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  1. So, I'm still here, if a little quiet lately. Sorry about the lack of updates. Between a couple of power outages and my general procrastination, I've managed to miss coming here. (And I do miss it ) For the mini challenge, I ended up making a personal "lasagna" out of summer squash and canned tomatoes with mozzarella and Italian spices. Was very tasty, but not quite the grand meal I had planned with the eggplant. But, I waited too long and the poor purple thing had given up the ghost and was hosting a few generations-worth of white fuzzy... You know, I don't want to talk about it. I gave the poor thing a proper burial in the outside trash bin along with several (several) sheets of paper towels and a couple of plastic bags. I managed to walk a couple of more times since the last post -- once more last week and once yesterday. The muscle-building exercises, sadly, I did not do again. But, this is a new week and the point of a challenge is to improve, yes? Yeah, I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. It won't do me any good to do so. I'm working evenings this week, and my main challenge is to get out of bed in time to do my exercises in the mornings. Should be easy, but working to midnight and getting to bed after 1AM wears on me after awhile. On that note, I think it is entirely plausible that I will get my pushups and squats done today before I leave for work. I've got a couple hours... Okay just checked the clock, I've got an hour until I have to leave. Still doable (I should hope). Procrastination is my enemy. So, I will post tomorrow about a plan to overcome my ever-chaning schedule. A plan that doesn't involve quitting my job and running off into the forest to live off the grid. Hopefully.
  2. I am nothing, if not stubborn. That can be a good thing, when it comes to getting fit.
  3. Okay, started off this challenge kind of ill. Migraines suck, big time, and I had one on Sunday and Monday. I worked both those days, so not much was accomplished, challenge-wise or life-wise -- except I went to work both of those days. I did get a walk in on Tuesday, figuring that moving around wasn't going to make the migraine any worse, just would feel nauseous and hate the light in different parts of the town instead. I was exhausted from working 6 days in a row, and 2 days of headache-y, nauseous, don't-talk-so-loud-it-hurts nonsense. Why can't my body just behave and do what I want it to do? I guess because I'm not a robot. At least I'm not steam driven... Yesterday(Wednesday), I felt a little better. Still tired like I've been running marathons all week, though. Not quite sure what that is all about, but I decided that I could sit on the couch and feel miserable, or exercise and feel miserable. The miserable part wasn't going to change, but at least I could get something accomplished. I started off by going for a walk. I went to the grocery store -- 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back -- instead of waiting for my roommate to come home and drive me. I got almond milk and cans of low-salt tomato sauce and a couple of bottles of seltzer water. I managed to make it home without the bags breaking -- why do cashiers give you such a hard time about double-bagging the heavy stuff? I have plans for making an eggplant-spaghetti type thing for my mini challenge this week, so the tomato sauce was a must. And almond milk, because I never did get over my need to drink milk even when I realized it wasn't doing my blood sugar any favors. I got a blend of almond and coconut, one of my favorites. Figuring I was on a roll, I did 3 sets of pushups (6 each set) off of the bathtub. It's quite a bit lower than the nightstand I'd been using in the last challenge, so closer to my goal of (finally!) doing big-girl pushups flat on the ground. I have to remind myself that these are harder, and that 18 total pushups is a good number. Next time I will try for 21 (or better). I was starting to feel wiped out at this point -- but figured if I didn't do it now, it wouldn't get done. And I wanted to get it done. I tried squats next -- used to be pretty good at them. I had originally planned to get a set in before the official challenge, but that didn't happen thanks to my aching head. I did 3 sets of 10, and only had to grab on to a chair for support once. Sometimes I feel like an old lady -- this was one of those times. Thoughts of getting stronger kept me at it, though. I'm 45, so no spring chicken, but I'm not that old yet. I thought of my Dad, turning 75 this year, who just started a new diet similar to mine -- meat and veggies, no sugar or extra carbs. He's lost 14 pounds and goes for a walk daily. If he can do it, so can I. I don't have a lot of weight to lose (neither does he, actually), but I need to get stronger (it's a need, not a want). I didn't do planks; have plans for them today. Maybe another walk. I have several days off in a row this week, so I need to keep myself busy or I will just turn couch potato. Today, the eggplant will be cooked, probably for lunch because bff/roommate won't touch the stuff. Even if I put cheese and sauce and other yummy things with it? Nope. Sigh.
  4. Putting in my vote for B. Running for 2 miles straight is something I can only daydream about at this point. Following for the awesome, regardless of which challenge you end up with.
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to have you on the journey. Thanks! I know, right? Gives me motivation to at least mess it up well. Er... or something. Glad to have you. Thanks! I read back through my challenge, and was thinking something was missing. And then it hit me: My legs! I was going to add in squats twice a week to my exercise routine. It's been awhile since I've done squats, so no idea how many I can do in one session. Only one way to find out. I was sick this last week, but the antibiotics are done and I'm ready to get back into things. I'll be doing one complete round of all the exercises before the "official" start on Monday so I know where I'm starting off this time around.
