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  1. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    That is one of the sites that I used, but I don't think it was the one I was thinking of. One of my FB friends said Truecar, which is either it and they've revamped, or it's something very similar. Someone else also suggested Edmunds, which for pricing hasn't been too helpful but their reviews of the cars have been. I've already taken one off the list based on the fact that it has a crappy engine. I have my times when I like to go 80mph. Or when someone is going 45 on the highway and I need to gun it to pass. It's coming down to: Toyota Camry Honda H-RV Honda C-RV Basically, I'm getting another Camry unless the test drive for the other two completely win me over. I cleaned out my car this morning, and I actually started to cry when it was time to leave. I'm not a car person at all, so I'm really surprised that I'm getting super emotional over losing this car. Maybe because it's the first one I've ever bought on my own? Anyway, to my goals. None of them where achieved. I remembered to moisturize while I was on the couch watching TV and cross stitching, but forgot once I got to my bedroom. And I was so close to meeting protein, I got 76 grams. I didn't track until this morning or else I would have had a spoonful of peanut butter or something last night to get to 80!
  2. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    Alright. I've had several talks with my insurance company this morning. They have determined that my car is totaled. However, they are going to give me about $12,300 for it. So, that's a good chunk of money! With the money my grandma left me, I can put that towards a down payment of a new car (parents don't want me to get a used) and actually be able to afford the monthly payments. Now, when I was buying my car six years ago I used a website to get the average price paid for what I was looking at. I have no idea what this website is now. You'd input as much information you knew, and it would give a bell curve of what actual people had paid. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    Okay! I'm officially back. I guess that ended up being a Week 0 for me. Still no word back on the status of my car. I know it's still early, but the waiting is making me so anxious. I had a breakdown on Sunday. I want to hid from the world, but I know I need to keep busy to keep my mind off of things. Not sure if it's related or not, but I think I'm getting sick. My sinuses went haywire last night. Stuffed and running nose, pressure, sneezing fits. All between midnight and 2am. I finally took some cold and sinus medicine at 2. Now this morning I'm shaking and I'm actually sweating a little even though it's only 65. But as far as my goals yesterday: Exercise - no. No excuse, just didn't do it Moisturize - forgot to as well Floss - yes!! 80-100 grams of protein - yes! I got about 90.
  4. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    Needless to say, I didn't do any of my goals last night. I picked up my rental car after work and just went straight home. Had dinner (2 hard boiled eggs, and two mozzarella sticks wrapped in turkey). But I also had a rum and coke. It seemed like a rum and coke type of day. I showered and sat on the couch all night. I'm actually a little scared to drive. Which I'm sure it normal after any sort of incident. I just hate this feeling. My nerves on are end waiting to hear back what the official damage report is. I want my baby back! (and yes, that old Chili's tv commercial just came to mind). Today will be the lunch that I packed yesterday but never ate. And I think tonight I'll try the protein shake she had given me.
  5. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    Thanks guys! And I will certainly take care of myself. Will take a nice hot shower tonight and call it an early night. I know I'm going to be nervous to drive, especially with a rental, so I have a friend picking me up tomorrow for the movies. And I'm going to avoid that street for awhile! It's not one I need to be on, so it won't be too difficult. I just took it today because I was trying to avoid a left hand turn.
  6. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    You're welcome! We've all been there at some point in some way. So, I didn't track yesterday. Or, I didn't fully track. I had input breakfast and lunch in the morning. Lunch time came around, reheated my chicken, broccoli, and couscous, and then proceeded to accidentally dump it all over the counter in the shared kitchen in the office building. I put as much back into my container as possible. Looking at the time I knew I couldn't get to the cafeteria in time before they closed at 1:30 (it was like 1:24). Sucked up being grossed out and ate what I could save... until I found a hair. A blonde hair. My profile picture is outdated, I no longer have blonde hair. I'm red and blue. So, the hair did not belong to me. I stopped and dumped it all. I think I ate about half the chicken breast, but none of the broccoli or couscous. I was starving by the time I had dinner. It was tuna salad on wheat bread with pickles and lettuce. It came with a side of fries, but I ate half. And my problems didn't stop there I got in a car "accident" this morning. I put it in quotes because it did not involve another car or person. It was just me. But I did a lot of damage to my car, it's potentially totaled. I hit a fire hydrant trying to give street sweepers more space on the road. I feel like an idiot. The cop was super nice about it. Gave me business cards for two auto body places he likes, one of them being where they take their cruisers for repairs. Money wise, this is the last thing I need! I really hope it can be fixed, I can't afford a new car right now. My baby was supposed to go another 5 years and then I was going to start looking at them while I built up a savings for a deposit. Ugh. Yes, I'm fine. Just feeling like a stupid driver.
  7. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    I'm back! I waved the white flag on the last challenge. The conventions just threw me overboard and now I'm getting back on the wagon. There's no zero week for me, I'm diving right in and making this a 6 week challenge. I'm going to miss the last two days due to my trip to Orlando, so I want to take full advantage this time around. Goal 1 - Eat more protien This goal actually comes from the nutritionist I met with on Friday. I've joined the weight loss department at a local hospital and am doing their medical weight loss program - so no surgery for me. I've met with the behaviorist and the nutritionist now. After going over my daily intake she thinks I'm not eating enough protein. She said that at the levels I'm eating at I should be losing weight. So we are upping my caloric intake from 1200-1400 to 1400-1600 with 80 grams (minimum) of protein a day. She's good with what I eat for lunch and we worked on some ideas for breakfast and dinner. I'll post that list later. Goal 2 - Exercise 3x a week Still working on this. It's been a few weeks since I exercised. I did a lot of walking last week at DragonCon, but I need to do that daily. MWF I will work out. Goal 3 - Face care once a week I need to start moisturizing and flossing more. I'm really bad at doing both. So starting off slow and doing it just once a week. Mini goal - put away clothes by end of challenge. I need to stop living out of my laundry basket.