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  1. @fulltonator I'm considering to forget the scale since i do heavy training and they say muscles do weigh more than fat, i can kinda wear my old shirts that i left out before since they grow on me, my arms and shoulders got bigger, so i guess the scale isnt the most accurate
  2. Hi just an update, for week 3 i did workout and heavy lifting for 2 days a week,i only ate half a bag of nachos yesterday , i got very disappointed that i gained 1kg from 80 to 81 maybe i'll scale myself every two weeks not every week .. i dunno
  3. Week 2 was not the best week for me,, i did not manage to keep up with the challenges i imposed this week.. Week 3 was not that bad but not generally good, i did not manage to keep the bodyweight exercises daily but i did work out at the gym for like 2 days a week though generally i did manage to monitor what i eat, the baddest would be eating 4 slices of pizza and hamburger at one day for the week 3 its promising no junk foods yet
  4. I think you are really doing a fine job with the swing dance lessons, i started dancing well if dancing with the just dance xbox 360 kinect counts, I find dancing adds fun to my workouts i do it for like 1 hour everyday:), all in all you are doing one superb job hope you keep it up
  5. yeah, i really wanted this year for me to be the healthiest me possible thank you for your support
  6. guahhh i hate this i got my bodyfat calculated today using those bodyfat machines calulator and my percentage is...............25% and my metabolic age is of 37 years old and im still 24 i am so bummed today i feel like that 10% bodyfat is unachievable this challenge,, but i gotta move my ass and kick this, i started it though 10% or not i will see this through, @fultonator: yeah it really suck i was blasting like 100 reps with improper push up like it was a breeze now i cant even finish it with 75 reps without resting within reps, thanks the adjustment seems to be improving with me Thanks e
  7. Thanks Week 2 was a hell the body pain was was twice hurting since i included the lifting but its more fun since i lift
  8. Thanks though i have a problem with the push-ups i might not be able to finish the 25 x 4 a week since i had learned that the push up i used to do was improper so i have to rework my posture again, but all in all its going great along with the diet I eat like 70% paleo
  9. HAHa Update completed mostly of the first week,, i did fail though i work out like only 3 time last week, which is a bummer but i did stick to no soda last week, no chips and only veggies and half a cup a rice plan
  10. No you're doing fine, its just a matter of sticking to it that's really hard work
  11. Hi There I have been lifting weights (stronglift) and boxing (amateur) for like 1 year but not consistent , then BOOM bloody projects arrived and work become more hellish than natural, which result to coming home late which then resulted to me getting unmotivated to work out (well yeah excuses and such)but this time it will be a new change for me and now i will try to do as much as possible (that is attainable) which i think my fault last time, since i have set out quite a big goal which was not feasible for the amount of time i have set, i am an Ogre who was a Warrior/Monk now if possible i
  12. Thanks Aegle i would keep that in mind as soon as the busy season ends (hopefully this December) as of now i am trying to build the good habits so rezzing up wouldnt be that much of a struggle
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