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  1. Made my first post today with my goals and target date for my the first fitness challenge

  2. Hello Everyone, So this is literally the first time that I have ever attempted a fitness challenge with goals. Also, this is the first time that I am committing to lifting weights and strength building. I am a runner only because I've been too lazy to do anything else. I am excited to see how the results will turn out in the next six weeks (even though I am late to the party)!! Main Quest: Gain weight and get stronger by working out regularly. (I currently sit at 135 lbs). Not to be unoriginal, but liked the sub-quests given on the info page, so here's my rendition... Sub-Quest 1: Work out at least 4 days a week. Also include at least one day of intense cardio like interval sprints, rowing, or swimming. Sub-Quest 2: Consume about 2500 calories per day of healthy normal food. Note: This is an estimate. My metabolism is still crazy high even for living a fairly sedentary lifestyle as a college student. Also, I've never really put together any kind of cheap but healthy meal plan. Advice in this area is much appreciated! Sub-Quest 3: Get 8 hours of sleep and get back into waking up early at least 6 days per week (6 a.m. or sooner). Life Goal: Teach my first 3 flight students. I'm very new to all of this; the proper eating, the working out, and the posting of my personal fitness level and goals. I plan on kicking this off on Monday. So my target date for six solid weeks from now is Monday, June 23rd. The class I would like to be is ranger some day. Please post here if you have any suggestions on eating as a poor college student or gaining weight. Thanks for reading if you did!
  3. Figuring out what NerdFitness is all about!

    1. porchcricket13


      Awesomeness, that's what it's all about. :)

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