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  1. Count me in!


    Iam aiming at blowing past 1000 pound at a power lifting style challange I have with some co-workers that is due to take place in december. My aim at that time is something like 1070 lb actually, so I might make 1000 before then in whatever cirtual NF-meet comes along!


    Glad to have a place to read about the awesome work that is being put in by all the nerds on the site and, off course, to add my name to the list!

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  2. Monday is "Dead-lifts for lunch day" and today it also included a "maxing out of the bench, because at least once per year I should honor the mandatory "We always do chest on Mondays"-rule".


    I did my regular warm up sets at 70, 120, and 170(one overhand, two mixed grip) and then got my two work sets in at:

    One double at 190 kg

    One set of five at 170 kg (this means that the set of five will be at 180 for next Monday!)

    One back of set at 120 kg where I did AMRAP for 100 seconds and growled up 20 reps from the floor (this is at 150% bodyweight).


    I did some rows for my shoulders since they are a bit of a weak spot for my dead-lifts and then went on to bench.


    After warm up, I went with singles beginning at 80 which is 7-5 kg less then the PR i previously had (from the virtual meet last spring). I have had a dead-lifts and squats kinda year since then so I was not expecting much from my bench having just started to take it seriously again. But 80 went well with a paused rep so I tried 90 which also went well. I then went to 95 which I did get up with some "ass in the air action" so I stopped there and am happy to say that I have a new PR in bench (I am going to give myself that one regardless of what my ass was doing).


    I ended with some various assistance work for upper back and shoulders.


    Newt strength session is on Thursday when I will do my squat routine and I am already psyching up since my last sessions success at 5x5x110 kg means that I will be going for 5x5x1rm on Thursday so I need all the focus and energy I can muster!

  3. In the halls under the mountain the hammer rings every day. The forges are always burning hot as weapons, pieces of armor and everyday gadgets are forged by one very persistent dwarf. This logbook will show the work that he puts in, the marvelous things he creates and the challenges that he faces as he works to perfect his craft.

    The biggest project in the forge rooms right now is the creation of a new set of battle gear that Lincarte intends to gift himself for Christmas this year. With it he will be able to take down a whole new range of enemies that has bin hitherto untouchable by his hand. The Christmas list includes:

    *The shield jaettepanna that would give him strength enough to withstand any blow and to pick up 2 and three quarters again his body weight from the ground( The ability to dead-lift 220 kg ( 485 lb)).

    *The mighty Axe bogklyvaren with which he could split any obstacle ( The ability to bench press 1.5 times my body weight which will be 120 kg ( 265 lb)).

    *The suit of armor Odinskappa which would allow him carry immense loads on his shoulder and to hoist twice his body weight in this manner( A 160 kg back squat (353 lb)).

    *The helmet Pannben that will allow him the clarity of mind to pursue his goals at all costs, get the blessings of Wilks the wise and stay clear of traps along the way( keep my body weight at sub 80 kg (~180 lb), so that the lifts will give me a wilks score over 300).

    Tag along for guaranteed awesomeness!

  4. After a long absence I finally feel I have the time get back on the forums!


    I am glad to tell you that my absence has not been due to a lack of motivation or fitness but solely on internet time. I have added 40kg ( 88 lb.) to my PR Total during my absence so I have not bin slacking.


    Its time now though to get back into the fray at the warriors guild, jump head first into the next challenge and start preparing for any and all virtual meets(since those are SOOO much fun)!


    Oh, and I am starting a "daily battle log" so I can be more coherent as opposed to jumping from challenge thread to challenge thread(So I will try to keep challenges more as a start(with elaborate in-character-background) -progress-finish kinda deal).

  5. Back-off deadlifts with an extra drop set makes for some fantastic nausea, exhaustion and euphoria. Just do it!


    Missed my squats at an earlier weight than I deloaded from last night, and over analyzing started immediately. I know I have to stop that shit, cause I am only inline with the program. And the program breeds success and it is supposed to force my body to do new things, including failing. Am I going deeper? am I (since I do this by heart rate and breathing rate) doing shorter rests between sets?


