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  1. So I'm fairly new to free weight workouts, but I have what seems like an essential question. Which is better: more reps with lighter weight, or fewer reps with more weight?
  2. I. LOVE. CURRY. You can throw literally anything in there (aka leftovers from the fridge) I generally just get a bunch of veg that's cheapest at the moment and some protein like tofu or lentils or something and stir fry all that and then throw in some coconut milk and a bunch of spices and BAM curry. Make a big batch and eat it for a week over some yummy brown rice.
  3. Midterms are coming, meaning the stress is piling on and the urge to spend all my available free time curled up under blankets is very strong - but I'm still committed to a daily workout!

  4. I definitely relate to this. It's pretty much what led to me having an eating disorder. I looked in the mirror, and never like what I saw, and thought it would be better if I was smaller. But it was never small enough. I still suffer from this everyday. For years, I've only warn stuff like baggy hoodies and jeans to hide my body, because I didn't like it. It's something within yourself that you need to work through I guess. It's definitely not an easy mindset to break or recover from. All we can do is support each other, and realize that there is something within yourself that is working against you, and that doesn't define you. You may be fat, yeah, but that doesn't make you the "fat guy/girl" You're so much more than that
  5. My hands get really stiff after even like an hour of walking. I think maybe it's because I just leave them dangling down, so there's not much blood flow? Really idk
  6. I will admit that I am the least skilled yogi, least flexible person ever. But even I enjoy a short bit of yoga occasionally. Would definitely recommend when you want to move a bit, but not necessarily do a hard workout - so definitely good for sore days. Also, I would definitely agree with going for a walk. Just amble around the neighborhood to get some movement going.
  7. Hmm. Maybe you don't need to do it all at once? If you have the time, you could space it out so you only do a couple stretches at a time, and eventually do it all.
  8. As a college student, I pretty much have the same cooking utensils. So you got a pot, right? Make you a grain. Get some quinoa, get some wild rice, get some something idk. Cook that up. You got a fry pan. Sautee them veggies. Same as everyone else is saying, get some kind of fat, and throw stuff in there and go to town with whatever spices you got. Minimum is salt and pepper. Then get you a protein. Whatever you got. Cook that to satisfaction. BAM. A meal. I should write a cookbook. Also, stir fry is your friend. Anything can be a stir fry. Also sounds better than me telling my roommate I just threw some stuff in a pan. Make a curry! Same cooking method, except add something like coconut milk and some indian spices. BAM. Curry. You can make a big batch of that and eat it for days. Also chili. Buy some cans of beans and tomato paste, then throw whatever else you want in there. Also, learn how to make eggs. I prefer frying em or scrambling em. Takes like 5 min tops in the morning, and keeps me pretty full. Also low calorie.
  9. About 4 days before, I had done maybe twenty lunges on each side? So the day the pain started, all the soreness was gone and I felt fine. I think the front (in this case left) foot was probably taking most of the weight. I hadn't felt any pain or anything the day I had done lunges before.
  10. Hey all, so this is a very recent development. I normally do some lunges as part of my workout, but suddenly when I bring my right knee to the ground, I feel a sharp pain in my right thigh. Only on the right side. It feels fine when I stretch it out or try to do anything else with it, but as soon as I try a lunge, the pain is back. Any thoughts?
  11. Just did the Beginner Bodyweight Workout for the first time, and holy shit I could only do 2 circuits before my body was begging for mercy

  12. Decided to restart my Walking to Mordor Quest (for like the third time.....) Still. I'm psyched to start this again.

  13. Got today's workout at the gym down, plus my 10,000 steps! Time to take a deep breath, drink a cup of tea, and pretend I'm not ignoring my homework

    1. Stellakin


      Woo, congrats! Sounds like a pretty productive day to me :)  

  14. Sometimes I eat something, then afterwards realize how many calories it was and immediately feel sick to my stomach and start the rant of "you're fat you're gross you're fat" in my head....
  15. I'm still in college, so I go to the gym on campus. And it's like....the entire football/basketball/whateverball team is in there just benching god knows what and being all HWAH and AAAAAAR and I immediately decide to go squat while holding a barbell somewhere else or whatever. The ExSci students have started a personal trainer program this year so I'm thinking about getting one of them to work with me maybe...
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