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  1. Friday -walked. 5 min warm up then 37 minutes @ 3.3 mph and 1.5% incline Today -Bench/SC-A day Bench - 25x8, 45x8, 75x8, 75x8, 75x8 This was hard. I think the cut in calories is getting to me. GB - BWX12, 45x12, 75x20, 75x20, 75x20 BOR - 45x8, 57.5x12,67.5x10, 77.5x8, 67.5x12 Goblet squats - BWX8, 15x8, 25x16, 25x15, 25x16 These were hard too. I increased the weight this time and decreased reps. Romanian deadlifts 70x15, 70x15, 70x15 Side abductions 39 each side These are getting easy. Next time I'll use a band. I'm supposed to go to the gym tomorrow but a big snowstorm might keep me home. We're supposedly getting 12". My daughter is going to a friend's house though so I'm hoping I can get to the gym early enough to miss the worst of the weather.
  2. It's different for every person so what is normal for Person A may be close to impossible for Person B. Plus, it is likely the rate will drop off the leaner you get. FWIW, when I went from 170 lbs. to 160 lbs, I lost 3.25" in the waist. From 160 to 150, I lost 1.75". I'm now back up to 152 but down an additional .50".
  3. Excess water can stick around for quite a while. I think that it tends to stick around longer for women than for men because, in addition to seeing it due to exercise, we see it due to our normal hormonal fluctuations. Is there any chance she was eating fairly low carb and then increased carbs? That will cause her to hold more water weight too. I feel like body shape has a lot to do with how your legs respond to squats. I quit low rep back squats at the beginning of the year because I was just not getting anywhere with them--my strength barely improved (from 10/1 to 12/31 I went from 45# to 60#) and no matter what, they just felt weird. I do 3 sets of 20 goblet squats now and have seen a world of difference. The form fits me a lot better and my legs are looking better and feel stronger. I'm definitely not losing muscle because of them. I don't usually carry as much fat on my thighs and butt, though. It's mostly in my midsection and then I get skinny legs. My hunch is that women who have more of the shape of your fiance (I want to say typical woman shape but feel like that's the wrong term) are more apt to have more quad development with low reps high weight.
  4. Walking Day - 5 minute warm up, 37 minutes @ 3.3 mph and 2.5% incline
  5. My capris are black so I go for black or close to black underthings. I have learned to stretch the fabric to test it, in-store, before buying workout gear. I keep considering wearing overshorts because I feel a bit weird with my butt showing but 1) that would be one more layer for me to fuss with and to make me sweat more, and 2) I wear long t-shirts anyway and should probably get over it.
  6. OHP/SC-B day 5 minute bike warmup OHP: 8x20, 8x20, 12x30, 10x35, 8x40, 8x35 Switched rep schemes for this one. I was getting nowhere with 8 reps across the board at 45#. I use this same scheme for rows, with success, and it seems to have worked fine with OHP today, as I ended up moving more weight overall--#1310 compared to #945 last workout. Single leg elevated glute bridge: 15/15, 15/15, 15/15 I'm not a big fan of these. I find it hard to find the right thing to prop my foot on at the gym and my futzing about with foot placement detracts from the exercise itself. I might try regular weight glute bridges next time. Lat pulldown: 8x37.5, 12x62.5, 10x75, 4x87.5, 8x75 Increased weight on this. I'm not sure if I should do more warm up sets or not. I feel like I hit my stride with the 10 rep set. I'm not sure if doing another warm up set would put me on pace to feel good with the 12 rep set or just wear me out sooner. Step up: 20/20, 20/20, 25/25 I feel like my left leg is getting stronger. Old righty still wants to pitch in but there has been a definite improvement with lefty. Not sure if I will up the reps or grab a set of dumbbells to add weight next time. Also, I used the aerobics step for this instead of the stool and I think that is a better tool for me. The stool is just a couple of inches too tall plus it doesn't feel as sturdy. BW 45° hyperextension 10 @ bodyweight, 2x12x15# Decline pushups - 12 Regular pushups - 10 No chin-ups today. The bars were busy and I needed to get going so I would be to work on time. Weight-wise, I am trying to be patient. I know that last week I wrote about eating at just a slight deficit but over the weekend I thought about it a lot and decided to go for it and cut my calories more. I'm feeling very motivated and really should take advantage of that. So for now I am planning on 1700 four days a week and 2100 the other three days. Yesterday I actually ended up at just over 1400 for the day but I'll likely end up eating those calories today. This plan sets me up for an approximately 2300 deficit for the week. I'm going to stick with it for six weeks and then take a week at maintenance.