    Who knows?


    All I know is, last night felt great!

  6. Time for an update of this thread!

    Week five is upon us and so far I am doing good!

    My top priority training wise has been SL and I feel focused when I am at the gym. Hit a new bench rep PR last week and the same goes for OHP! Squats are on their way back from a deload and so far they feel good and more solid then before. The shoes are helping I guess, and also some added power =)

    My deadlift(which used to be my "ace in the hole"-lift) is still struggling a bit though. A re-deload at 155(which is 10 kg less then the last deload) puts me down again. I am more form-conscious now though and that might lower the amount of weight I use, and I will get there! I was hoping for a PR at fall brawl but I have now switched gears a bit, If I can go for a matching of my PR in deadlifts that will still allow me to slip into the 800 club, so I am aiming for that with my second attempt, leaving only the final chance for something bigger(or a reattempt at PR if that is needed).

    Running has been more of a meditation thing for a while with me going out for a "standard 6k" just cruising along and feeling good whilst listening to audio books. I did do a race last night and had my second best ever 10k time at 51:11. So I am doing something right =) Focusing on SL is hindering my running though, but as they say, you cant win em all. (And lets face it, a fast 10 k time is important, but squating is importanter!)

    Food wise I am so far doing good, just one cheat day away from perfect with 4 weeks down and 5 (ch/tr)eat days! (Funny that you can neither cheat nor treat without eat).

    On another note, the cradle has been completed! Pictures will be uploaded soon!

    And the fact that Burpees = barfees = vomitees is something I support to one hundred percent. Also "Core-pain-for-daysies"!

    I also keep up to date on you guyses achievements. I know I should comment more, but a like means that I am keeping track, so don't slip up! =)

    Level 4 is right around the corner, as always, finish strong!

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  7. Hi!


    Welcome aboard! I saw you sneaky woot in your status update, great job getting down into the hundreds! Are you thinking about doing a challenge when the next one starts? That is a great way to commit to a plan and to get some support/accountability in following up on it. 


    What are your strategies right now? obviously you got it right since you went under 200s and it is always interesting to know what works =)


    Keep Sh®edding!

  8. Back from vacation and back at my regular routine!


    Went to the gym last night after my week of and it was so heavy(!) I think that I am "never taking a break again"! In a slump on SL again but I think that the time has finally come for a proper deloading on squats(last chance for 112.5 tomorrow). Deloading now will have me back at the same wait at the End of the challenge which should be perfect timing for the Fall Brawl, so that is, I guess, acceptable.


    Had a bit of a mental slump last night and felt bad after a failed session at the gym, also tired and bitter in general since the scale is moving in the wrong direction and the weights not following. Doing "all the things"(Lifting, running, going back again to climbing after a summer break) is taking a toll on my body but somehow I am not mentally prepared to eat what I need to eat to manage(since I am obviously afraid off gaining "to much"(any) weight) which is jjust plain stupid. Right now I am not "regaining weight" I am just gaining "new" weight. It is not the same kgs I got rid of before.


    Process, process, process! That is the only way just now. I need to dust of my dedication, and I need to fire up my hunger for lifting heavier things! 


    Bah, lets get some of that half way through the challenge fyah!

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  9. 3 days in and on fire =)


    I have now done two lifting sessions(with the new shoes) and one mobility session(around 30-40 minutes of DIY-yoga). Switching to 3x5 has turned out to be a very good thing for my results and I am again progressing rather regularly on squats on the last 5 sessions. Dead-lifts are hard to tell since I am still not up to my last pit fall after the deload, but so far the feel solid.


    Short update today, and not much screen time at all the last days since it is ridiculously hot and I am on vacation so "to the beach" is my new life style for two weeks :P


    I am reading you threads though! And am rooting silently from my place in the sun!

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  10. Down but never out.



    This line in it self is worth a sub! 


    Your challenge feels very thought out, like you really have gotten a good grip on what works for you and are tailoring your goals and your challenge to match that.


    I am guessing that the Iron is waiting for you as well, go crush it hard!

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