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  1. Goal 2: Control the kitchen.


    Doing this several years ago changed my life. I hope the best for you on this. If I can be of any service let me know.

    I recommend Ellie Krieger's The Food You Crave for generally solid (if a bit bland) recipes that can be tweaked to taste. If you aren't already familiar with Alton Brown and Michael Ruhlman, grab some of their stuff at the library. Also, My Life with Julia (the book on which they based the movie Julia and Julia) is a delightful read.

  2. Main Quest: Challenge all the knights of kettlebell and show them that I am worthy as a member of their order. Challenge is set for April 2015. 

    translation: Kettlebell Long Cycle, I'm going to WKC Worlds in 2015 and I want to get enough reps on the 24K to rank up


    All heroes must endure trials and these are mine:

    1. Battle harden my body: Bodyweight average for a week of post breakfast weigh ins <= 198 (90K) STR +2
    2. Prove that I am ready for battle:Test the number of minutes I can maintain 24K LC at a 6-8 RPM pace CON +2
    3. Ensure that neither heart nor longs will fail me in my quest: Complete 10K training run for time CON +1
    4. Entrench myself in a community of likeminded individuals who will push me when I lapse and soften it when I fall: Post Daily in this thread and keep up with at least 5 other threads daily CHA +1
    5. Du musst Amboss oder Hammer sein: Be the anvil in the form a static L-sit (from kettlebells or ring) Test and Improve CON +1
    6. To not give in to the weak willed way of the world: limit meal purchase to 5 per week (does not count coffee) WIS +1
    7. RPG Challenge: 6 wildcard points


    This is my first real, full challenge (I've done the Rebel One) so I'm very much in need of feedback from folks on how to do this right better.


    Note about stat distributions: I set my bodyweight one at 2 points because I'm nearing the end of three years of labor and I felt this commitment deserved some recognition. I set the kettlebell at 2 points because it ties to my main quest, I'll commit more time to it and because it's going to be difficult.


    EDIT: 4/1014 change 5:00 long cycle to test long cycle.

    EDIT: 4/11/2014 tinkering with stat distributions (look for one more tinker when I get some tests out of the way.

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  3. 04/09/2014


    bodyweight: 203.4



    1 hour to work up to a deadlift of 400lbs

    1 hour TRX Class (one more remaining)



    • The first workout reminded me very much of my powerlifting days. It didn't feel bad at all but it also didn't feel like a modern workout for me
    • The second workout the TRX instructor still got stuck with the middle aged newbie and me. To his credit he did a great job modifying the workout to get us both. He found exercises that each had a basic version and plyometric version. I spent an hour jumping and bouncing and swinging. He did at one point have me attempt renegade rows from the TRX, something he'd never seen done. I was able to find it but it's more of a feat and less of an exercise.
    • Now to figure out this guild thing.
  4. Taking part in The Open is 100% attainable. The up and down sides of The Open are that everyone can take part but they really misrepresent the place of the everyman in them. You have to know you won't be in the top 10 or 100 or maybe even thousand and that's ok. In your case, coming back from trauma, the joy of the party is often all you need but if you have the need to be number one, you're going to face serious challenges, more mental and emotional than physical.


    This video is still uploading but when it loads, for you:

    When I moved here I sold off most of my barbell weights to prevent myself from lifting stupid heavy weights again, nothing above 300lbs I told myself. 

    I've not deadlifted in over six months on account of weather and Laura won't let me deadlift in the house (as it sounds like I'm tearing it down)

    Today I scrounged every weight plate I had and worked up to a single 400lb pull, five pounds from double my own body weight (I had the five in me, just not enough plates)


  5. wow dude, that's a bunch of shit to deal with. You seem to have resolve and an ability to plan and scheme, I have faith that if you can find a couple hours to simply meditate and decloud your mind of the pain, frustration and limitations around you that you will see a path. It won't be easy, but you will see it and you can follow it.

  6. Oh absolutely. I was already down 30lbs from my high of 270~275. I had done powerlifting and strongman in the 260s. The rare privilege of saying that I've pulled a quarter ton off the ground, multiple times. I ruptured a disc in my lumbar so bad that I have permanent damage to my left sciatic nerve. It was after all that when I started with kettlebells. At the time that this photo was taken I could do nearly 120 (bad form) kettlebell snatches in ten minutes and worked out 3-5 days a week.


