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  1. Wow! I see you've been going pretty well! Keep it up
  2. @nuala it can be hard to get back into an instrument :/ but once it's done, it's like you never want to stop! So for the week: May 05, 2014 + 35 squats with bar May 06, 2014 -- May 07, 2014 +36 squats with bar - 40 mins of figure drawing May 08, 2014 + 37 squats with bar May 09, 2014 - 20 mins sketching May 10, 2014 +38 squats with bar May 11, 2014 //rest day Question, as I only have two weeks left in this challenge: I'm in limbo with my running goals. I'm not going to reach my ultimate goal so does this challenge classify as a 40-50% complete? Or is it like a pass/fail?
  3. Thanks guys! From last week: April 28, 2014 + 33 squats with bar April 29, 2014 + 33 squats with bar - 30 mins of guitar - 30 mins of drawing April 30, 2014 + 20 squats with bar May 1, 2014 + 4 mins of jogging May 2, 2014 + 34 squats with bar May 3, 2014 + 3 hrs of walking (NYC!) May 4, 2014 //rest day Yay guitar! I skipped my drawing class tho but a tiny bit more exercise than last week. Onward!
  4. @Happienumber thanks! There's several playgrounds where I live so I can see what I can do in the mornings! @Machete whooah that's serious bodyweight challenge! @Salivanth I'll def try those thanks guys!
  5. That's great! I've been seeing your progress and it's amazing. Keep it up
  6. So far this week: April 22, 2014 + 30 squats with bar - 2 hrs of figure drawing April 23, 2014 + 7 mins jogging, 40 secs sprinting - 50 mins of pen self-portrait - 2 hrs of figure drawing April 24, 2014 //rest day April 25, 2014 + 31 squats with bar April 26, 2014 + 32 squats with bar - 20 mins of drawing April 27, 2014 -- I was very happy with the squats but no so happy with the jogging the weather started to get cool again but just this week it's going to warm up! Drawing has been on and off and yeeeeah no guitar ^^; Kind of a weak start but instead of giving up like I might normally do, I'm excited to keep going and improving
  7. @ Cheerful Dame: thanks! and you're very welcome to @ AnnaBJoyful: glad to see you around the Assassins' threads!
  8. I'm very happy to see your progress! I find that your running is great and any small weight loss is a plus keep up the good work. On the snacking, I'm very bad at that until I played around with switching to fruits/veggies or only snacking when I was actually hungry. Also, I think Sierra's "I don't eat..." advice is very helpful.
  9. do you guys have any suggestions for assassin-y ab workouts? Thanks :3
  10. You're totally right! 5 weeks is better than none (not saying that just because I started this week ) I have a bit of advice for your veggie consumption: while you should keep tabs of you what you eat (for measuring purposes) a more general approach could also benefit you. So what I do is eat veggies or fruits as snacks instead of the usual cookies and chips. Sleep can be a bit daunting since the body is like an fart who likes to keep its routines so be easy yet firm on yourself when changing your sleep schedule but you're starting well. Welcome to the Challenge!
  11. great on that soda! After quitting soda, I couldn't stand such sweetness! Now I end up watering down juices and the like. For fruits and veggies, what is working for me is eating them (if I can't them in my main meals) as a snack, which replaces the ice cream, Doritos, and cookies I gravitate to. Keep up the good work!
  12. That's not a bad progression! Keep up the good work!
  13. It's great to see you progress in your challenge! What kind of dancing do you do? Hazard may be right so eat slightly less for a bit and monitor how your body feels. You're correct with measurements being "scientific guesstimates" as bodies vary a lot and what works for me may not do it for you. But just as long as you're happy and healthy...keep up the good work!
  14. Short and simple and totally doable! Good luck!
  15. Hi! What's my story? With an overbearing king and queen, I've been very sheltered within my kingdom, only venturing out to meet other princesses and princes and joining them to our universities. Then came a battle I was not prepared for and I nearly lost. The monster still lurks within, shadows that darken my memories and taint my emotions. With this came an array of evils: apathy, fear, stress. These ills gave rise to terrible habits like unnecessary snacking, listless ventures, and a doughy mind. I've come to join the Assassins for I will bear this no longer: I can be so much more. I've entered the Lvl 1 Rebels and I can't wait to start I'm a software tester and I love games, TV, reading and drawing/painting so that's A LOT of sitting around Main Quest Lose that muffin top Eat fruits/veggies as snacks (instead of refined flour and corn syrup junk food)Jog for 30 mins (with 3 mins of sprinting in between) every other day30 mins of ab workouts (found here on Nerd Fitness and elsewhere) Since I’m a week late I have to modify some things. So this week I’ll start with 10 mins of jogging, 10 mins of abs, and no snack change. Next week, it will be 15 mins each goal, with minimal snack change….each week will have an increase of 5 mins so by the 6th week I will have (hopefully!) completed this quest successfully. This will be my basic exercise routine and will be updated according to the Assassin’s Creed once I join their guild Side Quests Draw for 3 hours a dayPlay the guitar for 1 hr a dayRead two chapters a day of any book Motivation I’m not very confident or that vain but this I seriously believe I can offer to all those who meet me. And I can’t be this awesome person if I’m stuck believing I can’t do anything, I can’t stick to goals and that I’ll never amount to much. I can't have that mentality when I want to do freerunning, archery, capoeira, and travel; as well as level up in art and writing! Current Stats: Weight: 130 lbs Height: 5'5"
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