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  1. Well as it turns out I was fine after the run but I ended up damaging muscles in my neck and have been out of action the last two weeks and am still recovering now. My eating has also become pretty bad between the pain and feeling sorry for myself. I am getting this back on track now but not doing any exercise yet so I'm going to have to call this challenge a fail and make another attempt during the next one. Have a great holiday and I'll be back when I'm moving freely again.
  2. Well I had a great night out Friday and ate all my veg at least [emoji14] loads of dancing and talking to people I don't know. I had a 5k race yesterday after resting Saturday and I way over did it. It was good fun and a great time of 22.18 but I've been in a bad way since. I also have higher expectations next time [emoji20] Foods been pretty good all weekend if you ignore the booze [emoji4] and I'm off to see if the body can hold up to some crossfit in the morning Sent from my arse pocket!
  3. Well I did my run Wednesday but over slept yesterday morning and missed my crossfit class [emoji20] I kne I had to make it up to myself though and did a workout myself last night instead. It'll never be as good as the class but it's better than nothing. A big unhealthy Christmas dinner now tonight along with plenty of free booze so I'll have to try and not over do it but easier said than done [emoji4] wish me luck! Sent from my arse pocket!
  4. I can see how that would cause multiple deaths. I'm pretty sure I'd need 10 extra lives to get through it. Sent from my arse pocket!
  5. Hmm I could have been clearer there I'd say. I don't think eggs and smoked salmon would work with the flavours already in it but you'd never know [emoji4] Sent from my arse pocket!
  6. I went for the soup for something warm and I've been throwing some chunks of chicken for added protein too.The run isn't my work it's my mothers, she works for a youth charity who'll be getting the money raised. Sent from my arse pocket!
  7. You're really doing an awesome job with the challenge and keeping us up to date with how it's going. I've heard that cravings apparently stop at some point but it never happened for me so I think we'll all just have to endure with the odd treat. Keep up the super work Sent from my arse pocket!
  8. Right still kicking it this week two crossfit sessions down and one to go tomorrow. I'm currently in a great deal of pain from all the hard work getting back into it and I'll be off for a short run tonight to try get all that movement back. For food I did a big chicken, spinach and sweet potato casserole for my dinners and a big batch of veg soup for lunches. I'm back drinking my not too bad green smoothie in the morning too. A few other bits get thrown in during the day like porridge or scrambled egg with smoked salmon. For the rest of the week I've a big night out Friday in the form of the
  9. Few I think I just got my workout for the day catching up. You've been doing great all the way through don't think your regular workouts aren't as inspirational as your more exciting ones though. They all help keep us on track Sent from my arse pocket!
  10. Just caught up and your pdp work sounds great I was thinking of something similar for building to a muscle up myself Sent from my arse pocket!
  11. You've been keeping up with a lot of work there great stuff Sent from my arse pocket!
  12. And I'm back! Last week was a total write off but I'm out swinging now again. My final trip offshore has been cancelled so I'm back working in my nice cosy office and went to crossfit this morning. I also have my food all back on track with plenty of veg. I'm not back up to full power just yet, a week of barely any food leaves one a tad low on energy but it'll come back. Hope everyone else has been going well I'll check in over the day.
  13. Not finishing this week on a high. I've gotten a stomach bug so haven't been exercising or eating very well at all. I'll be back to it when all better Sent from my arse pocket!
  14. Phew, caught up! You're really doing a great job with this challenge I'm super impressed. Sent from my arse pocket!
  15. This.I'm reading born to run now after all the reference to it in ready to run. You do have to be very gradual in making your way to minimalist running but it's supposedly the way to go so I'm on the way now myself. Sent from my arse pocket!
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