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  1. On the tail end of fighting a flu over here. Started with one kid, then hubbie, then second kid and now me Don't usually get the chills and fever this had, and unfortunately it also has a very bad cough... Been on the couch for 3 days now - blah!
  2. -13, I wish. It was -28 with windchill, although once you got moving you were sweating anyhow, so it didn't end up a factor until my gloves were all wet. My favorite part was smooching you under the cargo net You are going to want me to do all your OCR's with you - ha, ha!
  3. In case you don't follow me, here is my post about my Polar Hero OCR this weekend Hobbling around today, but trying to get re-organized for a better week.
  4. Hi all, Yesterday was the Polar Hero Obstacle Course here in Ottawa. Honestly I hadn't been holding my breathe that we would make it. My husband had some weird health issues last week and then travelled all this week. I was single momming it and anxious about him being away and not feeling great out of the country, so was not feeling great myself. I started perking up by Thursday and he got back Friday night at 10 p.m.after being up at 3:30 a.m. to catch his flight. All of that on top of the weather forecast which was -28 with the wind chill for race time. I wasn't feeling it to be hon
  5. Didn't make it to curves, as my guts are still not 100%, made due with a walk as it was gorgeous out. Husband is out of town all next week and typically that would mean I would eat all the fun stuff he doesn't want to eat while he is gone, so my goal today is to make a meal plan that still allows for fun, but won't be crazy!
  6. Hrrmph... I missed a day on Fitness Pal and lost my streak - funny how things like that can derail me, as I haven't logged for days now. The last 2 days here were not great though, I deal with some anxiety and one of my triggers is puke or anytime I think someone is going to puke. I have no idea why it is so bad, but I get an instant, like within 10 seconds physical reaction and if it doesn't calm down quickly, like as in a false alarm and someone in my family is actually going to be sick, I am set off running to the bathroom with the runs. I know, TMI right, but it is difficult because onc
  7. Anyone else on MyFitness Pal, I do think I would like to add more people to follow - seeing other people's food logs is sort of cool!
  8. Didn't do too bad at my ladies night on Friday, so that was good. I was quite stiff on Saturday from doubling my workout Friday, opted to go for a walk instead of do the Curves circuit again. I bought new hiking boots at Christmas time and need to wear them in before the Polar Race. Did a nice 45 minute walk - only got a mild blister on one foot, so need to keep breaking them in or wear some mole skin or bandaids on the day of the race. Food hasn't been as good the last 3 days as I am in report card writing mode. It takes a long time and I like to snack while I do them. AND I always drin
  9. This has been my issue this week as well, and I have to say it makes everything THAT much harder when you are tired. Hard to make the right choice, hard to get out of bed on time, too tired to want to exercise. I've got to get it under control or my body will get too run down and I'll end up sick Time to buckle down.
  10. Thanks for the tip kshennya, I should make more friends on there, as logging really does help me. You'll see I don't eat as disciplined as many, so I need to stay in my calories at least. At Curves today I spiced it up by doing doubles of each, so instead of rotating machine, cardio, machine. I did all my cardio first 2 rounds in a row on 1 mat and then switched mats to stay in rotation. Then in the second rotation, I did all the machines for double - what a difference that makes, seemed like a much harder workout to me. Although I likely drove people crazy, as they like it when you all
  11. The Polar Hero Race is a 5 km run in the snow with obstacles. This one is a stadium edition being done at our Football stadium, so likely lots of stairs. I didn't realize that when I signed up, because I have bad knees, but it sounds very casual for a race and the organizer said that I can do a different obstacle twice, say the pledge instead or even have my husband do my extra set for me? So, will have to play it by ear and see how it goes. But it gives me something to workout for.
  12. Hi all, First time checking in on here for me. I got a late start on the challenge, but have 5 days in a row logging into MyFitness Pal and have been getting to the gym, so I am pleased overall. I think for me my main focus is getting my head in the game again. Right now it seems so hard to make the right choice and get out the door - lots of self-talk going on over here. My hope is to establish some habits, so these things become more natural. Thanks for the support so far and keep it coming Good luck to you all!
  13. Made it to Curves again, not sure if you all know what that is, but basically it is a set of hydraulic machines set up as stations. You work most of your muscles as you go through the various machines. 30 seconds on each machine and in between each machine is a 30 second rest/cardio mat - you can recover if you need to before next machine and walk on the spot or like many of the women do, they do cardio moves of some sort. Jillian Michaels is also hooked up with Curves now, so if I go at the right time, they have her on a video screen and she shows you what to do on your cardio station. It
  14. Off to Curves again today and followed up by getting groceries at Farmboy - some more veggies and fruit. Seems I already had a lot of berries in the fridge, so I guess berry salad for dessert tonight. Played volleyball at open gym with my family last night, too. Could feel my knee a bit doing that, but it was good for me. I start coaching Grade 4-6 volleyball next week, so will need to be on the move then. I'm not sure I mentioned that I am signed up to do the Polar Race. Yeah, it was my present to my husband, Quirky DM, for Christmas. Not sure what I have got myself into. We are goi
  15. I made it to Curves and it felt really good, but man am I out of shape. The last few stations I was just going through the motions, but I guess that means I did a good job at the previous stations. I got my measurements, too and so in a month will have a good idea of how I am improving. They do arms, bust, hips, thighs and all so that will help keep me motivated. Going to have a bath now and think about my goals and the week ahead
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