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  1. Just reading your updates is inspiring me! I had a rough week two, but seeing how awesome you are has reinvigorated me!
  2. How's your 1st challenge going? I hope all is well!
  3. I'm a complete failure this week. Running... Not even one run or even a walk this week...well no, actually I went on a two hour leisurely walk on Sunday...but that doesn't count. Why did I even pick running for a challenge??? I hate to run! That's ok. I'm going to stick with it. Kickboxing class... I missed both opportunities to go this week because...I was napping! I'm not going to beat myself up to much over it though because I seriously needed those naps. Working the graveyard shift I take my naps when and where I can. Mochas... Oh, Cinco de Mayo killed me...the day after I decided I needed TWO mocha's to get me through the day. Ugh. That's ok. I didn't have anymore the rest of the week...back to drinking tea. Applications... I'm playing the wait and see game right now. I work the next seven days straight and I'm applying for my former boss's job today. Then I go on vacation for 5 days...depending on the interview process and such I'll see where I'm at. So I think the weekend of the 4th week of the challenge I will put in a few applications for a part time job...again, what's the worst that could happen? Even though Week 2 was a failure. I'm already on a good start for Week 3. I have made some delicious dinners and I have healthy snacks ready for the week. I have a work out plan ready. I'm good to go for now.
  4. Week 1 was pretty good. Kickboxing class...check No mocha's...check. Running...not so much..but I have a plan. New recipe...check. (I made PF Chang's lettuce wraps! Delicious!) I didn't turn in any applications...but I was notified by a friend who works for the same company I do, but in a different location, that a position I want is coming up. I want it because I want to move back to WA state...and then all hell broke loose. I found out my boss was let go the next day. Her position is now available so I feel I should apply for it even though it's not likely I'll get it. I mean, I might get it. I have a lot of the experience they are looking for..but not so much the manangement experience. Eh...I'll still take the chance.
  5. I'm thinking about it. I can already run 3 min at a time without dying.
  6. Thanks! I tried to stop cold turkey but I missed flirting with the cute barrista boy every night before I went to work.
  7. Thank you! Good luck to you too! Thank you! I have been doing some form of kickboxing for the past 4 years off and on. I used to take classes for Muay Thai, but I moved 2 years ago and haven't really looked into schools at my new city. I just do the classes offered at my gym. It's not focused on technique at all, but I get to punch something and it's an awesome work out.
  8. Let me start off by saying I've started challenges before, but never finished one. I will finish this one. Second, when the email came through that there was a new post at Nerdfitness, I quickly looked at it and realized it was about the new challenge. I quit reading it (I long ago gave up on challenges). The next day I had to read it...(I can't NOT read Nerdfitness, I'm addicted) After reading the post I thought it looked too complicated and for some reason I thought I only had until Monday at 11:59pm EST to sign up...it was 11:22pm at that moment. Today I caught myself thinking of goals and challenges for myself for the next month. Which brought me back to Nerdfitness and I realized I had until Wednesday to sign up! Anyway, after I actually took the time to read Spezzy's post in the forums detailing the challenge, I'm hooked. This looks like so much fun! Race: Human Class: Adventurer Introduction: I have lost 50lbs over the last 1 1/2 years. The past 6 months I have lost and gained the same 5 lbs because I haven't really been trying. I'm in it for the long haul though. I always have been. I want to be healthier...not just skinnier. I work the graveyard shift. Losing weight on this shift is hard, but it can be done. My current weight is 290 and I'm 6'1" Strength (STR): 2 Dexterity (DEX): 2 Stamina (STA): 2 Constitution (CON): 3 Wisdom (WIS): 3 Charisma (CHA): 3 Goals: Fitness/Eating Run 10 minutes without stopping. STA 5 I don't have a plan yet...but I'm forming one. I'll update this soon. [*]Go to kickboxing class once a week. DEX 3, STA 2 I'll make sure to go at least on Tuesday's. [*]Cut out my daily mocha, CON 3 I'll get an iced tea instead Life Turn in 6 applications for a part time job. WIS 2 I will set aside time once a week to look for jobs and send applications/resumes to.
  9. Week 2 I'm so late posting this. Mostly because I've had a terrible week 2. I kind of feel like my life is spiraling out of control and I'm finally realizing it and I'm getting it back on track. Week 3 isn't looking good either so far, but I'm determined to finish Week 3 strong. Grade for Week 2: F
  10. WEEK 1 I started off the week strong. I ended it weak. Fitness I woke up Monday sick but I still completed the Angry Birds. I was super proud of myself. I was even prouder on Wednesday when I improved a bit on the Angry Birds workout from my stats on Monday. I was proud on Tuesday when I walked a mile on Tuesday even though I planned to a least walk 2. I stopped at a mile because my lungs were on fire and I couldn't breathe. I didn't work out Thursday or Friday, but tried to make up for it by going for a walk/run on Saturday. I give myself a D for fitness this week. I could have done better but I didn't make everyday the best day. Diet Pretty much poor. I'm having a hard time. I don't know why. I have the overwhelming desire to eat sweets. Maybe because I'm cutting them out? Or trying to anyway... I cut one thing out and I replace it with another thing. Other than the sweets I'm eating well. Protein. Vegetables. I made an awesome chicken pumpkin curry soup this week. I'll give my self a D on this one as well. Life Like my fitness goals I started strong and then I faltered toward the end of the week. Once again I give myself a D. I think it was easy for me in the begining of the week because I was off for 5 days straight so I had lots of rest, but now I'm working a 9 day stretch of 10hr graveyard shifts. I let myself make excuses. I don't want to do that. This is my normal life working graveyard shifts...not usually that many in a row, but I need to make the time for fitness. I definitely did not make everyday the best day this week. This week I will do it...its only 7 days. One day at a time right? My birthday is on Saturday and I'm having dinner with a friend tomorrow night to celebrate...so I will go for my run in the morning before I go to sleep.
  11. So...since I saw the little twist of adding to the challenge to try and fail at something I have been racking my brain....I don't do things that I might fail at. Which is my problem. Anyway a Groupon fell into my lap for belly dancing classes. I have always wanted to do this but have been so scared. I'm terrible at learning dances. I have a big belly. You have to wear tight tank tops. Scary! I could fail! I signed up for 3 months of classes.
  12. I love the title of your challenge! It's also my motto this challenge. I pretty much failed my last challenge because I kept putting working out until tomorrow. This first day of this challenge I woke up with a cold, but I worked out anyway. Normally I would have just given up, but I didn't want to start out the challenge on the wrong foot.
  13. Thanks for the support! I've had this book for years and I get halfway through and the subject is so intense I take a break and read another book, by the time I return to it I have to start reading from the beginning again. Haha.
  14. My objective for this challenge is to approach and live everyday the best that I can. I want to wake up and be jazzed to start the day and when I close my eyes at the end of the day I want to know that I lived the best I could that day. .......and I also want to do a freaking push up...maybe five. I'm confident at the end of this challenge I will do it. Fitness Goals Strength Training 3 days a week. MWFKickboxing on Thursday2-3 mile walk/run on Sunday & TuesdayLong walk or hike on MondayDiet Goals Eat mostly Paleo for all major mealsProtein shakes or cottage cheese are ok for snacksLife Goals Finish reading Lies My Teacher Told MePray & journal everyday.Keep my house clean. No clutter! Put everything away right away.As a reward to myself, when I ace this challenge (and I will ace it) I will by a new pair of running shoes. Every week I will update my progress for this challenge. Wanna see what I'm doing daily? Check out my battle log.
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