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  1. Good news, I didn't spend my Saturday being examined! Went to my chiropractor as scheduled and told him what was happening. He checked my eyes, ears, and lungs and didn't see anything wrong so he said as of right now he doesn't think I need to go see a doctor. But, apparently I was pale, my lips looked dry (they almost always do), and I had some slight discoloration around my color bone, and I was clammy (but I had just come in from outside and it was wicked humid, so there's that) so he took things really seriously. He has seen this with people who have a similar injury to mine, though. He put me on the traction table for I don't know how long, but I could feel myself getting less dizzy just being on that. He then readjusted my neck and I felt fine for a good 24 hours! Was a little light headed yesterday morning, but it went away after I shut my eyes for about 20 minutes (you could call it a nap). And I got a little dizzy after my drive back to my apartment. I'm feeling a little eh today, but no where as bad as I was last week. I see my chiro again on Wednesday. And probably again on Saturday. He wants to keep an eye on me. He also said that I could be anemic or it has to do with my blood sugar. Something I need to have tested when I have my doctors appointment, whenever that is. I still don't know. I'm going to try and remember to call them on Wednesday when I'm working from my parents house. And I hope me not coming home tomorrow night and being out late tonight gives my roommate some pause and thinks. I got home at about 7:30 last night, he wasn't there. Went to my bedroom at 10, watched some tv, and then got up to use the restroom before I went to bed. He comes home while I'm in the bathroom and as I'm walking past his room, all prepared to ignore him because it's quarter past 11 and I'm tired he's like "Hey." And I greet him. Then he goes "So, my buddy is going to come down tomorrow and crash here for a couple days while he does some training. So, he uh, doesn't have to drive back to New Hampshire each time. I, uh, didn't have another time to tell you, uh, because, well, our schedules." He starts fumbling because I'm just giving him a "you've got to me kidding me" stare. You cannot tell your roommate, the night before, that you have a guest staying on the couch for 2 days. At least it's better than last time. He told me the morning of that his brother was crashing for the night, I got 8 extra hours of warning this time. But I had plans to be out tonight with friends, not getting home until 11, and then going straight to my parents house after second job tomorrow. I hope he thinks it's because I'm pissed. I am, and he will hear about it on Thursday when I finally see him.
  2. I did the adult thing. Or I did AN adult thing when it came to it. Nope, didn't go to urgent care or see my doctor yet. Why? Because I don't want to end up in the hospital. But I did call my mom this morning and ask if she could meet me somewhere and drive me the rest of the way to their pace for the weekend. Just driving the half hour to work is enough to cause me to be dizzy. Having to drive what would most likely be over an hour tonight would not be good. So I asked them to pick me up half way. The answer is yes, but still going to talk to my dad so they both come and one of them can drive my car the remainder of the way so it's not left somewhere over the weekend. I have a feeling I'm spending my time tomorrow being examined though so far today has been the best day of the week. It was wise to cancel the date last night. I never would have made it. Plus I found and caught the hamster, and I never would have been able to do that if I was out.
  3. Random thought that I haven't looked into yet - could this vertigo crap be a symptom of my pinched nerve? I have an appointment this Saturday and my arm has been acting up a little this week...
  4. I ended up working from home yesterday. Felt good for most of the day, so I decided to go out to trivia with friends like I always do on Wednesday nights. Nope, shouldn't have. Driving is a trigger. Luckily, I was caught in major traffic so I was able to drive slowly to my friends house. Was a little dizzy at dinner/trivia. But as soon as I stood up I was fine. Made it home without an issue. Came into work this morning. HUGE mistake. I actually felt things pitch not too long ago. I'm going to stick it out til 4 (have a meeting at 3). Then I'm going straight to urgent care. Ugh, I hate having to go back there. But I should probably figure out what exactly is wrong with me. Guess I'm cancelling my date for tonight
  5. Thank you, btw!
  6. I'll give that maneuver a try. I know I have a doctors appointment coming up (not sure when, I need to call and find out). I'll bring it up with him if it doesn't get better. I know the appointment is sometime in the next month.
  7. I do have allergies, actually. I never heard of vertigo being a symptom. How do you combat it? I already take allergy medicine every day.
  8. I ended up leaving work early (and calling out of my other job) today because I was dizzy. Like, at one point I wasn't sure if I could drive myself home, dizzy. I never should have gone in in the first place. Woke up at one point during the night to use the bathroom and stumbled my way to my bedroom door. Legit stumbled trying to find my balance. Did the same exact thing this morning after my alarm went off. And when I sat down to put on my shoes I closed my eyes and put my head back on the couch and the room was spinning a little bit. Yea, never should have gone in. I almost burst into tears when telling my coworker I was going home early. I only do that when sick or super tired. But I've been sleeping and getting REM sleep. So I must be sick? Took my temp and it was normal. The only other thing I can think of is that this is a new monthly symptom. Which would suck!!! But with it pretty much gone, I would not be surprised if my other symptoms ramped up, because that's my life.
  9. Battle Log: Day 1 I wasn't expecting to be posting my battle log yet since I just signed up for the challenge this morning and have been at work ever since. However, my Life Quest is happening much faster than anticipated. My neighbor/realtor called me roughly an hour ago and we started talking about the types of places I was interested in buying. She's got my budget for house and down payment and what I am looking for in a house/condo/townhouse. Yes, all three since I'm not entirely sure what I want. I'm looking at condo/townhouses mostly because I don't want to do yard work and shovel snow. But, to save money in the long run and not pay HOA fees I'm willing to take a look at houses and just suck it up and do yard work. If it's a cute house that I love, I'll do it. So yea, moving a lot faster than I thought. I had my eye on a condo unit that is still in the pre-stages of being built so I figured I would be buying one of those in a year or so when they are done, but it sounds like even the cheap housing there may be out of my budget. I'm nervous, but excited. I can't wait to move out of my parents house, and at 27 (28 in 8 days), I think it's time.