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  1. Yeah, unfortunately I have a belly roll similar to the one this woman had presurgery. When it's out of the way my stomach is fine but as it is, it makes a sizable bulge and often a weird visible roll on the front of my skirts/pants. I do a lot of strategic dressing and standing to cover it up. I pretty much always wear tops that kind of tuck in at the waist and if I can't, I wear a twinset cardigan on over top to disguise my midsection. The pictures below are me from the side with the roll out of the way (lol), in its normal spot, and then me from the front. Sorry for the terrible filter on th
  2. I don't really attempt the Olympic lifts like snatches, cleans, etc. I have nobody to show me and no mirror and I feel like trying them on my own is just a bad idea. At some point I may get a trainer so that I can learn them but until then, I leave them out of any complexes that I consider doing.
  3. Are you talking about a landmine row? If not, what do you mean? (I've been incorporating some landmine-type work lately so this caught my attention.)
  4. That's exactly what I got out of this thread. Next time detail your problem in the first post, not the second page.
  5. Women do not need female specific training programs. Might we want to focus on different things than men for aesthetic reasons (e.g., glutes vs traps for some--not all!)? Yes. But completely different programs? No. If a program calls for a lift that is difficult for me, I use lower weight and keep at it. If it calls for something I can't do (e.g., pullups) I find an alternative that works until I can (e.g., lat pulldowns, band assisted pullups, etc.) I don't say "I'm a girl, I can't do that" and that's it. Yes, my weight progressions are slower but that doesn't mean I need different programmi
  6. This is majoring in the minors. Fine if you want to do it but completely unnecessary.
  7. As far as lifting weights goes, if the progression (adding weight) is too fast for you, use smaller increments. Instead of adding 5 pounds, add 2.5, for example. Women can do the exact same exercise programs as men--we have the same muscles. When training varies, it is generally due to either sex tending to want a different look (e.g., more men than women want to build traps.) If you want a couple of programs that were written with women in mind, though, the books Strong Curves and New Rules of Lifting for Women might appeal to you.
  8. Ouch! Painful. On Saturday I had my bar up on squat stands. Keep in mind that I have a standard (15 lb) bar, not an Olympic bar. I normally take a bit of weight off one side then the other in order to keep it somewhat even. Well, that day I was not thinking and took all of the weight off one side, causing the bar to flip up and go flying over into the wall. Fortunately it missed the sump pump and radon abatement system. However, one set of plates were the sand-filled kind and now have a slow leak. Plus, I managed to not get injured at all.
  9. I usually workout alone. I have equipment at home so I do it there. When I go to the gym, I just don't talk to people and they rarely talk to me. When they do talk to me, it's just to ask a simple question (how many sets do you have left on this machine?) I don't do classes (just not into anything that is done class-style.)
  10. Ah, that is too funny. The big question--did you then add the 5 pounds and do another set?
  11. I've had a Paragard for nearly 6 years now. I love it. When this one expires in 4 years I'll have it replaced with another.
  12. Hello All, I have been away for...quite a few challenges. Last year I did 2 (3?) as a Scout and then tried a few other guilds and then petered out a bit. Ended up being a fair weather runner last winter (meaning that I didn't run once it was cold) and then this year have barely run, though I've kept up with my strength training efforts. Anyway, I'd like to get back to running a bit more because I'm missing it and because I feel like it's the best cardio fit (other than walking) with my overall fitness goals/preferences. I need to rebuild a base and it seems like a challenge is a good way to
  13. Yes. My husband did not start eating better or exercising when I did. Eighteen months later, he started working at it. Mind you, he didn't really complain about how he looked or felt in the meantime, but I think that seeing me stick it out and improve was at least a bit in the way of motivation.
  14. This really isn't a woman issue because it happens with all sexes. People don't like something about themselves but they don't dislike it enough to change. For a long time I didn't like being fat and out of shape but it didn't bother me enough to do anything about it. At a certain point I was bothered and that's when I was suddenly motivated to lose weight and get fit. My suggestion is to keep asking if she wants to go to the gym/run with you in an offhand way ("Hey, I'm headed to the gym. Wanna come? Okay...") and keep making your healthy meals whether or not she eats them. You can't really
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