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  1. Hm... maybe this is no longer maintained? Female 90kg / 198.4lb lifted 57.4kg / 126.5lb bodyweight.
  2. 2014-2015: Ex martial-artist/mountain-biker had kids, got out of shape, joined Nerd Fitness, hit the gym, got in great shape and fell in love with lifting. 2015: Knee injury. Shoulder injury. Walking with a cane. Lots of physical therapy. No fun at all. 2016: A little bit nervous about returning to the gym, so I worked out a little at home whilst getting into some of the free 'learn to code' websites to keep myself occupied. This progressed quite rapidly. I got quite good. In 2017 I applied for, was accepted to and attended a coding bootcamp in the city, graduated early this year and
  3. Frozen shoulder is the devil's work - if it gets inflamed, especially, that's the nightmare part. Have you had it checked out? There are a handful of stretches that should break the adhesions and give you the mobility back. Mine was caught early and I was about 95% sorted in 4 months, though there'd still be times after that I'd do something fun in the gym and feel a fresh degree of *pop*, relief and freedom as the last remnants were dealt with. I imagine most of the moves can be found online, to be fair. I can hunt around for a link. They sound stupidly simple on paper, but like you say -
  4. A new Bouldering Centre opened near me with weights gym... Oh yes. Bring it.

  5. Howdy! It's been a while. I'm just about healed up and ready to get back under the bar. Before my last injury and time out, I found I was very fond of using the back extension bench (whilst holding plates) and the Glute-Ham developer bench (occasionally made tougher by holding dumbbells and kettlebells). I now consider these my personal 'must-haves', but alas - I am unlikely to be rejoining the gym that has them. I am more likely to be joining a gym that has neither. My muscle-knowledge is a little shabby. Which lifts will hit the same muscles, in the same way, as a back extension and a GH
  6. My first MRI. New fitness goal, um, walk again I guess.

    1. Noname123


      What happened?!

    2. Raincloak


      Oh cool, mad science. What did you find out?

    3. bim


      Walking again is a great first goal, seriously. Lifting can happen again when you're physically and emotionally ready. There's life after knee surgery. One of my most badass martial arts trainers has had multiple knee surgeries and does all the things now. If you do your PT and don't rush your recovery, you can almost certainly come back full force and stronger than you were before.

  7. As a big guy, yes, 115lb might seem crazy to you, but I'm a short female around 160cm high. It's not so big a deal down here The ratio is supposed to be for everyone. So, yeah, 0.8 x 290 means 232. To be honest, though, you could probably adjust for your goals, especially if you're trying to lose weight. You might want to make a thread specifically about it though.
  8. Likely a lateral meniscus tear. Knee not responding to electrotherapy. Being referred for a scan. My first MRI. Yay? Maybe my first knee surgery. My first anything surgery. How am I supposed to bounce back from this? How am I ever going to work up the nerve to get back under the bar? I just don't feel right now like I can ever risk a repeat of this. Walking, functioning, has to come first. I found something I loved and now it may be gone.
  9. I actually do all of those things. I don't consider them 'primal' or anything, they're just the way my life panned out and are pretty much just normal things to me. My parents are the opposite. The differences in our lifestyles create some tension. I could probably chat some more about it. But you seem really angry in your responses and I don't really know how much I want to keep being yelled at. You keep using 'you' and 'your' like you're accusing the reader, and it doesn't exactly capture your audience. Y'know, just... be nice.
  10. Week 4: Hangin' On. Not sure how this week's gonna go. Seems like everything's ending rather than beginning. Leg, still shitty to be honest. I now feel it's something far more than just 'walking' or 'a little sprain' because it's no better, continually aggravated and causing a pronounced limp. I'll be seeking further advice this week. I'm pretty certain I did it during my squats on Weds 3rd. I did 4 sets at 40kg, but then paused to talk to the trainer. 15 mins? 20? Then I did my final set. 5 more reps. I guess I was cooled down. Or stiff. Or the valgus collapse finally got me. Why didn't I f
  11. There really is no magic cure. To be honest, the only tip I can offer is to stop calling it 'a sugar addiction'. That's giving you something to shift the blame on - OK, grabbing my keys and heading out to the store, because my sugar addiction is making me. You're choosing to walk to the store and eat a whole family cake, which is your choice - nothing forced you to. You simply have to not do that. This is the time you say 'right, I'm an adult, Im not going to behave like a greedy kid anymore.' One tip: you're hungry, so instead of reaching for sugar, reach for protein. Be that food like ch
  12. This! You wouldn't go about trying to change your friends'/relatives' religion, would you? Nag them about their hairstyle, shoe choice, favourite movies? People's diet and weight is not public property; no matter how worried you are you can't tell others what to do, just the same as a religious type worried their friend is going to hell or a movie nut worried their friend is deeply suffering because they haven't seen a French romance from 1976. If Friend #1 wants to make changes - truly wants to make them, rather than just saying 'I'd like to lose weight', because some people just like to
  13. What would you suggest we take? Apart from the obvious like avoiding eating takeout and donuts and sitting down for 17 hours a day. We can't hunt our own food (at least not in my area!) though we can take some care in choosing it and we cannot perform manual labour all day (well, we could if we all became construction workers, but again, not a realistic lifestyle change we can all adopt right now.) Sometimes I think the romanticism of nomadic/hunter-gatherer lifestyles is the byproduct of the very same comfortable Western lifestyle the speaker wishes to reject.
  14. For all the bitchin' and whinin', gym today. Still not quite up to dong the full prescribed squat program, but I gave it a shot. Band warm-ups and stuff. 1-arm rows with 10kg / 22lb dumbbell, which was really just me messing around waiting for the squat rack to be free. Run to rack. Cardio. Squats @ 35kg, 5 x 5. My 40kgs have faded into the distance with inactivity, but I'll be back on 'em next week I'm sure. Pause squats 22.5kg, 3x8. Speed squats 22.5kg, 3x8. Then I was over squats and wanted to deadlift. 40, 50, 60, 65kg, 3-5 reps ish, and thought 'oh ok, I want to do 70kg / 154lb now.
  15. Oooooh boy. So, it may be that my hopes and dreams are all based on a typo. My shoulder healed but I was still a little gun-shy. And then I saw the local big, glitzy Strongman comp and the first-time category and the weights used in it. 20, 30, 40kg pyramid press. 80kg deadlift for reps. And I was elated. I was already capable of pressing 30kg and deadlifting 70kg. I was just 10kg away from being competiton ready! And I did it on my living room floor! I mean, that made me proud. I had been logging my numbers, sure, but now I felt my numbers were really something to be proud of, and I felt
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