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  1. been extremely busy, got some commissions and still looking for gainful employment, in addition to looking for a new place to stay. had to abort part way through. still working out but not as much as i wanted to. a little depressed at the lack of work. i left CT and my job was supposed to transfer back here in TN but they've been playin with my money and giving me the run around. they told me i was gonna be working by Easter. and here it is June. absolute fucking garbage
  2. i haven't gotten the money to go back to mostly vegan yet, had to relocate so i'm still looking for a job and i think i missed the sign up time for the current challenge
  3. Ok so i did pretty good on my first challenge, got my points and everything missed only one of my challenges but it's a habit that i'm trying to change so my challenges are as follows Main Quest - Basic Bodyweight Workout 3 Times a Week - 1 Mile Run a Week - 2 Hours of Basketball a Week - Transition into The Paleo Diet - 8 Hours of Sleep a Night Life Quest - Register and Protect My IPs - Warm Up Sketches and 1 Concept Painting or Design a Day - Buy a New Computer - Learn the Basics of Unity/UDK Side Note: I actually got to speak with the creator of Slamball. He wasn't into my jersey designs and offered me a style alternative that pretty much shows he doesn't have much of a mind for design or why certain choices were made. BUT it's a HUGE start and now they know who I am. It's only a matter of time. I'm dope and no one should sleep on me
  4. it's going pretty well, i started with the beginner workout before i even knew about the challenges so i had to escalate to like 50 of each of the exercises so i probably need to make an intermediate workout for me i had to move from my previous location back to my hometown so i haven't been able to spend much time on the other part of my challenge with writing and painting. but i do have like 4 pages and few concept paintings so it's still coming along. looking for another job since i've moved so that's eating up some of my time but i've already had an interview so it's coming along pretty well
  5. this is awesome, i was just looking for something like this to make m own routine out of. thank you for posting this
  6. hey what's going on i go by the handle Pixelated Hotsauce. i came here with the intent of getting healthier and stronger but after reading some of the things here i'm using this site to achieve more than that now. a lot of the mistakes that newbies make when they are working out are the same when i was going for other goals. so i'm basically here for a life overhaul. new habits, new friends, new skills, new me. hoping to make new connections with people that want the same things i do and are better than me so that i stand to learn something new from everyone i interact with still tryna figure out what guild i would belong to but i'm more than sure that will come with time
  7. ok so i'm fairly new here, hadn't gotten completely into the swing of everything on the website so i'm gonna start here main quest to become strong, fast and coordinated enough to play Slamball - doing the beginner workout at least 4 times a week - go back to a mostly vegan diet (did it before and loved it) - get 8 hours of sleep a night life quest to finish the bible for my rpg video game and pitch it to a studio - write one page a day - painting one scene a day - make mutually beneficial relationships and connections with a minimum of 5 other skilled artists and designers motivation i have lots of dreams and i can't trust anyone else to do them properly. i want a more satisfying life where i can make a living for myself and others doing what i love and doing it extremely well .....i'm not sure if that's all of it but i think i might be on the right path. if there's anything i missed please feel free to let me know, ready to join the next challenge
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