  7. This week I'm adding in more cardio, in the form of walking on the treadmill. I've become a bit of a slug, other than the weightlifting, I think. It seems I like to go into hibernate mode during the winter I like to have some sort of written plan so I'm following the plan from this article. Today I started out with Week 4 Day 1 of the beginner plan. Weeks 4 through 8 will take me through February and then I'll move on to the Intermediate plan. I'm supposed to do a 5k in June with my sister but I'm just not feeling into running right now so I'll worry about training for that later. My workout schedule for the week is: Monday - walk Tuesday - OHP/SC-B Wednesday - walk Thursday - Bench/SC-A (morning), walk (evening) Friday - rest Saturday - lower body & walk Sunday - OHP/SC-B
  8. Bench/SC A day This is my hardest workout but also my favorite. I have very conflicted feelings about squats. They are the most difficult of all the exercises I do. The goblet squats are way better than back squats but they are still hard. On the plus side, I am noticing definite changes/improvements in my quads now. The higher reps at lower weight appear to work a lot better for me than did higher weight with fewer reps. Considering that 3 sets of 22.5#x20 is 1350# vs 3 sets of 60#x5 being 900#, it makes sense. Bench/glute bridge superset Bench: 25x8, 45x8, 75x8, 75x8. 75x8 GB: BWx12, 45x12, 65x20, 65x20, 65x20 Row/goblet squat superset BOR: 45x8, 57.5x12, 67.5x10, 77.5x8, 67.5x12 GS: BWx8, 15x8, 22.5x20, 22.5x20, 22.5x20 Romanian deadlifts 70x15, 70x15, 70x12 Lying side abductions 30 each side These feel cheesy but they are difficult and I love them. Bench again 65x12 Also did 8 minute walking warmup, stretching, etc.
  9. Lower body only day. This is a lighter day for me to try out new exercises without detracting from regular workouts. GB 3x20x45# Front squats with 15# bar 1x5 felt weird , not sure about bar placement, will check out a few videos Box squats with 15# bar 2x15 Swiss ball leg curl 3x12 30 min 3mph 3% incline on treadmill
  10. Went to the gym, which was crazy busy. It's the first I've ever gone after work as opposed to before so I don't know if it's always like that or a beginning of the semester thing. I had to switch a few things around but got it mostly done. OHP: 8x25, 8x25, 8x45, 7x45, 6x45 GB: 20 each side, 20 each side, 20 each side Had to change wsrm up sets on ohp due to missing dumbbells. Let it get in my head too much and that affected my reps. Lat pulldown: 8x37.5, 12x50, 10x62.5, 8x75, 13x62.5 Finally got to 12 reps on the last set. Huzzah! Step up: 10/10, 20/20, 20/20, 15/15 Left leg is getting stronger but still lags. I've found I prefer the high aerobic step over the stool they have. BW 45° hyperextension 3 sets of 15 Assisted pullups w/2 bands (60# assistance) 2 sets of 5 My arms were fried and I couldn't do any chins. Decline pushups - 11 Regular pushups - 15
  11. Boiled eggs are also a good make ahead and portable food. You can make a bunch on Sunday night and then eat them through the week.
  12. Treadmill tonight: 10 min warmup walk 25 min 3.3mph level 7 incline 5 min cool down walk Diet-wise I'm following a modified version of the recomp calorie scheme I calculated at 1percentedge.com. The plan there has you eat +20% calories on training days and -20% on other days. I fiddled with the numbers a bit and settled on 2450 and 1900, which gives me a bit more on non training days but still keeps an overall weekly deficit the same as with the regular calculation.
  13. When you do the cut portion of this, do you aim to eat a certain number of calories each day or do you just eat enough to make it through each day without feeling totally wiped out? Not sure if that is clear but pretty much do you say "I'm going to eat X calories per day for two weeks" or do you say "I'll just eat enough to fuel myself no matter how many calories that is"?
  14. Well, on Saturday I went a bit crazy and ate everything in sight. In my defense (not that anybody here is pressuring me for a defense but I feel I must offer one up) I hadn't had my period since Thanksgiving and when it hit, my cravings were through the roof and I ate all of the carbs within a 5 mile radius. I was up 4.5 pounds on Sunday and then had a "I need to lose weight!" crisis and swore to go back to 1850 calories instead of maintenance/very slightly under maintenance as per the plan. Did that Sunday and yesterday and then last night I came to my senses and now I'm back on my very slight deficit/recomp plan of averaging 2100-2200 calories per day. I kind of wish I had somebody who would just make me my meals and tell me to stick with what they feed me. Every time I feed our dogs I think how it might be nice to be like them and just eat a scoop of food twice a day plus a few biscuits and know that was the right amount.
