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  1. Hey guys! I'm 26 and recently married, with two pre-teen stepkids living with us (half the time.) My main challenge right now is managing fitness, healthy eating and family. I just can't seem to find a proper balance, and I'm looking for a mom-type buddy who I can talk about these challenges with. Not of my RL friends understand as they are neither married/partnered nor have children (let alone two girls going through puberty, eek!) Anyway, PM me if you'd like to talk about kids and healthy eating and managing family time with fitness time!
  2. Welcome, also from Canada! Nutrition is really important. If you're not able to really work out right now, just focus on getting that straight. Then you can add additional exercise when you can. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to change everything all at once, especially with a baby to deal with as well! Good luck!
  3. Yay! Well it sounds like things have been pretty busy for you lately, it takes time to settle into a new job and a new living situation. But it's good that you're ready to get back to it. I'm in a similar situation - I spent about 2 years losing 30 pounds (not nearly as impressive as your almost 100!) and in less than a year I put it all back on. I've found while my pants are getting tighter, my confidence is slipping away. Not cool. So I'm totally with you - leave it behind and get back to it! Good luck!
  4. I love learning to do new things. Two years ago I learned to knit, last year my big thing was cake decorating. I went from spreading storebought icing with a butter knife to making my own 3-tier wedding cake in about a year. Tiered cakes are totally an engineering project on their own, btw! Currently my husband and I are busy learning how to make our costumes and the costumes for the kids. I've had to learn how to really sew (more than hemming/fixing) including designing my own pattern and he's got this crazy papercraft/fibreglass/bondo helmet project in the works. We're still figuring
  5. The one time I had a period that wouldn't stop (lasted about a month straight) it was while I was doing a Whole30. Have you changed your diet as well as your fitness plan? Have you lost a lot of weight recently? Those are some considerations as well, but again... probably worth seeing a doctor if it persists.
  6. String cheese! That sounds like a pretty good idea. Although I think the kids would eat it all before I got my hands on it... Wheat tortilla with almond butter sounds like a better option than white tortilla with nutella! Or even some natural peanut butter. Yogurt and granola is a breakfast for me once in a while (although I tend to overdo the granola)... but is a difficult snack to eat while driving.
  7. I know a lot of people prefer not to eat within 2-3 hours before workouts. However, I work out in the mornings. I'm in the gym about 45 minutes after I crawl out of bed, and 20 of those minutes are spent commuting. My options are eat 30 mins before workout or eat 10 hours before workout. I discovered long ago that I perform much better in my workouts if I've eaten first, but just a snack because otherwise I get cramps while working out (usually involves some running.) I then have my real breakfast after working out, usually oatmeal or hard boiled eggs and carrots. I have never really
  8. Oh man! This thread is gonna make me tear up. :') So I'm a step-mom of two girls, aged 9 and 11. I've been living with them every other week for the last 2 years or so and just got married this past summer. Becoming an insta-parent has been a real challenge, but has also been super rewarding. 1. One day earlier this year, I was doing some baking with one of the girls (8 at the time). Just out of the blue, she said, "I can't wait until I get to call you 'mom' after the wedding!" 2. Also the family vows part of our wedding ceremony where we did a, hm, is there a name for it? Hand
  9. I like the idea of this, but I don't do it, just hasn't been feasible for me. We're usually 4 people (two kids - one of which often eats more than I do!), so cooking enough food to feed the whole family for the whole week is just too daunting. Most nights I try to make a bit extra for dinner so we have leftovers for lunch the next day or two, but sometimes it's hard to predict how much everyone will eat! I would like to prepare some emergency lunches for those cases, because usually I just end up with fast food or an expensive prepared salad. We've actually been rather enjoying going to a
  10. Here are the resources I've used for French and Italian. I'm really bad at languages but at least they make it a bit fun: LiveMocha - this lets you get in touch with other people, and has very well laid out lesson plans. You can earn points to access lessons by 'marking' other people's answers to some questions (in your native language.) You can also pay to access extra lessons (I bought their 1-month unlimited for $10 at the time I was using it) Duolingo - This one is pretty good for learning vocabulary, and depending on the language, it also gives you a chance to practice translating
  11. Man, I need to do more caching! I have not really had any funny encounters. My husband is like Jitters, 'who cares if anyone sees us?' In fact, he WANTS people to ask questions so he can get more people interested. I, on the other hand, prefer to be a bit more subtle. The best story we have is that we searched for a cache for a while and then gave up and started walking away - only to be chased down by a little kid (about 8) who had hid the cache with his parents and was watching us search from the window. He brought us back to GZ and played hot or cold with us until we found it. Too
  12. I like my face, in general. There are bits of it I'd pick on (those darn under eye circles!) but generally, it's a well proportioned, highly expressive face with pretty great teeth. I kinda like staring at myself in the mirror. I would totally flirt with that pretty chick (ok, maybe I've flirted with myself in the mirror... whatever!) Now, if you'd asked me about 10 years ago I would have hated my face - I had horribly annoying acne. Luckily it seems to have gone away on its own accord the last 4 or 5 years and the damage it left behind isn't so bad other than some largish pores. I hav
  13. I'm on goodreads! Anyone else here a slow reader? I'm not dyslexic or anything (that I know of), but I always seem to read "aloud" in my head. If I try to read more quickly I usually miss half of the things and have forgotten them by the next page. I also tend to fall asleep after every 3 or so pages. It's really frustrating but I'm trying to read more and more! There are so many great books out there!
  14. I actually learned the best way for me to meditate in a university class I took about Buddhism. For the first few minutes of the class, the professor made us all practice mindfulness, with a few methods suggested. What works for me is to sit and relax, deep breathing, but not counting or anything. I let my mind wander, acknowledge thoughts that come up, and then immediately let it go past. In my mind I imagine it sort of like going for a walk down a path in a forest - as you're walking, your eyes tend to wander and you'll see things and think about them briefly - "oooh, look at that cute b
  15. It seems like every time I make up my mind to get back into it, ready to do a Nerd Fitness 6-week challenge again, I jump back on the site and find it's a week before the end of the current challenge! D'oh! I don't really want to wait a few weeks to get started, for fear of losing that motivation that got me back here, but jumping in at the last minute seems silly. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to express my desire for a place to have 'unscheduled' 6-week challenges!
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