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  1. Still frustrating I can't get the app to work. Oh well. Saturday night I moved back to my parents until at least April 7 (when MA thinks they can reopen businesses). All last week I was kind of randomly breaking out crying. Saturday was the worst. I slept most of the day, cleaned for about 2 hours, and just kept on crying. At 8pm I finally called my parents in tears and they came up and got me. I was having some sort of attack. I've been better since being here, however my mom has so many goodies in the house! If the scale is right, I've gained 2 pounds in 4 days. Oops. Bad news: I forgot to pack any workout clothes Good news: I did not let it stop me. I grabbed a bra, have set it aside just for working out, and worked out this morning in just that and my underwear. Got in half an hour of dance fitness. So goal of exercising at least once a week complete! Now to go above and beyond it!
  2. Dinner last night was better. Had an egg salad sandwich and a protein shake. Not sure if it counts as my exercise goal but I did go for a half hour walk. Played POGO and walked down to the town square and back. I wanted to post a map, but the app isn't working on my phone for some reason. I'll try uninstalling it. It's currently raining so not sure if I'm going to be able to get outside today. One thing I have noticed is that my ankle hurts. Several years ago I twisted it when at a job fair in Boston. Fell a couple times while walking around the mall it was held in (I blame the marble/tile floors, melted snow and heels). It's usually only hurt when I've tried to roller skate or wear high heels. But lately it's been after I've done some walking. Did a couple blocks in Boston two weeks ago and then after my walk last night. It's still actually a little sore this morning still. I'm hoping that by moving it more again I can make it go away. I had a friend who thought she just sprained her ankle and after several years of on and off pain had to have surgery to fix it (she had done more damage initially than thought). I hope that's not me.
  3. Like most I am working for home until told otherwise. And it is horrible for my eating. All I want to do is eat. And I bought junk food when I went shopping. Yesterday and today I ate the two individual stuffed crust pizzas I bought (been craving cheese). Also ate an entire package of chocolate covered pretzels (two days), and now working on raisinets. I honestly never buy this stuff, and try to only eat it when I go to the movies as a treat. I've also lost count on how many pepsi's I've had. So much junk in the last three days. Going to my parents would help, but they are on the older side and I don't want to be the one to get them sick. Hopefully after work I can convince myself to go for a walk. And I will have a healthy dinner and eat better starting tomorrow.
  4. I'm still alive, I promise. I've just been dealing with a body that's falling apart. So where did I leave off? Got pink eye end of January. When I thought I was recovered from that and had a week of no problems for myself (but dealing with my cat), I was wrong. Had an abscess growing. Dealt with that for a week and a half. Had a few days off from that, and then had a new abscess grow. Got that drained, and was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. So, pretty much the entire month of February I was sick. I've been scared to work out (aka, work up a sweat) because of where the abscesses have been. Right under my boob where my bra line is. We think I'm getting them because of clogged pores. So the last thing I wanted to do while recovering was put on a bra and trap sweat there. I'm still in recovery mode. The last incision never healed. My mom looked at it over the weekend and got a little upset, because it should have been stitched up or at least had a butterfly bandage or something put on. Luckily she had something that is helping it close without needing to go somewhere to get it done. And this weekend showed me again how out of shape I have gotten. Moved the cats from my apartment back to their grandparents. And by the time I was done loading the car in the second round my face was beat red and I had worked up a minor sweat. This was just walking up and down my apartment stairs carrying stuff. I think I did it 4 times? Met with the weight loss doctor. She is switching me to a different medication. I stopped what I was on because it wasn't working. Of course, now she believes that I'm actually over eating and not realizing it. No one believes me that I don't eat much. That leads into my goals: 1) Track food 5x a week I need to show the doctor and nutritionist that I am in fact eating healthy. I am not snacking like they think I am. This goal will be a combo of calorie counting and taking pictures. On days I don't track calories, I need to at least take a picture of everything I eat to show them. 2) Work out 1x a week This is still something I'm working on. Being sick for so long did not help. But I'm now working from home for at least the next two weeks (thanks COVID, state of MA, and germophobic bosses). If I can get to Market Basket and back by 8:15 in the morning (I was crazy this morning), I can get a workout in. That's it. Still going to keep it simple.
  5. Urgent care wouldn't drain it, didn't think there was enough fluid. I told them I was in earlier than I would be (3 days vs a week) because I was at a level 8 in pain. Told them its never been this painful this early. I felt like they didnt take me seriously. The med student even asked if I was doing anything different "like injecting yourself with anything in that area". Exact quote. No you a$$hole, those marks you see are where I've had previous ones drained. They did give me antibiotics. But I know I'll be back to have it drained. This just sucks because I can barely move without being in pain. I'm dreading the AM and needing to wear a bra for work tomorrow. Going braless not an option, the boob just sits on it anyway (one of the few times I wish I was an A cup, or even a C cause then I could use lift pasties and have them actually work). I'm working on getting my under desk elliptical working. Need to figure out what type of battery it takes. It's also back at my parents, it was in my car when I had the accident. So it got packed up and went back with all the other stuff in my car. I'll be getting it either Wednesday or Saturday. I'll be there both days. If I cant work out at home, maybe I can pedal for 30 minutes at work. 10 minutes 3x a day? I may make it a goal for next challenge.