  15. I'm not sure how I managed to skip a week of logging here. I'm not going to go back and post the workouts but I did my Bench/A workout last Thursday and then OHP/B on Sunday just past. Yesterday I did a Fitnessblender red light green light HIIT video. Today: 8 minute warmup walk + stretching and mobility/activation exercises Bench/Glute bridge superset Bench: 8x25, 8x45, 8x75, 6x75, 6x75 GB: 12xbw, 8x45, 20x55, 20x55, 20x55 Bent over row/goblet squat superset BOR: 8x45, 12x55, 10x65, 8x75, 12,65 GS: 8xbw, 8x15, 20x22.5, 20x22.5, 20x22.5 Romanian deadlift 15x65, 15x65, 15x65 Side lying abduction 30 on left, 30 on right Bench 15x45
  16. I'm 38 and feel like older people think I'm young but younger people think I'm old. I thought I was middle aged since I'm in the middle trimester of life but when I refer to myself that way I'm often told I'm wrong. Anyway... I started lifting last year after a good 10+ years of being pretty out of shape. I have been super happy with my progress, especially when I look back at myself from a year ago. I would echo the statement that it is progress relative and that you should not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself and you should see progress with a program. Some things might progress faster and some might be slower and it's not necessarily going to be because of your age. A few non-age reasons why your progress can slow are physical conditioning or anthropometry (long or short legs, arms, etc.) or even due to liking or not liking a certain exercise. I have learned, over the past year, that there are always ways around the last two items on that list (the first one you just have to work through rather than around for the most part.) So if you have trouble progressing on a certain exercise, there are often variations. One example is squats. I am terrible at back squats. They feel awkward and when I tried to stick with them I just didn't get anywhere. Now I've switched to goblet squats and intend to move into front squats and, bam, much better.
  17. As long as you aren't feeling too worn out, I'd do the Monday through Saturday plan where you have 3 days of each.
  18. The only thing that really sticks out to me is that it seems like your lunch rotation is likely high in sodium. I try to limit high sodium foods somewhat (i.e., I don't totally avoid them but I also don't eat them every day) to avoid the resultant water weight/bloatedness that I get from them. At first I was going to say eat more fruits/veggies but I went back and counted and it looks like you get 5 a day when you count the juice so I changed my mind about that. But if you happen to be finding that you feel hungry, I will suggest raw veggies/fruit as a way to feel full longer.
  19. Female 149.5# / 67.8kg 17 pushups
  20. Silo

    Calorie cutting

    How do you log calories if you aren't measuring how much you are eating?
  21. Hey good job with going from a chin up straight to a pull up. I did my first chin up at the beginning of December and am still stuck on singles. I may start doing them separate from my normal workout because when I do them with it, they get pushed to the end. I usually end up doing four chin ups, each separated by 1:30 and then two negatives. Pull ups are a ways off, I think. On the plus side, the switch to Strong Curves seems to be going well. I can feel that I am working muscle (glutes) that hasn't been as well-worked in the past. The single leg work is really interesting because I can tell how my dominant side (right) is strong than my non-dominant side. Today I did step ups and my right leg was great but I had to struggle not to assist my left with my right. I'll be interested to see how that improves over the coming weeks.
  22. SC workout B day 5 minute walking warmup and then a few stretch, mobility, and activation movements per the book. OHP/Elevated single-leg glute bridge superset OHP: 8x20, 8x30, 8x45, 8x45, 5x45 GB: 12 reg, 12 reg, 10 each side, 10 each side, 10 each side Keep 45# next time for OHP. Try for 15 reps on glute bridge. Lat pulldown/BW step up superset Lat pulldown: 8x37.5, 12x50, 10x62.5, 8x75, 10x62.5 Step up: 3 sets of 10 step ups each side Try for 12 reps on last LPD set next time. Work on no assistance from right leg when stepping with left for step ups. BW 45° hyperextension 3 sets of 12 Worked to keep feet flat as that has been a problem in the past. Try for 15 next time. Side lying clam 20 each side Increase to 30 each side next time. Work on foot placement. Chin ups 1, 1, 1, 1, 24 sec negative, 10 sec negative I feel like I am getting nowhere with these.
  23. Walked today. 8 min warmup ramping up from 2.5 to 3.5 mph. 25 minutes at 3.5 with 2.5 incline (not sure what 2.5 actually indicates) then 5 min cool down. I really need to get back to stretching.
  24. Yesterday: 10 min walking warmup, assorted dynamic stretching and activation movements per SC 3x60 sec shoulder elevated glute march 3x15 bw squats 3x15 reaching single leg Romanian deadlifts Xband walk 10 steps each side (need different band--used assisted pullup band and it didn't work well) RKC plank 10 sec Today: 8 min warmup, assorted dynamic stretching and activation movements Glute bridge 2x12xbw 2x12x45# 1x20x45# BOR 1x8x15# 1x8x30# 2x8x65# 1x12x65# Goblet squat 1x8xbw 1x8x30# 3x12x20# Bench press 1x8x20# 1x8x45# 2x8x72.5# 1x6x72.5# Romanian deadlifts 3x10x60# Side lying abductions 30 each side Front plank 40 sec Side planks from kneed 20 sec each Time: 1:20
  25. I completely agree and would love to see videos from members. There are so many who I find inspiring and motivating. I love seeing ordinary folks--the ones I can look at and identify with--working toward their goals and doing cool stuff.
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