tank customer facing experiment. Bench: 20@50kg 3x8@65kg Squat 3x5@62.5 Curls
  13. Life gets busy, extraneous things and people are dropped, un-diplomatically. just cut off like the DMZ between the Koreas That being said, NF has been a great place to learn, vent, get some fellowship on over the years. So i keep this as my dusty barstool in the hall of Swolehalla. Work has been hectic, from product development in a completely new industry, one which has amazing potential benefits for older people, but one that is tied and concreted so closely to the bricks and mortar and efficiency that worked for them last century, means tiring times pushing projects around. I'm also working with a startup company a few days a week, learning everything they have to throw at me re customer facing tests, agile methodologies etc. I haven't trained properly in months, except for the random few sets of barbell moves when showing someone form or misc pushups/situps in the loungeroom in an evening. It got to the point last night where the antsy, lack of energy, grit all crusted up in my joints feeling got too much and i had to lift some iron and stretch out. Light weights 6 September 2016 Squat 3x5@60kg OHP 3x7@50kg Deadlift 5x50kg, 5x70kg, 5x100kg dumbbell curls @12.5kg Shoulder dislocates, spiderman stretches, other hip openers and leg stretches. Got my wife to stand on my shoulders to open up my shoulders from being so internally rotated. Both a releasing and sad experience, going through those familiar movements, being under tension was great. But to have my quads tell me after the squats that they were running out of energy, and my left glute weaknening on the deadlifts, showed me how late i was to the bus stop. She'll be right.
  14. Ah man. both those pieces look really slick. I'm impressed again. and coloured green. Extreme ownership was a book i wanted to read after hearing the AoM podcast with the author. Are there any gold nuggets worth buying the book for?
  15. To expand on Grymm's description. Starting strength and the Stronglifts 5x5 progressions are good intro programs. You could call them simple 'full body sessions' with the barbell. Starting out pretty light and then adding a small increment of weight per successful session. Stronglifts A: Squat, Bench, Row Stronglifts B: Squat Overhead Press, Dead lift And yes, please tell us what you're aiming for, you both look like you've done awesome over the last year keep up the good work!
  16. Here she is from monday Note the teddies on my plyo box and the 3kg weights she's dead lifting "too heavy!"
  17. Just to clarify, she holds one of the .5kg weights to squat or dl or ohp or plays with the PVC pipe She's only 2 so not quite there with the barbell yet. She loves putting extra random weights on the bar for me. So i might go to lift and it'll be of by between 0.5-2.5kg on one side because thats where she feels the weights need to be.
  18. Thats it, a white diamond on a red background.
  19. Mangled your finger and kept lifting. #countrytough Come on... sif you never watched Larry Emdur rock out in the 2nd version of Price is Right,
  20. Good stuff! Doesn't matter what your numbers are like right now, as long as you keep plugging away at it chiefy. We don't care where you've come from, only where you're going and how we can help you.
  21. So... where did that 6 days go? I haven't been sleeping well, waking up with killer hip, back and shoulder soreness. Only started mobilising yesterday, foool Still haven't done the Dan WOD Rooks. I've fallen behind. I've basically got to do 4 conditioning sessions in the next 4 days. Also, the reason for said lack of sleep was because the Olympics started, and i've been snoozing in the living room from bed time till early morning to watch Australian athletes be awesome. Then going to bed. Got the blood flowing last night, took the Babygail outside for some hangtime and just whacked 50kg on the bar and did 3x10 of everything, squat, OHP, RDL. She loves to load up my bar with the little 0.5kg weights and then squat along with me. Plus, she loves using the gloves and pads to box me and watch me fall over in pretend pain. shakaa
  22. I'd echo Grymm's advice and find a beginner program and stick with that for a few months, to get you moving and building the foundations. it's good to do the reading, Just don't get stuck collecting underpants and spend all your time reading up on ALL THE THINGS. re: the squat. If you haven't got a straight bar, you can use the different variations to squat, front squat, hold a dumbbell in front of you or two on your shoulders.
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