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  1. Can people point me to some of the logs of people who are doing the highest quality work? Who's lifting the most, running the fastest, performing the most amazing skills?

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    2. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      I'll have to look her up, I'm not familiar with her work.

    3. starsapart


      I'm an aerialist, so I am super inspired by more advanced aerialists.... ;)

    4. The Most Loathed
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the challenge announcement hasn't changed in almost two months?

    1. Eleanorsbee


      I hadent noticed there was a challenge announcement ?

    2. starsapart


      Yeah, I was wondering why the link didn't get updated, but.....

    3. kaelvan


      Omg I didn't even notice that

  3. I walk away for four days and come back to hundreds of updates. This is why we can't have nice things :)

  4. Is there a subforum for talking about building your homegym? I need to plan for and price flooring and I'm looking for suggestions as well as suggstions for keeping the flooring in place on a concrete floor

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    2. Why not?

      Why not?

      I use six 4'x6' (3/4" thick) stall mats. They have served me well.

    3. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      Why Not? How do you keep them from drifting apart? I've got two of them and I'm pulling them back in alignment at least once a workout. That's the primary issue I'm trying to solve here. I'll probably upgrade to something better than stall mats just because mine seems to shed little bits of rubber all the time but regardless of the exact material, fixing them in place is the challenge.

    4. Why not?

      Why not?

      Mine shed rubber as well. The amount that they slide likely varies with the surface you place them on. Mine only slide a little bit, but I have them on concrete. They also slide more when I only have two next to each other than when I put down all six.

  5. Any Google Drive Gurus out there who can help me embed video and images in forum posts, rather than just link to it?

  6. Trying to play with my signature settings. Has anyone had success with BBcode tables or are those turned off? Other ideas for formatting in sig?

    1. Rooks


      From my brief discussions with the Admins, most of that Special BBcode stuff is disabled.

    2. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      eh, I was afraid of that. Thanks Rooks.

  7. Time to break in the new trainer at the gym. I hope they warned him that I'm coming in tonight.

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    2. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      I feel bad for the guy, he got stuck teaching a class with me and a middle aged lady who hadn't been to a gym in a couple years. He even asked me afterward how the previous trainer would have handled the disparity. I told him it had never happened and he had done the best that could be expected. I also found out that he is the new 'kettlebell trainer' so I took pity and explained the real kettlebell lifts to him.

    3. Why not?

      Why not?

      What are the real kettlebell lifts? All I do with KBs is snatch 'em and swing 'em.

    4. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      fair point, "real" is the wrong word. I showed him the competition lifts. I also explained to him why his hands bother him when he does 2 handed high pulls all the time.

  8. Name that movie: "Rue the day, who talks like that"

  9. I'm new and therefore binging. I hope to be able to make an internets home here.

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Welcome. Just so you know, you may not be able to live up to your name. I have quite the reputation here. :)

    2. The Most Loathed

      The Most Loathed

      Challenge accepted :)

      also, you're almost certainly correct.

    3. DaygloNirvana


      Don't give up on yourself!

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