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  1. So, let's get out into the woods! I have been doing challenges with the assassins for over a year, and my fitness goals are still more assassin-y than anything else, but with the weather warming up (please?) I am increasingly fixated on hiking/camping. I live in a relatively rural area in central Massachusetts, in a sort-of communal-ish house (a poly/queer extended family), on 18 acres of mostly wild land. I am self-employed and work from home when not travelling, so I get to spend a lot of time wandering around in the woods behind my house with my dog. I've gone on occasional day-hikes at the nearby mountain (well, barely a mountain) but I've gotten the urge to do some more long-distance hiking. My life won't presently accomodate more than a few days, but that is a good place to start. First adventure is the Midstate Trail, because there is a trailhead right down the road from my house. No dog on the longer hikes, unfortunately. She loves running around in the woods, but she punks out after a few hours. THE PLAN Conditioning! Wear a ~35lb pack on my daily dog walks, total of ~4hr/week. I've been doing this for a few days, with no trouble, but it is only about a half hour walk. Get my camping gear sorted! I've got a cheap camp hammock and tarp, which I like very much. Backyard testing last night shows my current insulation is comfortable to around 30F, but needs some modification for comfort and ease of setup. (I make/modify most of my gear. I am cheap.) Overall, I have a fair idea of what I'd need to pack for the trip, but I need to actually get stuff together. Test run! What kind of miles can I reasonably do on a trail? I have no idea. So I plan to start with a 2-day trip, just go as far as seems reasonable, camp wherever I end up, and then come home. Calibration! This should happen next Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on weather and life. Do this thing! Plan and execute a 4-5 day hike along the Midstate trail, out and back. I'm aiming for something around May 7, but we'll see. ALSO, I will be maintaining baseline healthy habits: Yoga every morning. About 20 minutes of Ashtanga. Take my vitamins/etc morning and night. Strength training three times a week. I'd been doing the "Starting Strength" barbell program, but I may do abbreviated home workouts for a while. It isn't my #1 priority right now. "Healthy adult meals" - 3/day. For a while now I've been making these sort of standardized meals, with roughly 1c veggies, 1/2c meat/egg, and 1/2c starch/legume/fruit. Often pre-packed into little 2c containers, but sometimes ad hoc. Sometimes just one is enough, sometimes I'll have two. Three portions like this is only about half my total food intake. The rest is just "eat when hungry". On a longer hike, however, I'll eat whatever is convenient, tasty, and full of calories.
  2. The Trading Post

    SILENCE! I don't mind background music, and I sometimes I really enjoy it if it is on, but I almost never put it on of my own volition. It just rarely occurs to me to put on any music at all unless there is something else I am trying to drown out the sound of, or if it is a piece I am trying to memorize. My old housemate was boggled that my partner and I would frequently just sit in complete silence on long car rides, not even talking, just lost in our own thoughts. In the past I've occasionally used to have a "pomodoro method" type ticking timer when I was doing computer work - to remind me to work and not screw around - but it tweaks my partner out.
  3. The Trading Post [General Chat]

    Sooo.... HELLO! I've been with the Assassins for quite a while now, and that is still my primary "fitness goal" to be a crazy ninja weasel running around and climbing on things, but mostly a crazy ninja weasel out in the woods, because that is where I am. So I thought I would come on over here for the next challenge, because while the assassins are super awesome (SUPER AWESOME!) my current activities are not really assassin-y. Besides I've currently got "OMG IS WINTER ALMOST OVER, FOR REAL THIS TIME" fever and every available surface in my room is currently covered in camping gear. I am into... Casual hiking through the tangled swampy conservation land out behind my house, with my adorable fuzzy dog. Sometimes day hikes other places locally. Making/bodging cheap ass camping gear. Current project is improving my insulation for my camp hammock. MovNat style climbing and jumping type fitnessy stuff, though I've been screwing around with barbells lately and have a bit of a love-hate relationship with kettlebells. Ashtanga yoga! Yay! I go through lulls in my practice, but lately I've been more serious about it. So, I am not sure what I am doing next challenge, but it will involving hiking!
  4. [Darth Yoga] The Weasel does 3x3