  6. Hi there. Just finished my reboot adventure in the First Timer's forum and ready to start a new month with the Rangers. I had stopped caring about my health for awhile after a pacemaker implant a few years ago and dropped out of the Rebellion. Honestly, I had stopped caring about a lot of the things that used to bring me joy. My long-term goals are to re-establish a fitness habit and to do what I need to do to get healthy again. And to finally start doing some of those things that used to make me happy again. Goals for this challenge: Fitness: Do a complete workout 3 times a week. The individual components can be broken up, however, and done (Angry Bird style) over the course of one or two days. A complete workout consists of doing the following... * Endurance: Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise. This will usually be walking, but substitutions can be made for the inclement weather so common here in Flagstaff. * Strength: Pushups, 3 sets of at least 10. I've not progressed yet to doing "actual" pushups yet (flat on the ground), so this means elevated in some way -- night stand, coffee table, or bathtub height, in terms of where I put my hands. The ultimate goal is to be doing regular pushups like a boss (because, who wouldn't?). * Stability: Planks, 3 sets of at least 30 seconds. I'll allow myself to sub in another ab/core exercise once a week if so desired. Level Up: Many of the feats in the mini challenge fit in here, so I will document my progress with that here. Stretch goal: complete a second sewing project in addition to the one I plan to do for the mini challenge. I'll post pictures here, even if I totally screw up the projects. Miscellaneous: Chances are excellent there will be at least a few SpongeBob references. And pictures of Flagstaff. Also, my work schedule is erratic, so apologies in advance for issues arising from that, if any. That's it for now. Thanks for reading to the end, and Always. Be. Awesome.
  7. So, new to the Rangers here. *waves hi* Going all in on this mini challenge. At least one of the feats aligns with one of my original challenge goals. Okay, here's my list: Antoni: Find and make veggie substitutes for noodles and/or pasta. Yes, I know it's been done by many people before, but not by me. Tan: Sew a new piece of clothing from an old piece/pieces of clothing -- upcycle from my closet or thrift shop. Might be a total flop, but it'll be so totally fun. Kamaro: Find a new read -- at the library or on my Kindle. I've been away from reading (one of my old loves) for far too long. Bobby: Go through my dresser (which is bursting at the seams) and donate/throw away clothes that no longer fit, are stained, etc. Was going to be one of my original "level up my life" goals this month. Jonathan: Start using the facial moisturizer I bought instead of using the bottle to decorate my bathroom cabinet.
  8. Whisky and soda. Skip the whisky. On the rocks, please.
  9. Back online. What a week it's been. I feel technology deprived.

  10. Thanks for the welcome. I am doing a challenge in the 1st timers forum, seeing as it's been so long since I've done an actual challenge. Here's the link.
  11. I was on NerdFitness 3-4 years ago. Doing challenges. Doing pushups, for crying out loud. Then I had a pacemaker put in, and I kind of fell to pieces. It took 6 weeks of rest and physical restrictions to recover from the actual (minor) surgery. The depressive funk I slid into lasted longer than that. I just stopped caring. During the time I had been here on NF, I had lost 40 pounds. I kept them off for awhile. But then, I suddenly found myself hungry. I mean hungry. All. The. Time. Some of the pounds found their way back to me, slowly. Twelve of them, to be exact. I kept thinking I should "do something" about that, but just couldn't muster up the willpower. I was so tired. And tired and hungry people eat. I found myself eating sugary crap just to keep the beast at bay. And to give me energy -- except the sugar did just the opposite. So now I was ravenous, tired, and falling asleep at work. Gaining weight. Did I mention I felt like crap? And thirsty. OMG I was thirsty. I was having that issue a bit way back when here on NF, and just couldn't seem to drink enough water. Well, it got worse. I felt old. Tired, and shriveled up and old. Until I went to the doctor last year, and was diagnosed with *borderline (pre-) Diabetes. Fast forward to now. I've lost almost 30 pounds (down 60 overall from my highest weight). I'm on a low-carb diet (never, ever did I imagine I would do that). I eat more veggies and healthy fats (yay for olive oil!) than I ever did before. Very little processed food (okay, I still go out to eat more often than I should, but I make much better choices now). My blood sugars have improved, but not where I would like to see them. And I still have this bit of belly fat that just wants to hang around. I've done the diet thing to death -- meaning, it's not the food holding me back anymore. I need to exercise if I want to see more improvements in my body shape and blood sugars. So I'm back, with a better outlook. And more energy to do the stuff with the things that need to be done. The stakes are higher now, than they were when I just wanted to lose weight. But I think I got this. Just gotta do it, one pushup at a time. *Borderline Diabetes (pre-Diabetes): Not bad enough to be full-blown Diabetes, but blood sugars not in normal range, either. Basically, your metabolic system is broken, but you haven't quite broken big pieces of it off, yet. Estimates are out there that 50-75% of people who are borderline (pre-D) will go on to develop type 2 Diabetes within 5 years.
