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  1. Last update... The last orc has fallen, the last day of the fighter's codex completed. The Bruce Lee tribute was rough but could have been much harder. it's been a crazy 30 days, crazy and trans-formative. I seriously did not thing I would get as far as I did and not in my wildest dreams did I believe I could throw 3,000 consecutive punches. Nor did I think i would be able to get my body fat % down even further than before. This sets a high bar for me, at the big event I was asked how old I was and after I replied they said I looked like a well aged 25 yo. I've inspired people to pick up and
  2. Ranger check in; Holy Crazy holidays batman! I haven't had a whole lot of time to post since I am either getting my head down to workout or it's been crazy busy at work. So since most of the past few weeks have been nothing but a blur for me I will have to summrize. I have been keeping on with my Fighters Codex. I completed the 3,000 punch challange in 00:22:20 which makes me really happy since it's only slightly slower than the 2,000 punch challange. Took a break for the big Belegarth event but there were so many archers and pole arm fighters that suffice to say that I died a lot. I got h
  3. what what? Heads down to get through this. NO heads up...we will DESTROY our goals! you all can do this I believe in you!
  4. Post thanksgiving post! Day 17 - Practice and it was rough, I didn't finish on account that my 25lb daughter wanted to ride on daddy's back for 30 of the 60 pushups I did do. Day 18 - Balance easy day my fiance got to enjoy wanting me do the blind airplane impersonation. Day 19 - Practice again, blew through it with no problems tho I did the "hey that doesn't look too hard..." oops. Day 20 - Challenge #2; 2,000 punches by the end of the day. Did them consecutively again, all of them in ~20 minutes I had my fiance count so I could focus on punching. Did a mixture of strait punches, jab
  5. Day 15 & 16 I needed a day off...my body was finally starting to feel the effects of working out everyday for 14 days strait. Poor sleep, not enough down time to fully repair, and the caffeine withdraws was making things rather unpleasant. Took the night off and had probably a pound of American home made tacos basically browned beef, covered in cyan pepper and cyan pepper flakes, sharp cheddar cheese. Then sat on my butt and played RIFT for a few hours. Tonight intend to double up my workouts for a two for 1 session. we'll see how that goes blegh...I need to warm up better...the siren
  6. Days 11 - 14 of 47 Day 11; Close contact fighting. Okay not my strong point having an armspan of 6ft or so doesn't make this an idea situation for me but I powered through it anyway. After Day 10's 1k punches my arms were a little sore but not really flagging much. Also not a good idea to do these kind of workout in boot cut jeans. Day 12; Streching. Finally an off day, got a nice streaching in at work and my splits are getting lower again, so there's progress there. Day 13; Practice; At this point it looks like Neila's up the ante on the workouts but hasn't slowed me down yet. Day 14;
  7. Just stopping in to wish everyone a happy Weekend!
  8. On the topic of working out, I will be working out pretty much everyday until Dec 21st...and then promptly gorging myself on pizza Dec 22nd LOL
  9. Wow I feel like a total goober I have a had the wrong tent pinned! Evidently the party was so good there I passed out there (again,) anyway I am super happy to hear all the good news and great efforts. Xena: Congradolances on becoming an ambassador! Now you're like official n stuff...mwhaha For the new people; Welcome! I hope you find the fire as warm and inspiring as I have. Then again I might be bias because Rangers has been my home guild since day one. Hope everyone's week one has gone well! Mines been a struggle against coffee, and while the body is strong the will is weak against th
  10. Ouch I hate it when life interferes with my workouts. Don't worry you'll get back into the swing of things in no time!
  11. Awesome I did middle eastern dance when I was more into historical reenactment, tho the male version. As far as the review, Haters gonna hate. I hope your challenge is going well keep at it! *goes back to beating on Orcs*
  12. Day 9 & 10 of 47 - Where in Rote meets Chunga the smelliest of Orcs. Day 9 - this day did not go well, it's pay weeks so naturally I am broke, I broke down and got a Pepsi and pizza from a gas station. I admit it was dumb but my need for caffeine over rided my logical thinking, and hoo boy did I regret that later. I came home to find out that the kids "broke the computer" but in reality jump started my graphics card up again, despite my soreness, exhaustion, general feelings of ick, and immense desire to get on and play on my comp for the first time in months I did my workout. I sweat more
  13. Well there's only one of me in action, mainly me fighting and then knocking over the camera (honestly it happened so fast I have no idea who hit it.) But it's only available via facebook. Boo. but here's some other videos that I was going to add anyway; https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154753650475484&set=o.316984691690860&type=2&theater ^not sure if that will work, also I am the tall one in grey and green. There's some examples.
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