  6. I can't catch a break. When I get sick, my body decides to go above and beyond. I now have an abscess along my bra line. Will be going to urgent care tomorrow to get it drained. It hurts to wear a bra.
  7. Not dead. Still not well. I ended up getting double pink eye last week. About half way through Wednesday it became full blown. Luckily I was the only one in the office for the remaining of the week. Came back in Thursday and disinfected everything. Pink eye is gone, but eyes still gunked up in the morning. Now I've got a cough and lose my breath super easily. Okay that second part may just be because I haven't done cardio in a few years. But usually, no cough in the morning, but by the end of the day have a cough and gets worse when I lie down. I woke up after being asleep for about an hour last night just coughing like I had been choked. I coughed for about 10 minutes. I'm sure my roommate and neighbors love me. But it's been super hard to do anything when I immediately lose my breath. And on top of all that, my nurse in the above picture had a health scare this week. He acted really strange in the litter box on Monday so I took him to the emergency vet. Turns out they found blood in his urine. They have me two sets of meds to help him pee and ease any pain, but needed to be given every 8 hours and to keep an eye on him for 24 hours. Panicked call to my mom and she said to bring him to her and she will watch him and give the meds. Test results came back yesterday with crystals in his urine. He needs to be on strictly his prescription food for 2 weeks and then have the test redone. According to my parents you'd never know that they was sick. He's tearing around the house, eating a ton of food, and demanding attention. My parents don't want to give my cat back!!! They love having him around too much. But he's bonded to his sister (who is still with me) and I don't know if they can be kept apart for two weeks. And I want my cat back! Lol.
  8. Woke up with pink eye. Oh joy. And this is how my nurse has decided to treat me
  9. So, I did not get nauseous/vomit on Thursday. However, I did get sick. I dont know what I caught, but it kinda sucks. I had a lump in my throat all day Thursday after I woke up super congested. Like, I blew my nose probably 15 times before I went to work. Then it was fine. Friday my throat started to hurt. Saturday it was completely sore and hard to swallow. Same with Sunday and my ears felt like they had cotton balls shoved in them. Throat still super sore today, could talk but was strained. Also got hot and cold flashes. I left work earlier and actually started to sweat in my car even though I had the heat turned off. I've been curled up in bed since getting home. I did take a shower to try and steam out whatever I have. So needless to say, goals got sidelined.
  10. Okay, no real update. Monday being a holiday has thrown me off. I dont know what day it is. I haven't tracked yet this week. I'm actually a little nervous about tonight/tomorrow. I forgot to take my medicine monday before bed. I woke up for some reason around 4:30am and remembered. Took it right then. So, didnt take it last night as directed. Took it about 45 minutes ago. Last time I missed a dose (and it was at this level of medication) I got physically sick. But it took awhile to happen. I felt bad all night, but didnt vomit until about an hour and a half after I woke up. At least that was a Sunday. With it being a work day tomorrow? If I dont get sick in the morning but feel like crap, I plan on stopping at the store to get saltines and powerade just in case. I'm also very tempted to just stop taking this medicine. The doctor already thinks she is going to switch me in march. But wants to give this a little bit more time. I've only lost 3 pounds, and that was after I got sick last time. I should be down 10-15. This almost always being nauseous is getting old.
  11. Food for Thursday and Friday. Low end Thursday, high end yesterday.
  12. Okay, I'm making some progress. Attached are screen shots from Monday and Today for tracking. I might still add to today, never did have the shake, but I'm not hungry, but I need to hit 1200. Tuesday breakfast and lunch was the same. I had a coke with lunch and then two pepsi at dinner (haven't been that bad for awhile). Dinner was about 5 mozzarella sticks and a small ceaser salad. It was too much. I had 4 sticks before my salad came out and I was already full. No exercise yet, but I'm getting close. I did get up at 5:30 this morning. Fed the cats, and then fell asleep on the couch. But I got up!
  13. I tried to do a sad face for my like, but it wouldn't let me. Sorry she is that sick
  14. Ace Comic Con, which is apparently only a few years old and bounces around the USA. One of their rules is no city twice in a row. Well, they announced that their next city is Boston (20 minutes from me) and the first two people they announced as guests were Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston. They announced Ewan McGregor right before Christmas. Anyway, I was freaking out at work when I found out. And then somehow lucked out when buying tickets. Everything for Chris sold out in 3 minutes. I just went on, clicked the first thing I saw and paid for it, lol. My coworker watched and was like "so what did you get?" And I was like "I have absolutely no idea, I just know that I'm meeting Captain America!" (I got VIP: photo op, autograph, and guaranteed seat in his panel) Speculation is once more guests are announced and if Chris does some dual Ops with them, some of his individual stuff will open back up as people upgrade and the inventory comes back.
  15. Okay, weight gain may have been period related. Just weighed myself and I'm back to the weight I was egg week. Which is weird because I normally gain 2-5 pounds of water weight the weekend before my period (when I weighed myself at the low weight). Guess now I'm retaining during the week. Still going to see if I can batch cook some eggs for breakfast.
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