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  1. This is my second challenge, but I only managed to do 3 weeks of the previous challenge as I got distracted by my exams, however my last one is on the 8th, so it's perfect timing for this one Main goal: To improve my overall health and fitness and prepare for my last year in sixth form, and to keep up with the exercise I do currently (mostly just the occasional bodyweight workout) Goal 1: The couch to 5k plan to build up my stamina a Goal 2: To start doing yoga more regularly, I plan to do with by incorporating the sun salutation into my morning routine, and following the beginner's plan on doyogawithme.com Goal 3: To cut down on the amount of coke I drink and replace it with water, ideal aim by the end of the challenge: 1 can of coke a day (currently at much higher, however I don't really drink alcohol, so at a party I'll let myself drink more than just 1 can) and a glass of water in the morning as well as drinking a bottle of water throughout the day Life Quest: To prepare for my next year of school - Teach myself one third of maths (by teach myself I mean make my boyfriend teach it to me) - Get a first draft of my extended project done - Revise all of the psychology we do in the first term before the summer and start good habits - Continue with Italian on Duolingo
  2. Thanks I'll look those up I've just been trying to do a bit of yoga in the morning before I go to school. Yeah I've been drinking a glass of water when I wake up and then a glass of water throughout the day.
  3. The challenge has gone quite well for me so far, but only to a certain extent, the sleep and water have gone really well, and I've been quote productive, but the squat workout hasn't really gone anywhere. I have been feeling a lot better though, I don't feel so tired all the time and I'm finding it a lot easier to concentrate, and I'm doing really well with one of my goals which was to drink a glass of water each day, because I've started drinking a glass of water when I get up and then a bottle of water throughout the day Mini-challenge 4: assign attributes, completed
  4. It's been quite a long time since I've updated, but I've just been super busy, I've been sticking to my goals quite successfully though I've gotten 8 hours sleep every night and had at least 1 glass or water every day, I've also been quite productive and on top of all my work, the only goal I'm struggling with is the squats challenge, I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to do this, I didn't really have a very specific reason for doing this, so I'm doing to stop and use it as a learning curve for the next challenge to make sure I have a good reason for each of my goals I'll also update the mini-challenges: Week 1: Complete, this was to make sure all my goals were S.M.A.R.T (+1WIS) Week 2: Updated my signature, and followed and added comments to two other L1s (+CHA) Week 3: I've sort of completed this mini-challenge, but not enough to give myself the stat points for it, as I've identified the problem, but I'll need to fix it by choosing better goals for myself
  5. Day 9: Still been sticking to my goals been getting 8 hours of sleep every night and drinking water every day, and I've been quite productive recently and I've got a lot of revision done. Today I'm going to make a revision plan to make sure I can get everything done by my exams. No, nothing super new to report, but the challenge is still going well
  6. How did yesterday go? Did your midterm go okay?
  7. Day 4: Yesturday went okay, I had a glass of water and 8 hours sleep and it was rest day so no squats, but I didn't really get very much work done.
  8. Sounds like it's going okay for you, how has your afternoon gone? Did you get the reading and the yoga/walk done?
  9. Day 3: Today has been super successful - Got 8 hours sleep - Had a glass of water - Day 2 of the squats challenge, managed to do 40 - Was super productive and I got loads of work done
  10. Yeah I'm finding them quite interesting so far I'm from the UK, A levels are just before university Congratulations on the success so far on your goal to go to school more
  11. I'm still doing A levels at the moment so we don't have much choice in what we do, but we've mostly been doing world history, specifically the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution. Hows day 1 of the challenge going for you?
  12. Your goals sound great having clear measures of success is always good as well good luck!
  13. Its good you've got clear motivation to do this good luck with your goals!
  14. Hi, I love your idea of having a 'deliberate' year! Good luck with your goals
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