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  1. First off, you don't have to be hungry to eat, just like you don't have to eat just because you are hungry. When you are trying to change your body composition, or if your body's hunger-cues are out of whack, you've just got to try to give your body the appropriate amount of fuel, not rely on hunger as the cue to eat. If you are struggling to get yourself to eat because you aren't hungry, there is a fair amount of advice in this thread for that. But you don't have to be hungry to put food in your mouth and swallow it. Just like exercise, sometimes your body or mind says "Ugh, yuck, I don't wan
  2. FINAL UPDATE Well, all sorts of shit fell off my plate this time. The past few weeks have been pretty rough, but I am getting it back together. But in the interests of completion, lets look at what I had intended for this challenge. 1. Nope. Did it a few times, but have barely even walked the dog. 2. Camping gear is 75% sorted. I've got a light weight summer hammock-cozy. I didn't buy the insulation yet for a summer-weight quilt, but I can use my regular one. I still haven't decided if I should use the lighter pack, which fits all my gear but
  3. WEEKEND ADVENTURE - Colonial Camping! My family spent the weekend at the Military History Expo in Orange, MA. In addition to a wide variety of tanks, planes, and artillery on display, they had gotten a bunch of groups together to depict military encampments from different time periods. The WWI group had a huge setup with trenches and all that. Smaller displays for Vietnam and WWII. A whole lot of civil war folks. They did a variety of presentations and mock battles. Our little group does early revolutionary war, the militia from our town in Hubbardston, MA, around 1775. Some of us
  4. LAST WEEK'S UPDATE! (which for some reason didn't post before) Mostly I've been super busy with other stuff. The only progress at all related to hiking was gear related. I rigged up a light mylarized foam pad for summer-weight underneath-insulation for my hammock, which functioned quite well during testing. I'd really like a lighter sleeping bag/quilt, but I am a little reluctant to spend too much more money right now. I did pick up some heavy-ish ripstop nylon (maybe 2.4oz?) from the "everything is $3/yd" discount fabric store, that I'd like to make into a lighter pack. The pack I
  5. SIDE QUEST - The Search for Summer Shoes. I am SUPER fussy about shoes. Basically, I don't like wearing shoes, and want to wear the least possible shoe I can reasonably manage. For my test hike I wore cheap water shoes, which is what I generally have been wearing for shorter hikes, and I'd say the soles would last less than 25 miles of solid hiking on that type of terrain, before wearing through. So I was in search of a replacement. Something super lightweight, with a thin flexible sole. Something that protects my feet from abrasion and such, but doesn't interfere with the free movem
  6. On the other hand - I have NOT been eating healthy adult meals at all this past week, and I think I went to the gym once. I did go to the gym, for a short workout, yesterday, and I shouldn't have trouble getting back into that. For food, I might just try to make less-bad choices. We'll see.
  7. FIRST MISSION COMPLETED! I did my 1.5 day test-hike last Tuesday. Very successful. OBJECTIVE #1 - CALIBRATE MILEAGE I successfully established that the first day was significantly too much. the first day was a five miles of fairly flat hiking through the Audubon sanctuary, and then a steady ascent up Mt Wachusett in the late morning (about 1000ft total elevation gain over 2 miles) and decent in the afternoon. That was all fine. The next flat-ish stretch gets me to Redemption Rock, which would have been a good spot to camp. Next time, I'll stop there,
  8. Ear flaps would be adorable, but no. It could be just a smidge longer, but if I pull it down it covers my ears, and the brim is a doubled thickness. My normal daily wear sleep hat is the most awesome ever, floppy hat with pompoms (thanks @Odonate!) Words cannot do it justice. I'll have to get a picture of it later. In other clothing-related news - I'm accumulating a good supply of hand-me-down and thrift store clothing for camping. The last serious gap was lightweight (fast-drying) cargo pants, and I'd been regularly checking thrift stores with no success. But my housemate is very
  9. Also, in tangentially camping gear related news - Because we are nerds, my family does historical reenactment. German renaissance (SCA) and also revolutionary war reenactment (so that is 1776, an approximation of the militia group from our town). The Rev War group is participating in a big military history event next month, setting up period encampments. My partner is the company doctor, and I am his assistant, so I have been "volun-told" to stay overnight in the medical tent to make sure no one walks off with the gear. Oh man, it is the opposite of backpacking in every way. This i
  10. Yesterday's project: Replacement top-lid for the big backpack that had lost its original. (Fairly weathertight bag, except the big drawstring hole at the top!) Single zippered pocket, buckles to match what was on the bag (scavenged off the hip belt and shoulder straps of an exernal frame pack, that were so stiff with age they were like solid plastic, and also from a random gear strap). Material is a tent fly from a long-dead tent. This was partly just a practical project - I want to use the bag - but also an experiment to see if I want to
  11. Yoga nidra does put you in an altered state of consciousness, so it is kind of like trying to meditate while on drugs. But it is essentially the same process, whether it is mundane thoughts of your to-do list, or fidgeting, or psychedelic unicorns, or visions of the celestial masters. You observe your attention has left your focus, you breathe, and you bring it back. There are other guided meditation type techniques that involve engaging with the experiences one has in that weird dream-like trance state, following them and seeing where they go, but yoga nidra generally you tune th
  12. My guess would be that you can only stay focused for so long, and then you start drifting into more of a dream-like unfocused state. Yoga nidra requires relaxing into a receptive state, and maintaining focus. You don't seem to have a problem relaxing into a receptive state, so you just work on maintaining focus. Do you have a meditation practice? Any of the types of meditation that have you focus on a given thing will help develop that skill. Just that process of sitting and focusing on a thing, on your breath, on a picture, on a word, whatever, and when your attention starts to wander, bring
  13. Children would not be allowed to eat some of the things I eat. To be fair, I've been testing out backpacking recipes, which are all about maximum caloric density, but for breakfast I had butter sandwiches. (Super tasty. That dense brick-like German bread - volkornbrot - and so much butter mixed with honey. Super good.) I did eat three reasonably healthy adult meals yesterday, did yoga, and a short barbell workout. I was "on vacation" from working out all last week (because my workout space is covered in camping gear) and WOW, I forget how much I rely on it as an antidepressant. I
  14. So, let's get out into the woods! I have been doing challenges with the assassins for over a year, and my fitness goals are still more assassin-y than anything else, but with the weather warming up (please?) I am increasingly fixated on hiking/camping. I live in a relatively rural area in central Massachusetts, in a sort-of communal-ish house (a poly/queer extended family), on 18 acres of mostly wild land. I am self-employed and work from home when not travelling, so I get to spend a lot of time wandering around in the woods behind my house with my dog. I've gone on occasional day-
  15. SILENCE! I don't mind background music, and I sometimes I really enjoy it if it is on, but I almost never put it on of my own volition. It just rarely occurs to me to put on any music at all unless there is something else I am trying to drown out the sound of, or if it is a piece I am trying to memorize. My old housemate was boggled that my partner and I would frequently just sit in complete silence on long car rides, not even talking, just lost in our own thoughts. In the past I've occasionally used to have a "pomodoro method" type ticking timer when I was doing compu
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