    FINAL REVIEW - Weak finish on this challenge, but overall a pretty good 4 weeks! WEEKLY ROUTINE: Barbell workout : THIS WEEK: 2/3 workouts. Missed my Sunday workout, partly because there was camping gear piled everywhere, partly because I spent so much time fussing over my camping gear that I ran out of time. And I postponed my Monday workout to Tuesday. OVERALL: GREAT! 11/12 workouts! This week's missed workout was the only one I missed for the past four weeks! PROGRESS: Good! Squat is up from 100lb to 139lb, getting close to pre-injury weight of 155lb! Overhead press is slowing down but still improving, currently 84.7lb (damn metric weights). Also hit five sets of four chinups last week, up from sets of 3 at the start. LOOKING FORWARD: The plan is still to get a 1-month membership to the Worcester Kettlebell Club. Hike: THIS WEEK: Once. Not good. I've been up late, then sleeping too late to hike in the mornings. Plus the weather has been shitty. OVERALL: Okay. 9/12. This is mostly a time management challenge. If I don't go in the morning, I am unlikely to go at all, because I am busy until after dark. LOOKING FORWARD: I enjoy getting out in the woods, and these are pretty casual strolls. To prepare for longer hikes with more elevation, I'll be carrying an increasingly heavy pack for most of my upcoming hikes. Violin practice: Okay. 2/3. The second half of last week was pretty busy. I could have squeezed a practice in, but it would have been tough. OVERALL: Okay. 9/12. I'm improving, but I am having trouble keeping it a priority. I feel like I've got too many things on my plate. LOOKING FORWARD: Twice a week might be more manageable. I'll think about it this week. DAILY ROUTINE : Morning Routine: Not great. Two days where I had to be out fairly early, and skipped almost everything. One day where I just overslept and skipped a few things. LOOKING FORWARD: The first part of the morning routine is the essentials - check my list/schedule, do some yoga, take pills. That I did pretty well on and that has got to stay. Going outside before lunch is important, but I *can* go out later. Breakfast, well, I'm inclined to be more flexible on that moving forward, so long as I don't eat anything heavy before yoga. I'm currently getting more serious about the morning yoga, and it is working well for me. Lunch - Good. 3 out of 4 days. Sunday I slept past noon, but otherwise, this was good. LOOKING FORWARD: Yes, yes, yes. So long as I don't oversleep terribly, this is something I can stick with! Evening Routine : GOOD! Two evenings with a kind of half-assed checkin, but aside from that, all good. LOOKING FORWARD: I want to add 5-10 minutes of relaxed yoga, just whatever seems to need it. FOOD : WATER: Eh? Fairly easy habit, but I lost my water bottle and just spaced tracking on a few days. THREE BALANCED MEALS: Great! Only day where I didn't track, but definitely ate at least two good meals. This is vastly easier when I am eating more. TRACK: Um... Last few days were just "screw this tracking bs" days. I've been active, and eating a LOT, and just sick of tracking everything. OVERALL: Three weeks of great, then I ran out of steam. I suppose there is only so long I can my food a top priority. LOOKING FORWARD: I can stick with the water goal, and the balanced meals, but I've got to take a break from tracking every stupid thing I put in my mouth.
  5. [Pavowski] Go Ruck Yourself

    10% would be 14-15 of the 0.5 liter bottles of water. I AM SO PREPARED FOR HYDRATION! Anyway, for me, this also serves as a valuable counterpoint to the ultralight backpacking mentality, where people spend hundreds of dollars to save a few ounces of pack weight. I spend maybe $100/year on backpacking gear, so there is something satisfyingly perverse about putting bricks/etc in my pack.
  6. [Darth Yoga] The Weasel does 3x3

    Last challenge was a great success. Status report: I am 95% rehabilitated from my tweaked back. Only occasional pain when moving quickly into the edges of my range of motion. It needs a little warmup. I can put my hands on the floor! I can get my pants on without flailing! I can do yoga sun salutes without holding on to the door frame! It is very exciting. My car is still in the shop. You know the saying, "You can have it fast, cheap, or good - pick two." Well, I picked cheap and good. He's an old man, and he takes his time. This means getting to the gym is unlikely to happen for a while. I will have to work out at home. That is fine - it just means lighter weights & higher reps, because without a rack at home, I can only squat what I can clean. My calorie restriction experiment went well. I am happy with where I am at now. I'm still tracking and eating more protein & veggies, but basically eating when hungry. For this challenge, I wound up with three goals, that each have three parts, and just a lot of threes in general, so I ran with it. WEEKLY ROUTINE: (Goal 30pt/week. For each activity, 4x=15pt, 3x/wk = 10pt, 2x/wk=5pt, 1x/wk=2pt) Barbell workout (at home or at gym) 3x/week. SQUAT 3x5 OVERHEAD PRESS 3x5 CHINUP 5x3 (or just 15 total) Hike (1-2hrs) 3x/week Violin practice (at least 1/2 hour) 3x/week DAILY ROUTINE (Goal 30pts/week, 10pt each) Morning Routine ( every day = 10pt, 6x/wk=8pt, else 1pt each) FIRST THINGS: Before leaving my room, turning on computer, checking phone, etc: Look at my list for today Take all meds/inhaler/etc Do 10-15m of yoga, including 5x sun salutes. BREAKFAST: oatmeal, fruit, and finish my 1st liter of water. GO OUTSIDE: generally walk in the woods with the dog. (At least 15m, but can be one of my 1-2hr hikes) Lunch - whenever we are both home at noon, make eggs & greens to eat with Raven. ( 10pt/wk if done on every available day. miss 1 = 5pt, miss 2 = 2pt, miss 3=1pt) Evening Routine - ABBREVIATED (every day = 10pt, 6x/wk=8pt, else 1pt each) CHECK IN: Look at calendar, talk to Raven, make tomorrow's list. Take pills/etc Prayers FOOD (Goal 40pt/week, out of a possible 49pts) WATER: (1pt/day) 2 quarts plain water or "weasel-ade" (homemade unsweetened electrolyte drink) THREE "PN-STYLE" SMALL MEALS: (1pt each, max 3pt/day) Roughly follow Precision Nutrition guidelines ~1/2c each meat, starch, two veg. Mostly whole foods, healthy fats. TRACK: on myfitnesspal, OR in notebook (using same ballpark method as last challenge). (1pt/day each, if within 10% of target) Calories: ~2000kcals, plus whatever MFP calculates for exercise OR: 8x vaguely 250kcal portions, plus one for each 1/2hr vigorous activity or 1hr moderate activity Protein: ~120g, OR: at least 3 good sized servings of meat/eggs. Fiber: ~40g, OR: total of 2c fruit, 3c veg, 1c legumes, 1c oatmeal. 18 PREVIOUS CHALLENGES: