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  1. Discovered my favorite type of cardio!

  2. I went over a little for this challenge. Here is a recap of what I accomplished in reference to my goals. MuscleUp Hunt:C+ I fell off, due to inclement weather and ended up not really exercising for 2 weeks. Stretch:B I managed to stretch a little longer than my muscle up hunt, but ended up losing traction with this goal as well Meditation: A- I managed to find time to meditate during odd times of the day during the whole challenge period. Work & School: A- I passed my last course but my GPA decreased from 3.98 to 3.78. As for work, I ended up finding some contract work with Facebook. It resulted in some nice change to keep the lights on. I recently interviewed with the CEO of an Independent software company and will be speaking with the other owners of the company pretty soon. I've also communicated with the CEO of Hire Patriots. Mark and Tori are pretty good people.
  3. Alright passed my last class!! One more to go and I will be finished. My hunt has been put on pause because of the weather. Even with gloves and liners my fingers become cold and numb after 10 minutes. I'm ready for it warm up so I can go back to the hunt. The job thing is still a work in progress, luckily I was able to do a little contract work to help pay some bills.
  4. Work and School Found some part time work. I have also found someone that can help coach and mentor me to find the job I want. Knee Pushup 10 (warm up) Pushup 60 Diamond Pushup 25 Uneven Pushup 25 (per side)
  5. Too cold and rainy to go to the gym today, so no hunting today. Wall Headstand 2 minutes Crow Stand 25 seconds Pull Ups 5, 5(warm up) Close Grip Pull Ups 8, 2 Close Grip Chin Ups 7, 3 Head Bangers 10 Pull Ups 7 Chin Ups 7 Half Squats 20 Pistol Squats (per leg) 5 Back Lunge (per leg) 15,15, Prisoner Squat 30 Chin Ups
  6. Life Goals: Work and School Calls are starting to come in for different jobs. About to start on some schoolwork when I am finished with this post, so far I have an "A-" in the course. Muscle Up Hunt: No warm for today's workout. I completed 2 different circuits. Circuit #1 regular Pushups 10 Chinups 6 Straightbar dips 3 Regular Pullups 6 Dips 6 3Cycles Circuit#2 Chinups 3 Wall Sit 30sec Dips 12 Squats 8 Pushups 8 Pull Ups 2 Leg Raises 3 Decline Push Ups 7 3Cycles
  7. Good Luck with your Epic Quest. How far have you progressed on CC?
  8. Today's workout was kind of unusual. Went to the park with with my kids and nephews. Not sure how many pull ups, dips, jumping muscle ups, pushups, and headbangers were completed. MUSCLE UP HUNT: ? STRETCH: Functional Triad Straight Bridge: 1x20 L-Hold: 1x20 Straight Leg Twist Hold: 1x20 (both sides) MEDITATION: Getting it in where I can fit it in. Two sessions today. Thanks, how often do you work on the functional triad? I'm ready for CC3 The jumping muscle ups feels like I am doing cardio every time. I'm staying on the trail for explosive muscle ups. Who knows maybe I'll finish the hunt doing plyo muscle ups. Sent from my KFTHWI using Tapatalk
  9. Male 163lbs/74kg 10 Pullups Sent from my KFTHWI using Tapatalk
  10. Knocked this set out, have to save something for the hunt. Male 163lbs/74kg 70 Pushups
  11. Still sore from Friday's routine, but here it goes. Male 163lbs/74kg 60 Pushups
  12. Worked on some school work a couple of hours outlined one of my papers and turned in an assignment. Then I applied to a couple of jobs. So far a productive weekend, I did the Functional Triad with my kids. My son couldn’t really do a version of the L-Hold however everything else came easy for him, my daughter made up a version of the N-Hold in which she crosses her legs at the ankles. STRETCH: Functional Triad Short Bridges 1x20 L-Hold 1x20 Straight Leg Twist Hold 1x20 (both sides)
  13. I know that I'm coming in late to the party so please forgive my tardiness. Here is Challenge #6 Main Quest: Quest 1: Muscle Up Hunt It's tough and takes a lot of strength to master. I am on the hunt catch the elusive muscle up. It seems like forever that I have been working on getting this move. It is my goal to achieve 1 clean muscle up without excessive kipping. The plan below allows me to get use to the movements I'm doing it 2x a week. 10 Chest High Pull Ups 12 Straight Bar Dips 10 Clapping Push Ups 10 Head bangers 10 typewriter pull ups 12 jump muscle ups 8 Plyo Australian pull ups 3 cycles 2 min rest between cycles Quest 2: Stretch I have this bad habit of not stretching after all of my workouts, mainly because of time or my wife being ready to go somewhere. I will be working on the "Functional Triad" that includes the anterior chain, posterior chain, and the lateral chain. The exercises for this are the bridge hold, L-sit hold and full twist. Quest 3: Meditation With everything that is going on in my life. I have to meditate so that I will remain sane. My goal is to meditate 5-7x a week (mostly Yoga Nidra). Life Goals: WORK & School I recently lost my job during the holidays. (Just won my appeal for UI ) My goal is to find employment so that I can continue to provide for my family and not rely on my veterans disability and excessive student loans for survival. I'm not really sure I know how to find a job with this economy so guess I may need to find a coach. The second part of the goal consists of passing this class that I am in. I'm using the rest of my G.I. bill to get my MBA. After my current class there is one more class and I graduate at the end of April.
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