  12. Okay, so Ive been writing here and there as I can get my brain to work. I have 1704 words total, as of Sunday afernoon. Going to stay positive, and remind myself that that is 1704 words more than I had last week. XD You guys/gals/etc are awesome and such an inspiration! Keep it up!!!
  13. Just getting caught up on your thread. Sorry about the back and the toe. Looks like you're doing a good job of recovering, though. Hooray on the consult project!
  14. Great second week. Whether you're going all the way down on your pistols or not, it's still awesome. XD
  15. Awesome second week! Ignore the soda. It lies. I remember craving a soda about a month and a half in so much I could actually taste it. After awhile, the odd cravings go away though. It's worth mentioning that I did attempt to drink a Coke 2 years later, and I found it to be so sweet that I couldn't even finish it. What did we ever see in those things, anyway? XD
  16. Doing great, everyone! I'm off to a tiny, tiny start myself: 210 words. But it's a start.
  17. Well, I've had an eventful few days... with the stomach flu. But, I'm back (and my stomach is finally settling down). 'Course, I've been gone a little longer than that, so let me get us caught up: Monday, I managed 15 pushups (incline). Hooray! And walked for my cardio exercise. Tuesday, I did a couple of 7 second deadhangs in my stockroom at work. It was a little shorter than the 10 seconds I did last time, but not too bad. Also, I only managed to do 2 sets as we were really busy. No official cardio on Tuesday, but I did run all over the store. Not really the same, I know. Wednesday, I stayed home sick with stomach issues. To make things even more exciting, I discovered that I am allergic to Kaopectate (an over the counter stomach medicine). A couple of Benadryl (an antihistamine) later, and I was pretty much down for the count all day. I pretty much stayed in bed. Thursday, I went to work, but I was not really feeling my best. No exercise. I really wasn't up to it. Friday, I did some cardio, but that was it. I totally spaced the beginning of my writing challenge until now. So, needless to say, I'm a bit behind. I can catch up next week -- I'm off work and plan to type, type, do pushups, and type. So that was my week so far. Today, I plan to start back up on my exercise routine again. I'm feeling much better.
  18. Took me a week, but I found you. Subbing for the inspiration. No sugar / sweeteners, way to go!
  19. Hi, Elastigirl! Haven't had the opportunity to find a real pull up bar. Still trying to get to the gym (gotta wait for payday). I know that I can do better with real equipment, for sure. I just realized that I haven't been doing everything I said I would in my challenge. But it's only been one week. Plenty of time to fix it.
  20. Okay, So I took the last couple of days off from exercising (and posting, apparently). I was going to only take the one day off, then that time of the month happened and ...CRAMPS. Okay, doing better today. I looked over the last week, and realized that a) I only did each bodyweight exercise once b ) I didn't do any abs exercises (like planks) c) I didn't do any writing - okay, I knew that already, but I have a fix for that... d) I am doing okay on my cardio goal (It can't all be bad news) So, Week II plan: Get my rear off the couch and exercise more. Except when I need to be putting it in the chair to write more. I joined Spark's NerFiWriCh (nerfy-rich) accountabilibuddy group. A bunch of us crazies writing nerds are going to attempt to write 50,000 words (each) for the last 4 weeks of the challenge. Just like that other event in November. (And April and July, if you count Camp Nano...) Okay, I'd better get moving if I want to fit all this in.
  21. Hi. My name is AnnieP. I am writing a sci-fi romance of sorts. It's an alternate timeline piece about an arranged political marriage between the sovereign and the half noble daughter of one of his guardsmen. *spoiler alert: They fall in love* There is romance and intrigue and Elven technology. (Yeah, I like to mix my genres well - shaken, not stirred.) I plan to write 50,000 words this Nerfy-rich. I've only won NaNo once, but this is NerdFitness. Too. Much. Win. Here. To. Fail. edited to add: I already have about two or so scenes written, so I will be adding to that.
  22. Aw, man! Well, better to start off with a setback than to have one at the end, when your momentum is going. Get the bad stuff out of the way first thing, to leave room for the awesome at the end of 6 weeks. Next week will be better. I know it.
  23. So. Much. Awesome. Can't wait until I can get into an actual gym.
  24. Walking! And writing! and... Water. Oh my. You're a braver soul than I. I gave up soda, and that was hard enough. But no tea or coffee? Epic! *breaks out a bowl of almond crackers and pulls up a chair* Here's to a glorious 2015, my friend! PS: I'm stealing your quote about perfection... XD
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