    Since then I found a trainer who did a lot to help my mobility and flexibility then I set out on this road to kettlebell competitiveness just to give myself an excuse to finally lose weight. Giving myself a weightclass removed all the excuses that I had in my head about why losing weight would be tough or make me weak or whatever. The weightloss in the last couple years has largely spun out of that.

  7.  The RPG element might be 'too hardcore' for the adventurers 

    RPG is a very specific kind of nerdery and as with all nerdery, people who are in are way in and people who are out are  way  out and neither can see the other's perspective. I came because I like RPG and don't get enough in my life and wished there was more/it was more cohesive. I also know that several of my nerd friends who could benefit from this site would have no interested because they are actively turned off by fantasy and RPG. Unfortunately what that all boils down to is that someone has to make a business/social marketing decisions - do you become the one and only stop for the ridiculously small niche of people who are into both RPGs and working out or do you broaden your scope which means potentially pushing the niche material to the side (not banning, just not featuring). Neither is wrong, it just depends on goals. If owned the site, despite my love of RPG, I would choose the former for the good of the many and the good of the business model.


    If anything, we should be happy to have been featured so heavily to date and be prepared to harden the little cell that is RPG fanaticism tied to physical training into a diamond of nerd that all the world will look on with wonder.

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  8. What do you guys do when you can't honestly think of what you desire to accomplish?  


    Sometimes, I decide that it's ok to not have a goal for a bit.

    Sometimes, I browse other people's goals and freely steal what I think is cool.

    Sometimes, I look at past workouts and when I see a thing that is fun, I make a goal out of it.

  9. I could just focus on building better food habits, because that's lacking the most at the moment. I'll go training anyway probably. Just gotta figure out what to do. Not sure about losing weight- that causes anxiety so.. might be better to just (re)build better habits first. 


    And then there's the mental break i do kinda need. Work on something fun yknow? Like handstands. Or pullups. or a little more bendiness. Overall improving the body Ido Portal style! 

    I think the better food habits thing is the way to go. 


    You have a gym full of cool toys, could one of your other trainers come up with an interesting challenge?


    Could you integrate your love of Magic: The Gathering into a game. I don't know magic very well but perhaps you and another MtG player do a PvP challenge in which food habits or exercises are required to act as land or to allow tapping or something. Dunno, it's not a very well formed idea. I'm bad at gamification.

  10. The only copy to TtR my wife and I owned for years was Nordic Countries. It would have hurt your brain to here us mangle the names of very major towns in norther Europe. The version I taught on Saturday was Europe which I love the board of but hate to teach because it has more quirks that any other version. I was promised games on the new Asia maps which include team play and a new mountain scoring mechanic but we ran out of time. Above all though, the new map that I want the most is the new Netherlands expansion. It has double routes everywhere and you can use them both in 2-player but there is a new money mechanic added that makes it worthwhile to get there first. 


    With the Long Cycles, the thing that I liked the least about yesterday's set was that even before seven minutes it was starting to feel tough, tougher than when I did the 7 minute sets. Also, when I did the seven minute sets, my second set felt as good as any set ever. My rack was going good, my posture was strong, yesterday I struggle with something trying to twinge at minute three because my posture wasn't as solid. I think working around that midset added to the fatigue factor that started to bug me later. 

    These are all minor gripes, I got to go out side and play with kettlebells and successfully swung 2 20K bells around for two minutes. It wasn't my best set every but it was pretty good and I should stop complaining.

  11. yeah, I'm trying to figure that out myself. When I started the instructions are to start one of each so I did. Since then I've been wondering the same...so maybe I'll drop to only one. On one hand I like the community aspect of the guilds/professions, on the other I like the running log concept of the battle log.


    call a newbie mistake.

  12. RE: struggles with diet 

    A diet isn't a diet until you break it. It's when you can break a diet and get back on track without the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth that you know you have a good one. Shit happens and we all fall off the wagon at time but that return is crucial.

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